Pre Departure Training In China Cultural Studies Essay

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In taking an International assignment, there is a lot of people who fail because of lack of professional or technical competence. They also tend to fail more because of family and personal problems and lack of cross-cultural skills to enable people to adapt to their new environment. China has a lot of different in Culture , Language , Custom , and Business ethics than Indonesia. Besides that, China has unique business procedures that are very different to many countries, especially Indonesia.

That's why we have to prepare everything so that we can succeed in China. Pre Departure Training is to provide a person with an opportunity to prepare and study first, to create effective International duty. In Pre Departure Training programs, we provide a few important things that need to be stressed to an expatriate in China. For example, cultural and society, business etiquette, communication, information around China, culture shock and other forms of training. Currently, there is a lot of multinational company that corporate with pre departure training to prepare their employees before taking an International assignment.

Our Pre Departure Training is aim to give an clearer preparation and mature before going there, to improve the quality and abilities of expatriate when taking an international assignment and interact with people in China, increase an employee's abilities in relation to some future position or job. Besides that, the goal of cultural awareness program is to enhance the expatriate understands of the host country so that he or she can adjust and behave accordingly, help them in term of daily life in China and adapt to family and community there, and avoid getting into difficult situations.

China is one of the four oldest civilizations in the world, has a written history of 4,000 years and boasts rich cultural relics and historical sites. It is the inventor of compass, paper-making, gunpowder and printing. The Great Wall, which is now a symbol of Chinese nation's cultural wealth, is the Grand Canal and Karez irrigation system are three great ancient engineering projects built 2000 years ago. China has gone for a long history of primitive society, slavery society, feudal society and semi-feudal semi-colonial society and the present socialist society. The capital city of China is Beijing and most of this country is mountainous. China exactly consists of three major river systems: the Yellow River , the Yangtze River and Pearl River.

Trainer starts to present and explain about the culture and society in China. They have a very specific and different Culture in their business and lifestyle. The aim of this session is to accept and understand about the basis of Chinese Culture and act accordingly in the right way. This is very important to understand while in China, because this will help them to more easily interact with people and adapt there. Participant learned and analyzes Chinese culture because it will be using for business there.

Participant is learning about the different ways to negotiating in China and Indonesia. This specialized training aims to develop the appropriate skills in cross-cultural communication for success in the target culture and also application in China. Negotiating training allows participants to practice and experiment with the communication style necessary for their new environment.

The Chinese business culture is vastly different from Indonesian. Business negotiations in China require a much more patient approach. We need to build a good communication to reach a good decision. The Chinese are shrewd negotiators. They want to determine if the relationships can develop to a stage where both parties are comfortable doing business with the other. Business is hierarchical, decisions are unlikely to be made during the meetings you attend.

China has some differences, especially ethics and manner while dinning. Compared with countries of Indonesia, there are many differences such as cutlery. In Indonesia using a spoon and fork, while the Chinese use chopsticks in general. To ensure the participant can understand the ethics of eating there, here are the steps.

Know the food is shared. One of the differences between Chinese and Indonesian way of eating is that in China some of plates are placed in the middle of the table and shared by all. It means you should feel free to help yourself not only at the beginning but the whole of meals as well. It also, take it as a sign of honor and offer thanks when host China to take food from the center of the table and put it on your plate. Unlike in Indonesia, we usually order and eat food on their own.

We must respect the chopsticks because it is the most important tool in China's table. We have to use chopsticks in proper way. Use it to grab or pinch foods and never puncture it like fork. You also need to place your chopsticks horizontally on the top of bowl or plates and not lying on the table or, worse yet, stick them vertically into a bowl of rice.