Personality And Fashion Relationship Cultural Studies Essay

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Fashion is related historically to an individual's personality since it gives a general idea of what the person is thinking of and minimizes his personality as well. Personalities have a big and great responsibility; they represent the individual himself. Clothes help in expressing the innermost thoughts, kindness, and feelings. This is enough to know what kind of clothes and what way to wear appropriately. Sometimes we feel uncomfortable for being in a place that obliges us to be with a certain dress while we have a different life style. Fashion simply is our appearance, manners and characteristics. Fashion and personality are related and each one completes the other. When looking at a well-dressed person you probably ask yourself does this person create the clothes or just those fit him exactly? Colors most of the time give the mood of the person; choosing the color while dressing is done according to the mood of the person, no one can dress red, green, or yellow if he is in a certain situation and not happy, while dark colors are relaxed colors worn by the stressed and sad people.

Attraction for woman is just as visual as it is for man. They think what she might be from the way she dress and walk and vice versa.

Selection of the clothes according to the occasion, time or mood reflects the taste of a person. The way of choosing the dress comes without planning and it can't be realized by the person himself unless someone points and asks about sadness and gloominess. Fashion does not necessarily means that one has to wear what is common to all but it relates to a person own thinking and perception.

Everyone likes to be special and unique where as in some situation being unique is as being lonely and far from the world, for this purpose there are different trends, and designers that make a person dress the way he likes and the way it fits his personality otherwise fashion and style will be a ridiculous job.

Moreover there is a story behind what people wear. It is not as simple as we can conclude from the first look; time is needed to adopt fashion. Thus taking time in choosing clothes and coming up with a style is an essential issue to take into consideration since it became a way of judging a one's personality and mood. A person's personality is shown through his fashion style whether it is: casual, classic, romantic and trendy style. Most of the time fashion personality fits a person's lifestyle. Classic Fashion Personality

Classic fashion describes the style exactly. The person wearing classic has neutral look such as gray, navy blue, beige and black which is the key in color choice among those colors. This gentle clothes and accessories style is more likely for the people above the age of forty since if a woman under 25 years old dresses this style then people around will probably ask why she is looking older and over 40 years. People of this style do not ignore their traditional lifestyles but they try to show their personalities whether the clothes are very expensive or not where the aim is to look chic and elegant.

Most women choose this style of fashion for a reason that wearing classical clothes makes them look thinner and thus taller. Women prefer to wear this style for the purpose of simplicity, chicness, and highlighting their personality. These classical women have a linear approach to fashion where they choose durable fabrics such as tweed, wool blends, cashmere, silk and good quality of cotton. They go for the timeless wardrobe and this includes their fashion accessories. Being elegant and tailored in the classical fashion personality is the desired purpose that wearer look for while choosing this style.

This style differs from another since it's the only style which by looking at, the wearer can recognize directly that it is suitable to his personality. This style shapes the way of moving and walking around with a sense of elegance and softness without even feeling if touching the ground or not. Classic fashion always starts with the simplest ideas. Silhouettes are sleek and concepts are unpolluted. It is this clean thinking that allows a classic fashion to melt into any current theme or style. The biggest benefit of this style is that classic styles as a little black dress are different from the trendy ones. According to men simple jacket, pant and bow-tie is most preferable in classic style. Classic fashions tend to stick with classic colors as well as classic lines. Black, blue, white and brown are much more common than bright yellow, hot pink and neon orange. Natural materials, such as cotton, silk and leather, are much more common than synthetics, such as polyester, rayon and pleat her. In addition to the tailored and elegant style, sustainable style is also one of the classical fashions. However it is a smart investment in which the purchasers spend more on a single quality item of clothing than spend loads on throw away fashion accessories. Furthermore, they on their neutral colors and dark suits for years to come.

Thus, classical style is related and almost has a peace of mind personality, means no confusion of what dressing since this style is very simple, and by giving a special touch of your lifestyle gives a great classical look. The person carrying this fashion style is a very simply person by which he/she looks at the clothes and buy without caring about the price, it is enough that this is appropriate to his/her personality. This personality is often tends to take the shots and being famous people. Minimalism and Preppy fashion are also a variation of this style. Thus who feels his style fits the classical one then do not hesitate in being a classical fashion style (refer to App. I, Fig. 1 &2).

Romantic Fashion Personality

Fashion is also a factor that cultivates love and romance. It attracts a person towards others and this attraction may lead finally to a strong bond of love. Prolific fashion designer, Coco Chanel says, "Fashion is in the sky, in the street; fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening." Fashion is therefore the power which actually metamorphoses an image. To some fashion is a typical form of art again to others fashion is verve, a sensation, a feeling. That is with respect to romantic fashion that has a unique way of dressing.

