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1. Define in your own words what plagiarism is.

Plagiarism is when someone uses another's words without acknowledging who the rightful owner of the statement is.

2. Can you spot the plagiarized passages in this writing sample about the Cherry Orchard? There are 6 unacknowledged quotations in this writing sample. Can you find at least 3 of them? As you find them, put quotation marks around the passages and add a footnote telling the internet source where it was found.

Russia, as a country, kept changing at the beginning of the twentieth century. Rich people became poor and lost their estates and their pheasants, while the middle class became more important.

In Chekhov's play the Cherry Orchard we see how a wealthy landowner and aristocrat like Mrs. Ranevsky lost their fortunes and their estates because they were no longer able to live on the labor provided by the serfs (slaves). In her inability to manage her finances and to keep her estate, Madame Ranevsky represents the theme of cultural futility while Lopakhin represents the bourgeoisie who is looking to find meaning in its newfound materialism.

For example, in Act II, Madame Ranevsky complains loudly about how she cannot control her money, while in the same breath she allows Yasha, the most untrustworthy character, to pick up her spilled purse. The fact that she is able to talk about her weakness and neglect the safety of her money in the same breath indicates that, despite her complaints, she is still blind to much of her problem. On the other hand, the merchant Yermolai Lopakhin is in ecstasy over his newly acquired possession, when he returns from buying the estate at auction. He is now the owner -- he who had risen from the serfs of the former master of the orchard!

Thus, a new epoch begins in the cherry orchard. On the ruins of romanticism and aristocratic ease there rises commercialism, its iron hand yoking nature, devastating her beauty, and robbing her of all radiance.

3. How good is this stolen analysis of the Cherry Orchard? What grade would you assign for this writing sample?