Solar Power Vs Wind Power

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Solar Power Vs Wind Power

Since a long time ago, there were many forms of energies that support the countries in a period that hadn't had complex knowledge and equipment, such as Solar power and Wind power, these two of energies had been used in the meantime, and nowadays both have become two of the powers are consumed frequently at this time . The history narrates that solar power had begun with the ancient Egyptians, where they built places to live that allow to sun to be stored as an energy in the day time, therefore by using this method the heat will release in night time ,and this event recorded in 3rd century BC. Conversely, the history for the wind power showed that the used form was simple , which was using light devices driven by aerodynamic drag forces . Moreover, the first usage for the wind power was as sail boat. Additionally, the tradition design for the wind power developed in Persia 500-900 AD. The powers that have been used have shown many features in various domains. Furthermore, they might have avails for the countries, but still there are many points to compare between solar power and wind power and these are : economic , efficiency ,and environment .

First, solar power is defined that it's an energy from the sun that's converted into thermal or electrical energy. And this power is considered as a one of sources for the energy that has significance among the other powers. So this power has a several characteristics ,and the beginning is with the economic. First the economic is important to grow the country and plant it , so according to Mckinsey Quarterly which refer to the approaching of using it , where the experts expect to

speared within 3-7 years in markets will be embraced in many places such as California and Italy .on the other hand , photovoltaic have shown developments in the U.S where the producing reach to 12,400 megawatts, which means it is enough to cover 2.4 million U.S homes. Against to that, the productivity for the electricity power which is approximately 11,500 megawatts ,which it cover 1,9 million house   ..Adding to that the solar power has proven that it's a saved for being economically, and without having any emissions like the electricity does. 

Secondly, efficiency has an important role in the quality of solar power. Science daily wrote "Cheap, Efficient Solar Power" indicating to the effectiveness of the power, and according to the scientist Erin Baker who works in this domain stated that in 2015 the solar power will be the efficient power and it will be used in all over the world .Baker also added that the solar power is more cheep than the electricity power which is effective on the environment too by producing the carbon . In the other hand, there are units combined with each other called solar cells, these cells proved, that it's consist of the silicon which it increase the efficiency to 40 %, also the effectiveness will reach 80% in close time.

Thirdly, the environment , which it has a big function in human life . which has nothing of producing the emissions, so this is what solar power is, comparing to the electricity power which is more effected to the environment. That's why the solar power is the friend for the environment . In the other hand ,using electricity power has shown that it's the biggest causer for the damages towards the environment ,

statistics show that the most emissions produced from the electricity power, where is 62% which contribute with acid rain ;also 33% of the emission that pose significant health risks. Whether the solar power is a natural power which is based on the light of sun, which means there's no harmful emissions , also it's the one of the best way to use because it's one of the renewable sources.  

Secondly ,The wind power is defined as a power is derived from the wind ,and this power is considered as one of the used powers all over the world. Furthermore, it's included in economic due to the cheapness more than any power. First, the economic ,according to American Wind Energy association which published that basing on wind power can save 1.6 million in costs over the wind power's life time, where also could solve the problems such as gas prices by its cheapness ,because the gas has a high prices ,nowadays they reduce the gas to save the economic.

Second, the efficiency is more than important to the countries specifically, for the consumers at the energy , and regard to wind turbines is getting better where it shows that a maximum capacity which is reach to  2000 kilowatt or megawatt per turbine . There's also turbines that has a strong power , which support the efficiency for the wind power .

Thirdly, the environment, the environment has played a huge role in wind power where the countries don't look at the economic and the environment only , they look also for a good environment for their country. the wind power doesn't produce any kind of emissions that affect on the environment such as hazardous waste and from natural resources the wind power doesn't produce oil or water.

To sum up, the two powers have shown so far their best in range of working , also there are many common things combine between them just like the friendly environment , in the other hand those two could be considered in the future as a Backup capacity .