The romantic dresser sticks to the pastel colors and loves paisley prints, florals, gingham and polka dots. It is described by the long skirts, hats, gloves and deep cut blouses or dresses with plunging necklines such as a sweetheart neckline or V neckline. And sometimes searching and looking for special antiques which are not found in the usual places, maybe visiting certain countries for getting one's wants. Such people and especially women love girly, whimsical detailing such as tiered frill skirts, patchwork and overlays of lace, bouncy tiers and upstanding frills. This look is sometimes outdated. The love of the past is applied in present with this way of styling. This style refers to the Victorian period where a woman dresses according to that style known in the past.

Whatever it is to most people, fashion is a process, rather a significant method of utilizing accessories and clothing to bring out the best of them. Therefore hiding or showing fashion is actually a method of expression, and a mode to express their personality. Romantic fashion personality is soft, thin and lovely personality. This fashion loves people and goes with all the ages by differentiating each one from another, dealing smoothly without hurting or causing any harmful thing to people even by words and dialogs. This personality is often and mostly found in Europe due to their different nationalities and cultural variety of people. This personality is the most feminine personality among the others. It gives a soft and sweet taste for the wearer, and it helps the individual to form a picture for himself/herself as the heroine in a historical romance. Being feminine is the aim of most ladies; smooth soft and kind look is also available for those who have this style of fashion (refer to App. I, Fig. 3).

Trendy Fashion Personality:

A trendy fashion style is an up to date style where modern fashion exists which is related to the technological phenomena nowadays. This type of style includes young people from age eighteen to twenty-four years who follow fashion trends, are technology-savvy, up on the latest modern music, and in general are part of a group of people who all follow these same trends thus they can be known directly from the first sight.

In addition there is difference between trendy women and men. Trendy girls are easily recognized. They are 'shopaholics', and therefore wear the latest top fashion clothes. They are notoriously known for tight-fitting jeans and belly buttons are exposed (usually pierced) by their wearing of small tops. Moreover they wear ripped jeans, flannel and converse shoes. Whereas typical trendy guys commonly wear tight jeans and are usually long with fancy new belts. They may also wear short sleeve t-shirts of top names such as FCUK, and may wear a jacket.

People of trendy fashion style appreciate a good sale, don't especially look for value in their wardrobe and investment dressing is not their thing. Also they limit their budget but spend more time on fashion than others. Although they own some clothing in neutral colors, the idea of wearing an item of classic tailored clothing purchased several years ago is foreign to their fashion sensibility. Trendy fashion is not suitable for workplace. In contrary it is a perfect style for fun and entertainment places dressing the latest designer jeans, or six-inch high heels, and trendy wardrobe which makes the wearer stand out from the crowd, showoff and also fit in well with an active lifestyle.

In conclusion, trendy fashion starts out being weird until it is picked up by a fashionable source consisting of models, stars and fashion labels further endorsing the product that is "trend" into the mainstream (refer to App. II).

Casual Fashion Personality:

Casual usually is the style where probably jeans, t-shirt, sweats, and pants are preferable. This style is a relaxing and comfortable one and trumps style. This style comes when no shots is coming at the near and no lights would take place in the individual's life. For this purpose this style does not look through the new fashion features. A casual person is much comfortable in one's decisions especially in choosing the clothes and colors and it is suitable more for the casual lifestyle, since it doesn't fit the workplace and official places too. People around this stylist feel stressed and tired from seeing the person with the same style always.

Women and men dress randomly and they don't intend to wear something special or think hardly of the items even in buying it. They focus on accessories and hand bags more than any other alternatives. Casual style is totally away from the red carpets. This fad is just a casual one far from the famous life. The wardrobe of this style is free from special and chic items.

This fashion style has a very strange personality; it is often a confusing one. The person having this style is a comfortable person focusing on other issues than on clothes, however the look through each item in the store whether they want to buy or not just for entertainment and being up to the latest fashion. An accessory attracts this person style since it is luxury according to them and it can complete their personality. This personality goes easily in wearing but confusing in mental thinking. Thus, casual fashion style is good in some places and inappropriate in other cases. Being a casual fashion style is very simple and easy (refer to App. III).

Fashion is an essential and primary issue to be realized especially when an individual recognizes his/her personality and what fits it. Dealing and cooperating with fashion and styles is not an easy method, since not everything can be suitable and appropriate . In additional to that having a unique fashion style is not preferable since it makes a sense of loneliness and far from the usual styles found around. It minimizes the individual's personality as well. It is a way of showing thought, kindness, and feelings. A person must ask himself directly when looking at the mirror what clothes fits him/her exactly?

Choosing the colors is one of the most important manners to care about and take into consideration. Choosing those modes reflects one's attitude through life and his/her taste in fashion. It is all related to one's perceptions. Furthermore, differentiating among: classic, trendy, romantic and casual style is a bit hard on those that have no definite type of dressing and for those who don't care for being a tidy and a good person. Choosing shoes, bags and accessories goes also for the rule of choosing those items and related them to clothes.

In conclusion, by looking at a person we can know and realize what he's thinking of and his feelings by just looking at their way of dressing. This is a very simple way in knowing personalities rather than keep noticing each single movement of talking. Without regarding the emotions that also can be a big and important factor for distinguishing personalities.