Principles Of An Escort Service Cultural Studies Essay

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Get rid of the sand paper growing on your face. Shave before she arrives. Its a rare women who enjoys the feel of sandpaper against their face or other delicate bits. This increases exponentially for an escort, who may (surprise!), be seeing additional clients that evening. Take a shower, too. Every woman likes a fresh and clean smelling male.

If you're a guest in a new city, and unfamiliar with directions, learning your whereabouts is important. Provide the complete address of where you are located, and good directions on how to get there. Most often the escort will arrive by taxi, or perhaps even by private driver. They'll most likely know where you are staying, but to avoid confusion, provide good directions. If you're at a hotel, suggest your escort ring you from the lobby. If security is an issue at whatever particular hotel you're staying at, it would not be unappreciated to meet and greet your escort in the lobby.

The exchange of money is best conducted by placing the agreed upon amount in a visible location, such as a bedside table. Providing payment within an envelope shows a bit of class as well. Never put the escort in the position of having to ask for payment. As the woman splits the amount received with the agency at some fixed percentage, tipping, especially a little up front, may get you extra mileage during the encounter---a little extra attention, a massage at the end, her washing you up before and after, etc. Tipping at the end is also acceptable, consider it a helpful investment in your future encounters with that girl, if those are your intentions. A tip is also recommended if you had a good time with the girl.

After she has been paid, she will usually call the agency to tell them everything is fine. The clock's now running.

Getting Comfortable

Now you have a full hour with the lady. Your time can be used for whatever you want to do, as long as she agrees to do it. Whatever happens behind closed doors by 2 consenting adults is strictly their business. Escorts are women, and they have the same instincts too. They are not robots, either. They will worry about the same things as other women. There's pressure on them also. Think they're a sex expert? Not really. They may have wider experience, and experience it more often, but ungracious clients expect a lot in bed from them. No one is at their best feeling pressured. A bit of chit-chat is in order now. Most likely she will lead the way. You might offer her a drink. Allow her to get comfortable with you, and you with her. Don't bark at her to get undressed and get into bed. She's a woman remember? This does not turn any woman on, and if you want to have the most enjoyable time with your escort, treat her like a woman likes to be treated.

After a few minutes of breaking-the-ice, she'll suggest you both get comfortable. And she will.

On the bed, everything is with a condom. Some girls may (at their suggestion or your request) offer BBBJ (Oral without condom) for an extra price. The usual variety of sexual positions are welcomed. Decide what you like, or ask the girl to show you something new.

If things do get passionate, biting to the point of leaving marks is a no-no. No woman likes to wear sweaters and scarfs to hide the marks for the next few weeks. Specific requests, such as asking her to be on top are fine. Lying there while she does all the work is not.

If you want her to use her mouth on you, don't push her head down. Does any woman like that? Of course they don't. Use yours on her, first. Escorts, like all women, need to be warmed up first. She's not a machine. When she reciprocates, don't grab her head. Caress her gently, appreciate her, participate. All women like that.

If you're really enjoying your time with the lady, it's often possible to extend the hour by one hour increments. Let your escort know this as early as you can, she'll have to check in with the agency and find out if she has additional time available to spend with you, i.e., she's not already booked with another client.


She might've supplied the condom, she might very well have removed it and washed you up upon its removal. But it's up to you to dispose of it. Your escort will also want to freshen up. Offer your bathroom to her, and do make sure ahead of time, it's in an orderly and clean condition. You may be heading to bed, but your escort may have additional bookings, and she'll want to be as fresh and clean as when she arrived to see you. Fresh towels are nice.

When the festivities are complete, i.e., your time is up, she will call the agency again, arrange her transport, etc.

Things didn't work out?

(She wasn't your type)

In the event the both of you didn't "click", be gracious about it. It does take two to tango, and as we said earlier, your Escort is not a robot, she's a woman with reaL feelings and emotions. There are plenty more fish in the sea. That's the beauty of an escort service, if you want something else, there are plenty more fish in the sea.