Role Of Design In Consumerism Cultural Studies Essay

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After a stressful day of work, Singapore's resident tend to consume on food, shopping or maybe other entertainments such as clubbing, karaoke and etc to relieve their mundane. Which is why, the entertainment sector have one of the highest number of establishment with high profits. It was proofed every Wednesday until weekend, Clarke Quay and other nightclub places are always full of crowd with people queuing outside. People seem to crave for more and more entertainments.(Refer to Figure 1 and Figure 2 for statistic about nightclub)

There are a lot of nightclubs in Singapore. But what makes people visits certain nightclub and keep coming? Basic elements like playing with lighting, sound system , sit and serve drinks just wont work as it used to be anymore. Nowadays, the competition amongst nightclubs is pretty high. In order to catch up with the nightclub business and compete, we need to keep on track of new ideas and concepts of situations and the needs of customer that keep changing constantly and rapidly.

Nowadays, nightclubs change their design interior every few years to keep their design fresh and maintain the numbers of visitors. Zouk , for example, their business once was decreased after several new nightclub established. But they won back the clubbers by renovate the design inspired by the nightclub in Ibiza. Provide glamorous so that it draws the clubbers attention.

Dance club will be the intention of this nightclub which allows a number of different activities and music genres which focus on the target age of young executive and above. Because of the constantly changing of energy once clubber visit a nightclub, the concept of energetic is being used on the design of the club.

Furthermore, will discuss about how does the space translated could gave impact on consumerism.

Club St

The nightclub is at historical shophouses where Peranakan China used to stay when they came to Singapore; located between Tanjong Pagar and Chinatown, Club St surrounds by office area and residential . From the point of view of consumerism culture, Club St is an icon in Tanjong Pagar district as a place where creates its own identity as a high class historical place full of restaurants, bars and other kind of shops for young executive and tourists to go and hang out after drinking time. This plays a role in order to develop the price of the properties around there and people will invest more in that particular area.

Crowds mean good business

Many of the nightclubs, their queue area are outside the club itself. Why? Few will think they don't have enough space to provide that area, but instead, the reason behind this is actually kind of psychology trick.

We tend to buy something or maybe attracted to buy something when we saw people are queuing for it. The way each business sells their food, the design of their banner, it attracts people. Though sometimes it's not a good one, but if for e.g. they sell such a cute little decorated sushi and suddenly a group of schoolgirls, they saw and attracted to buy because of its cuteness, thus will make other people wonder what's happening there and check it out too. And the more people they are, they will think the better the business is.

Design a proper layout and create a perfect environment to entertain the guests and keep them coming back for a nightclub is as important as getting good equipments. The design and layout plays a big role in order to enhance a certain image. Furthermore, the visual appearance of being fast can influence the mood of the guests. A good layout should give an efficient traffic flow for the guests and staff to travel , furthermore, to create as much space as possible to accommodate as many guests as it could.

Cashier is located in front of the entrance, to give more convenient for the staff and plus, it could be operate by 2 person only. 1 is for cashier and another one is for stamp and security check. The cloakroom is just beside the cashier for the clubbers who doesn't want to dance with handbag or anything on their hand, the usual price is $1 for each time we put our stuff. Walk through the corridor, leads by dramatic shapes design with seamlessly changing light illuminates on translucent glass as partitions that images were lid from behind, creates a dynamic environment full of visual stimulations and unique impressions

The placement of the bar should be in the most strategic place so it's the first thing people see when they step in. Bar has the highest foot traffic than others therefore it needs careful planning with the design of the bar surfaces, provide easier access for staff to serve drink and work. The placement of bar stools is also a very crucial point that determines how much money the nightclub will earn. People love to check out others at the bar or sometimes will engage into conversation and they might drink more.

On the other hand, the design of the whole bar itself should provide easy access from every direction so that the guests don't have to wait for a long queue, plus, it should lead them to certain direction such as dance floor and seats.

The placing of the main bar is strategically on second storey in front of the staircase which leads to the bridge with bar tables at the side so that when the clubbers walk by, there's an interaction with the people who are sitting.

The bridge leads to the dance floor with the placing of the DJ Booth facing the incoming crowd. People walk into the dance floor could see a bunch of body dancing and having fun in one big sea of crowd gathered in one place with more stereo sounds and lights flash out.

For some people who go to nightclub for drinks and check out the crowd, they can sit on the higher seats that facing the dance floor. They can choose to have more relaxing sofa with drinks and perfect view of crowd in VIP Seats or normal seats with different angle of view.

After tired of dancing, the guests could take a break on the rooftop open space for smoking and non smoking area with additional bar and slow down music so they can relax, listen to the music while having alcohol drinks. Crowds can get out of the club from the dance floor walk pass a corridor with little pocket spaces for people to chill out while going down the staircase. It also provides an easier access for the clubbers after their dizzy drink to get out of the club.

This whole human circulation thing, is the key point for the guests to walk and experienced, meet other people , eye to eye interaction and sometimes it might engage to conversation.

Therefore, from the design and layout wise, we could tell that consumerism happens in every corner in nightclub; whether it's only drinks, eye consumption even music.


Many people nowadays have realized the impact of design in consumerism. It was once not so essential element and categorized as secondary needs in doing business. But after they realized the difference in business within one with design and one does not ; has a lot of different , the world starts to engage and develop more and more in design.

It has become clear that nightclub needs to keep compete and change their design theme and concept once every few years in order to keep the environment fresh. They have to keep thinking of new creative ideas to stay on top of the business.