Stereotypes And Preconceptions In Organisations Cultural Studies Essay

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Stereotypes is positive attitude or negative are formed on the basis of emotion, a belief is not sympathetic make the subject has way of thinking or similar behavior to others and part of elements of perception, emotional, behavioral. It is a manifestation of wisdom, evoked feelings or emotions of people and the performance of their thoughts about others with specific behaviors like negative attitudes arise based on of these feel have no basis certainty, the surface characteristics, the bad impression ... of an individual, a group of people or any community [1] .

In any society always exists the social status without equal to give rise stereotypes and preconceptions such as identity, color, unique lifestyles of different cultures. Stereotypes appears always inextricably linked with the phenomenon of socialization. The development of social prejudice associated with the development of social attitudes. In the enterprise is considered as a multi-cultural environment from different places of the employees in that organization. Based on the differences of culture which employees can not mix with each other in organizations and divide into several distinct groups of activities which do not create the harmony so easy to make organizations without united and create good ideas and raise the level of employees working together. They think people who have been discriminated in the lower classes and not be able to integrate with them, and be ejected from the community and create waves between two parties can not binding and implicit fight to overthrow the other side. So managers need to know and understand manage diversity clearly the critical issues between the relationship and solve a good way for employees in organizations that are the cultural stereotype is unfair and should be removed and unite to build stronger organization by harmony, work together to create new ideas in their work.



Korea is a the top developed country in Asia, but Korea has a very strong discrimination and has occurred the discrimination against citizens of other countries. A typical example of discrimination happened in Korea in 2009. 7/10/2009, Bonogit Hussain, a professor come from India who was working at Sunkonghoe University in Seoul. He took the bus with his female colleague has named Hahm Ji Seon then local man who come to him and cursed  by words full of racism, while Ms. Hahm was assaulted. The incident disturbing public opinion and become a hot topic on the face of foreign newspapers and in Korea. Local man was arrested and identified with name Park, 31 years old, was indicted on charges of insulting other people. When the case is still in proceedings. Professor Hussain has endured all kinds of offensive acts of discrimination over the past two years working in Korea. He said when he went to the subway, almost people is not sitting next to him. And one afternoon, he overslept on the bus and the driver woke him with a kick to the thigh. But back in October event is really bad because when he went with a Korean woman who has made Hussain angry because every time he next to Ms. Hahm or any Korean women, he also faced the aggressive attitude. Koreans find it difficult to adapt to other countries and discrimination to foreign workers, especially people from South Asia.  [2] And they think that if foreigners who come and work in Korea, is going to cause Koreans lose jobs and impede the current lifestyle of Koreans, so they has created a wave of discrimination and stigma with foreigners. Government Korea started to discuss the two legislation which described acts of discrimination based on race and ethnicity, and set the criminal punishment framework. South Korean Foreign Ministry also announced strongly supported the anti-discrimination laws. And South Korea are trying to reduce stigma towards become a civilized country and deserve the position of the top developed countries of Asia.


America is the powerful countries in the world and a leader in all areas but the America is also multi-ethnic country. Many cultures, races, religions have appeared in the U.S. So that the U.S. can not avoid the discrimination and stigma in this country. Asians come to America to study, work or settle must face with stigma and threatened by the riots as well as assault with the Asian. They claim that Asians and lower class detached from community which they are living. Apart from the Asian, the African also meet a lot of discrimination in this country. Typically in the United States now, there are places just for Asia, the Americas or Africa is very clear and not infringe each other's territory. However, it is still occurring conflicts between the gangs together because of the discrimination. Since the civil war in America, discrimination have reduced but still occurs regardless of the implicit. An example is useful for this case, the new fascist regime in America is operating in a regime of discrimination have very strong with black people. Neo-Nazi fascism as the newly discovered first mid-80s after developing very quickly to thousands in the United States today. Many countries believe that the cruel and brutal that the new Neo-Nazi in the U.S. Appearance of these people is very easy to identify as skinhead, tattoos, even embroidered dress represents the flag of Hitler [3] . Their target is attacked by fascism in America is the new black people, Asian people, the homeless, the gay couples. Some Neo-Nazi groups endorse violence, and for this reason they are a source of concern to law enforcement. Fascists can inspire, provoke or even to violent crimes without fear much that their participation will be traced in any way meaningful to an organization that has a lot to lose. They make large loss about property, life, business of the world. So that, almost countries on the world should cooperate to destroy Neo-Nazi fascism on the world and make a peace world without crimes and war. At present, after the first black president Barrak Obama takes office, he has demonstrated to the world that America was not discriminatory to black person. And the U.S. government also made reforms to eliminate discrimination and to help people across the territory to live in peace, solidarity with each other.


Europe is a strong continent in the world and established the European Union to promote and link countries in Europe together into a block of independent and united Europe, but they still have discrimination against other classes in society. The Jewish who have Muslims religious, are being discriminated against by european and believe that they always destroy the peace of european life. Jews are widely distributed across Europe susceptible to  discriminate and conflict. In the past, people have Christians religion, Europeans believe that Jews are the culprit and make death of Jesus  and unforgivable. Because of that reasons, European do not respect Jews who are discriminated strongly. In 11/2003, explosions outside two synagogues in Istanbul of Turkey make 25 people died and most of the victims are Muslims. On the same day, a Jewish school in Paris at France is burned. [4] Â In France, the number of Jews is largest in Europe.  People who have Muslims religious, usually live near the big cities and rural villages in France, but they still face the fear, discrimination and conflict of European against them. Recently, the French government made  aws that banned Muslim women wearing towels in public places. This Article have clarified the strong opposition from Muslim women wearing towels because of the traditions and culture of these people but the French government did not agree. European Union need to take measures and laws to reduce the discrimination against them who have  other religions and people have minority culture oppressed is not respected about ethnicity. Currently, the European Union prepared a law to against the discrimination and stigma about recial, religion and lifestyles of other cultures, but the law has been assessed too soft and not strongly expressed in some member countries in the European Union [5] . So that, the European Union needs to improve the law reasonable for member countries agree to follow the law and made an independence alliance, build  and develop in the future.


To sum up, the organization now always have the diversity of cultural such as identity, religion, race, so it always make the discrimination, stereotypes or preconceptions between the social classes. Managers need to understand manage diversity, outlines the good direction, the strategy correspond to context of a company legally, avoid cases of discrimination, stereotype and preconceptions. and know that issues is happening on the communication, work, help each other among employees in the business, quickly fix the trouble is happening and find ways mediation to create a harmonious community, solidarity environment and work together to build a strong organization and development in the future.