Prejudice And Unnecessary Conflict Cultural Studies Essay

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Attack by Osama Bin Laden on September 11 America was shocking to all Americans in particular and the whole world in general. It is an attack was not anticipated to cause a shock to both government and the entire American people. This conflict on the basis of a conflict between two religions but also the underlying dispute that the rights and interests. Prejudice has existed for a long time; it can cause conflict and unnecessary conflict between people or countries. Many countries in the world were at war with each other created by the conflict of stereotypes. The wars caused by prejudice to mention the war on racism, also known as color discrimination.

Between whites people and blacks people in America. It was an underground war that still exists till now in the minds many Americans. Why are Americans so discrimination black people like this? They argue that blacks are dangerous and can say that they are savages; they trade weapons and Underwriting in the club and bar. They can kill people without thinking. Blacks are poor and they have to work or hire assistants to white people. Although only a small portion of white people living in the U.S. but they have been equated with each other. And of course it has created stereotypes of whites with blacks and conflicts will arise, of course, is inevitable.

That is just one small example of conflict of prejudice. In business, conflicts created by stereotypes also appear quite a lot. Only a relatively small factor, but it creates great conflict.  When the boss hated employees, he would not accept their ideas. Throughout history, we can see the distinction between men and women. People believe that the women they can not hold important positions in large corporations. That is the wrong prejudice. In culture, conflict is considered very important at present; it is globalization and the cultural character with a long time of a nation. Why is there a conflict? We will learn the following.


The definition of prejudge:

Prejudice is defined by so many concepts and different perspectives. Many individuals argue that the effects and ideas in society have created prejudice. But many people believe that stereotypes have been formed from the first, and then create the stigma and thoughts of everyone in society. One of the concepts of preconception is defined as follows. Prejudice itself is unnatural but it is formed in the socialization process of each individual. Each individual or a social group that individual members were carrying the symbols was sustainable simplification, generalization, map of the objects of other classes with her. Then those individuals or groups that carry within the framework. Framework can be positive or negative, while under negative meaning when it becomes the framework of prejudice. [1] 

However, if in the absence of information or incomplete information is the framework may also help people recognize the objects communicate. Framework could be wrong so correct to judge people or individuals of different social groups should not be based on the existing framework because we can not know that when the framework becomes Prejudice . It is getting to the prejudice of the psychological analysis. Also speaking, the bias is easy to understand everyone's feeling of exposure or that person's views on another. Prejudices could be hate, love, contempt or hatred. Depending on the person's perspective. For the case of Osama is an example of his prejudices about America too is terrible. It's too big and scary to the extent that destroy thousands of Americans (attack September 11, 2001). Thus we can see the danger level of prejudice. Osama Bin Laden released a tape recorded statement after the terrorist attack took place as follows:

The killing of Americans and their civilian and military allies is a religious duty for each and every Muslim....We--with God's help--call on every Muslim who believes in God and wishes to be rewarded to comply with God's order to kill Americans and plunder their money whenever and wherever they find it.

[The September 11th attack] gave a harsh lesson to these arrogant peoples, for whom freedom is but for the white race...God willing, America's end is near.

--Osama Bin Laden, in a February, 1998, appeal to Muslims, and a videotaped statement in the fall of 2001. [2] 

The attack of September 11, 2001 of Osama Bin laden:

Reason of attack:

According to many analysts ranging offen sive against Osama Bin Laden, America is comprised of six different causes. But summed up as the conflict between Israel and Palestine war in which U.S. support for Israel to anger many Muslims. They said the United States and stand behind President George Bush is plotting to cause disharmony divide between Muslim countries. 

Also, Osama said that U.S. forces are gradually occupying the territory where Muslims believe that the Holy land. Until the conflict reached its peak, then the explosion took place. For centuries now, the conflict between two religions have existed for a long time and that is an extremely sensitive issue. And the United States with a powerful military is "the confidence of Americans," they should arouse the deep prejudice of Muslims to America. Because many previous causes Muslims was upset with the behavior of George Bush. 

Americans are very ambitious, for they are oil fields in the peninsula is extremely attractive. And they added a war with Muslim countries in that area. Strike action on September 11 only to find resistance to free these "holy lands in Saudi Arabia." Muslims have always thought, the United States to invade another country while talking about equal rights equality and freedom. They shall not allow that. The heart of national pride and religion of the Arabs profound. The Americans have touched it and they pay for their actions. [3] 

Happening and evaluation:

On 11/09/2001, hijackers crashed aircraft into the Twin Towers World Trade Center (WTC). The attack begins with the four hijacked commercial aircraft. With a capacity of nearly 91,000 liters of jet engines for each aircraft, the planes were turned into bombs, missiles are flying. American Airlines flights 11 crashed into the north of the WTC North Tower building at 8h40 am local time. 

