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Women empowerment in the corporate world has lots of barriers in the society. There are two main barriers which does not allow women to be on top of any organisation. They are cultural barrier and the glass ceiling effect. The glass ceiling effect is the invisible barrier created by the society and women themselves in due course of evolution. The women in the corporate society posses lots of outstanding talents and leadership quality. Psychologically women have the advantage over men. Women have the patience and compassion to achieve any target and make any decision with ease. Men have the tendency to be pressurised to situations which are not comfortable to them. Even with all these positive aspects, women have some cultural barriers which do not allow them to be on top. During the medieval ages, women were dominated and were treated very badly by men. Now the situation reversing significantly, women are shining well in most of the industries. Many political and corporate women leaders emerge to limelight. The head of the constitutions of certain counties are women. While these are the favourable situation for women in today's society, women can easily succeed in their career path without any hindrance. While like in all issues, there are pros and cons in this too. Even in this social revolutionary era, there are certain issues which acts as a barrier to women empowerment. The gender discrimination, child marriage, sexual harassment, culture, religion are the barriers in the women empowerment. These are the factors which are not completely eradicated, they still exist in some part of the world. Women feel insecure at some situations, where majority of the co-workers are men. Women are not able to choose their dream profession, because of this insecure feeling. In order to make women comfortable, many non-profit organisations conduct campaigns for women's confidence uplift. With some reforms and social response by both men and women can make the corporate environment balanced, without any gender dispute.

Table of Contents:



Executive summary






2.1.Child marriage


2.2.Status of women around the world


2.3.Gender discrimination


2.4.Sexual problems


2.5.Women leadership

2.6.Physiological aspect




5.1.Creating leaders

5.2.Psychological counselling

5.3.Additional programmes












Gone are the days where women are only used to be in their household. Nowadays women excel in all fields equivalent to men. They posses a very great talent in every aspect. Nowadays employers prefer women employee than men, because women has the calibre to excel in all the field. They posses the skill of doing the job with lots of patience and control. Where, men have lacked to dominate in terms of patience. Women excel in both public and private sectors of any firm.

Even though women show calibre in all fields and do their work to the fullest , most of the women don't rise to the top. They have two main barriers, which affect their growth, the cultural barriers and the glass ceiling effect. Each and every country or region, have their own culture. In which women still don't have enough liberty to be in equal stance as of men. The cultural background also plays a vital role in the development of women. The glass ceiling is nothing but an invisible barrier which exists in the society. In which women themselves cannot come up to the top position because of that barrier.

In order to uplift the status of women and betterment of the women society in the corporate world, these barriers need to be broken.

2.Aspects and Issues:

Women aspire for achieving greater heights in the society. During the ancient years, women were not allowed to work in the corporate sector. Due to cultural barriers women were suppressed in the society. The male-dominant culture, made the women deprived of their rights. Nowadays women have been uplifted to the society and had risen to the top in many fields. Most of the women are now into the leadership roles into many companies. Although women excel in all fields compared to men, there are many invisible barriers which prevent them in achieving it. There are many countries where there are many cultural and social issues prevailing. These issues play a vital role in the enhancement of women society. The corporate women term was coined only by late 80's. Since then women were not recognised globally. There are many women organisation which are ready to offer their help who needs help. Even with the advent of all these facilities which are exclusively for women, they never try to break the invisible barriers. The root cause for the barriers of women are listed below along with the current issues pertaining with the women in the global context.

2.1.Child marriage

This socio cultural event occurs in some part of Asia and most parts of Africa. The children , especially female children , below legal age of marriage, are getting married. This cultural event happens without the knowledge of the child, since the child is in a premature age. This will psychologically affect the child when she becomes matured and will act as a barrier to improvement. This custom will affect the education and corporate opportunity of the child in future. Many countries have framed the law against this evil custom, but still this practice is happening illegally in most countries.

The above figure shows the age group in which the child marriage happens in variour countries or region.

2.2.Status of women in various parts of the world:

The status of women had become better these days. But since the ages, women were ill-treated and trained to be under the guidance of a male. The dominance nature of the male started with the religious belief. In Islamic religion there is a saying, which is believed worldwide. Women and men are equal, but women are under the protection of the men. These practices of suppressing women were from cultural myths. In certain countries women are not given equal importance as of the men. Still in many countries, women don't have the right to vote and also cannot hold the top positions. Only men can hold the superior positions. But with the help of international women organisations, women are now getting their equal rights among the male dominating society. And the literacy ratios and employment ratios are increasing among these countries in recent times.

