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A multitude of scientific research has been done about the subject celebrity endorsement. However, there is some dissension and discussion about the exact role that celebrity endorsement has on the attitude towards the brand. Some papers state about the weak relation between the celebrity and the consumer attitude towards the brand (Cabellero, 1989) and some indicate there is a strong relation between these two (Kahle and Homer, 1985). There is also a lot of research done about the role of the negative publicity of the celebrity endorser (Till & Shimp, 1998).This thesis will summarize these papers about it to get a clear view on it.

1.5.1 Scientific relevance

The scientific relevance is to acquire better insight in the field of consumer attitude towards the brand and particularly the roles celebrity endorsement and negative publicity of the celebrity entail.

This thesis will examine the effect of celebrity endorsement on the attitude of consumers towards the brand. In particular, the relationship of negative publicity of the celebrity and consumer attitude will be reviewed. A lot of research with respect to celebrity endorsement has been done (Erdogan, 1999). To get a clear view on this subject this thesis will present a literature review. Previous literature and research will be critically analyzed to identify the main issues and theories with respect to celebrity endorsement. This paper will construct a systematic review with respect to these relationships to provide marketing economists with a useful guides and recommendations for future research.

Practical relevance

Because this paper can help to clarify the role of the celebrity endorser, also the societal and practical relevance will be served. For companies it is extremely important to identify the positive and negative effects of the celebrity endorser on the attitude of the consumer towards the brand. To conclude, this literature review will critically asses and combine the articles which are currently available. A better understanding of applying celebrity endorsement, indisputable triggers managers to pursue a more efficient policy and creating the best consumer attitude towards the company. This will result in higher consumer purchase intentions, which will positively affect the company sales.

1.6 Thesis structure

This thesis is divided into 5 chapters. By now the content of the first chapter is already presented and familiar, consequently, only the content of the following chapters will be briefly discussed. The second chapter provides the reader with a literature review on celebrity endorsement. Amos, Holmes and Strutton (2008) presented a theoretical model which will be the foundation of this thesis. In this paper celebrity endorsement will be described on the basis of the trustworthiness, expertise, similarity, familiarity and liking. Also the match-up principle will be put forward. In chapter 3 the influence of celebrity endorsement on attitude will be explained in conformity with theories described in chapter 2. In chapter 4 the moderating role of negative publicity will be described, and in chapter 5 the conclusion and discussion are presented and recommendations for future research will be given.