At 9h11am, local time of 175 flights airlines United Airlines crashes into the South Tower building, which was televised live by the camera lens before it is heading towards the North Tower. It is believed that the plane crashed because they could not do so attacker intentionally, but may also be due to passengers on the plane to return them we do not hijack control of the aircraft. Among those present on this four-fated flight, no one survived. [4] 

Through the terrorist attacks September 11 is one of the most significant events in the 21st century, we find that it is one of the terrorist attacks caused the most damage of all economic, social, political, cultural, military of the United States as well as other places in the world. Osama Bin Laden has chosen the right place resources where they act. Since late 2000, twin tower commercial building is a symbol of the United States Monday. It not only represents America's hung up at that time but also the pride of the nation. The terrorists struck on the strengths that.

Result and comment:

Disaster through 11 / 9, it has created a lot of the unfortunate consequences for both Muslims and people around the world. For Americans, they have lost all of both physical and human as in the WTC, there were thousands of financial professionals and leading engineers of different fields has been destroyed just in a few minutes. Terrorist attacks that killed and missing more than two thousand people, not to mention the hijacking. But the American people are being dragged into the new war "war on terror" but the Muslims who pulled back into Iraq and Afghanistan that the war on terror.This war has become a global war for dominance and to the Muslim world. Everyone in the world when it comes to Islam first thing we think about now are not they have the world's largest oil field which is second from the "terrorists." Bin La Den is the stereotype was created. He made the world think that Islam is a terrorist. Currently, the Moslems after entry in any country, they will be watched and not even for entry. 

Since then, contradictory and increasingly deep prejudices between the two cultures.They regarded each other as implacable enemies. Terrorist attacks against Americans as hate and disgust. As for Muslims, it is to destroy America is regarded as a responsibility and obligation of every Muslim. Thought to kill Americans have ingrained in the minds of terrorists. So stereotypes continue to grow and develop.

The example of conflict because of cultural backgrounds:

The incident where conflict occur, comment and main characteristic cause situation:

For Vietnam, the right to religious freedom is still very much limited. With those of Buddhism, freedom of belief, for they either have no regulations to suppress. But those Christians, they were a lot of prejudice about their beliefs. Partial nature of the problem is that in Vietnam many of the riots took place against the government of Vietnam was organized in part by the Christian. So therefore the group that makes other people's antipathy to their religion. They have heard of many enticing dangerous living abroad.Because their faith toward God, they were drawn.  [5] 

Even in Vietnam, most Christians who are not in government. Although it is too much prejudice. But part of the main reasons come from religious people. That leads to resentment of the Christians Vietnam. Part of their anti-government because of the stigma they had suffered. If there have been stereotypes are very difficult to remove it.Unless we make them become more advanced and cultivate it better. 

Many people do not like the Vietnam Christian and they do not love their children brought Catholicism. Because when married to bring Catholicism, their children will have to bring Catholicism. And in Vietnam, when people bring Catholicism is not married to his work for the government. It's like Americans hate Muslims. Think of Vietnam is very old-fashioned and outdated, so they should renovate the idea to the country may have more talent to help develop the country. [6] 

Some solution to solve:

First, we think Vietnamese should eliminate the old-fashioned thinking remains in people's minds and make the ideas of innovation in religion. Government needs to adopt the reform ideas to renovate the prejudices of every citizen. We should not shirk, which must cope with such attacks, with the explanation selected, responded with convincing arguments. The government should organize seminars on Buddhism and Christianity along with the presence of two religious believers, that they have clear ideas and thoughts about Christianity. 

The Government of Vietnam should eliminate regulations too strict with the Christians.Similarly, we can change their thoughts. Eliminate prejudice is a challenge to go through a long process. We have to make them more innovative ideas. Provided together on a unified whole. Creating a new development for the country. 

The authorities need to conduct offensive operations to remove ideo logical opposition to the regime, against the national interests of the people some priests have bad engines, taking advantage of the policy of religious freedom and lack of understanding of the parishioners to incite disrupt security, against the government. The media agency need to strengthen advocacy for the people to understand the true nature of the problem, expose the bad guys, fight denies wrong doing arguments of the central psychological warfare, sabotage thoughts of hostile forces exploited this incident propaganda, slandering the Party and State of Vietnam human rights violations, obstructing freedom of religion.


People with prejudices are often ignored commented sincerity of those around them, and refused to learn new things, pat themselves on keeping the conservative concept. According to the society, the "prejudice" is the indirect cause, as well as directly hindering the development of progressive ideas, modern trends, the necessary steps. As the problem has been analyzed above. All are rooted in prejudice. 


It has caused many serious consequences. Want to modify stereotypes understand the factors that impact the stereotypes created in everyone. It also caused prejudice is always lasts almost no effective way to fight back. Those who have new ideas must fight prejudice, willing to accept the truth even though sometimes the truth does not make us happy, even you yourself feel very uncomfortable and felt insulted. Eliminate bias is to remove the "barriers" to create conditions for social and national development. No prejudice, the conflict will not happen so we need to focus on pushing back and removing it to society can develop better.