The above statistical figure shows us the evidence that women are getting closer to men in terms of literacy. That means, women are now free to do education and can overpower men in some fields.

2.3.Gender discrimination:

The tradition of men dominating women also happens in the corporate sector. Where men have the psychological thought that, women are inferior to men and don't have the calibre to come up to the top. So the men try to dominate women in the corporate world. In countries like Angola, Mauritius, Namibia, Tanzania and most of the African countries, there are some gender in-equality. And corporate women face a lots of challenges. The tasks such as decision making are only being done by the men. In recent days, women fought back well, and retrieved their rights in the society. Now many corporate women thrive to the top positions in any organisations. These women have to face some hurdles to get the top designation in any organisation. There are very few women CEO's in the corporate world, but the ratio is increasing slowly.

2.4.Sexual problems :

Women in the corporate environment need to face lots of challenges in order to thrive and achieve. Among these, sexual problem is one great problem where women cannot resist. The corporate women working in the company need to get obliged to work under any male superiors. In some cases, the male superiors are harassing the women subordinate mentally and also sexually. There are many women welfare organisations which are available to avoid these problems. But this cannot be avoided fully. Statistically Japanese women face 15%, Ethiopian women face 70% of harassment with their colleagues or superiors. Apart from all these statistically proven data, there are many unknown cases happening around.

2.5.Women leadership :

Women have the capabilities to become great leaders and take up huge responsibilities. They have the potential to decide wise and give a rational solution for the problem. The myths about women are, they are emotional in nature, and they don't have the capabilities to take a quick decision. But the reality is, they have huge amount of patience to solve an issue than men. Women can balance both their personal and professional life equally. There are many women leaders who proved themselves to be a great leader in the global arena. The successful women leaders are listed below.

Aung san suu kyi - Currently the Leader of opposition party, Myanmar.

Struggled hard to fight back democracy in the country.

Winner of the Nobel prize for peace.

Kiran Mazumdar Shaw - CEO of Bicon pharmaceutical company ltd.

The only women behind the success of the company

Indra Nooyi - Chairman of PEPSI company.

Considering all these women, who had succeeded in their own departments, there are many more aspiring women who would like to achieve greater in their respective career. Taking these legendary women as a role model, these young and upcoming aspirants can achieve success easily.

2.6.Physiological aspect:

Women are very different from men in terms of physical appearance. They have their own physiological cycle. Women undergo maternity, childbirth and many physical barriers. This makes women considered to be the weaker sex when compared with men. Women need to have maternal and paternal leave of absence from the company in long term duration. This may affect the flow of work or may completely disrupt their career. When compared with men, they need to tally with their personal works and professional works together.


After analysing the issue, we came to know about various barriers which are faced by corporate women in the society. We live in a multi cultural environment, where we need to tolerate with each other at all levels and time. Women are able to get into corporate sector of various countries and region. Where the corporate world is still dominated by men folk, women find it difficult to find an appropriate position. The cultural factor affects the growth, where religious beliefs and regional beliefs comes into the act as a barrier for the growth. Women have the capability to achieve greater heights and positions in any sector they work. Women need to be encouraged to take up the responsibility of leadership. With the help of the recommendations provided below, status of corporate and professional women can be improved and there can be a balance in gender in the workforce without any discrimination.

4. Recommendations:

The possible solutions for these issues are to be analysed. The corporate women should be enlightened to work with peace and sense of security. The male employees should understand the professional ethics, and work with the female colleagues with harmony. The motivational programmes can be conducted in the countries where there are no equality for women. The concept of togetherness among the women employees can be implemented in the organisations. Help women employee to learn the leadership skills. The counselling can be given to women who have some personal problems.


The recommended solutions can be implemented in the organisations and the nations where the women have some difficulties. The following are the drafted methods by which there could be some possible improvement in the development of women in society.

5.1. Creating leaders:

The leadership programmes can be organised in the company, where the women employees are trained to become the leader. In this programme, the eligible employees are sorted out and given the training to become the leader. After this programme, the women employees will be trained in important decision making strategies and can climb up the corporate ladder with ease.

5.2. Psychology counselling:

The psychology counselling centres, exclusively meant for women should be opened in all organisations. Women who lack confidence can be counselled with these centres. This will boost the confidence of the women employees. This will be very much helpful in eradicating the suicides which happens in the corporate world.

5.3. Additional programmes:

The skills of the corporate women can be improved by conducting special courses which will add the value to the employees. Women working in the corporate office can avail this offer for their own benefit, which in turn can help them build their career.