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Some people think that buildings like the Great Pyramid, the NASCA Lines in Peru, Machu Pichu and Stone Hedges are overwhelming evidence to proof the existence of aliens in the earth. They said that it was impossible for the ancient cultures to have such effort to build these amazing monuments. Thus, apparently these monuments were built by the aliens with their high technology. After the aliens done many great things in the earth, they brought back their stuffs and left the earth, leaving behind proofs that they came here once.

There is a story from CNN that in November 2006, a flying disc was seen by the pilots, a crew of members and many people who standing at Chicago O" Hare Airport. This is one undeniable proof of existence of aliens.

Besides, there is a great proof of existence of aliens is the collection of aliens pictures from NASA's own system. They also have the footages of sound and movement that recorded such unusual happenings. NASA is the short form for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. It is an agency of the United States government, responsible for the nation's public space program. Thus, the aliens information come from them are reliable as they are responsible for observable occurrence around the space.

There are ancient elongated skulls that found from ancient monuments. Besides, in Egypt, there are also prehistoric paintings and sculptures that portray people with unusually elongated heads and strange abdomens. Aliens looking skulls, ancient monuments that are impossible for us to build up until today and also are prove of the existence of aliens. Besides, metals that are not originated in the earth which found in China that are completely spherical and well fabricated could also prove the existence of aliens.


UFO Sightings

From, on 28February 1904, three crew members from 300miles west of San Francisco witnessed U.F.O. Lt. Frank Schofield as one of the member stated-" three bright red egg-shaped and circular objects flying in echelon formation that approached beneath the cloud layer, then changed course and "soared" above the clouds, departing directly away from the earth after two to three minutes. The largest had an apparent size of about six suns."

From Nicholas Roerich, 'Shambhala: In search of the new era', Rochester, VE: Inner Traditions, 1990 (1930), pp. 6-7, 244, it stated on 5August 1926, Nicholas Roerich reported that members of his expedition saw -"...A shiny body flying from north to south. Field glasses are at hand. It is a huge body. One side glows in the sun. It is oval in shape. Then it somehow turns in another direction and disappears in the southwest." They believe that may be the ship of the aliens.

From, it stated Around 1960s, 853 flying sightings from 140 newspapers from Canada, Washington and every United State except Montana were discovered by Bloecher with the help from a physicist, James E.McDonald.

In 25 June 1943, from Jan Aldrich, Project 1947 website, it mention that "the USAAF First Air Division was flying over the Elbe Estuary in Germany on this day when they saw twelve flat objects, approximately six-feet square, fall like dead leaves. No "flack" or other explosions were noted at the time. "

In 1952, from Project Blue Book files counted in official statistics, case # 1344, it stated-"at 20:23 p.m. over Suwon, Korea, "a silver coin-shaped object was seen spinning in a counter clockwise direction. The edges of the disc were dark blue, with its diameter seven times larger than its thickness. It changed course, paused, then rose vertically straight up. A bright yellow-white egg-shaped light flew at a slightly higher elevation than the planet Venus over Chicago, Illinois. Occasionally it had a red tail light visible. It made a large continuous circle in the night sky at a slow speed. This is a Project Blue Book "unidentified" case."

In 1954, from Project Blue Book files counted in official statistics, case # 3072, it stated- "a 40-foot diameter disc with a cone-shaped top was sighted by a private pilot over Indian Lake, Ohio at 4:05 p.m. The jets were seen pursuing the object. Ground radar returns and confirmed the presence of the UFO. It is also a Project Blue Book "unidentified" case."

In 1957, from Mark Rodeghier, UFO Reports Involving Vehicle Interference, case 42, citing Richard H. Hall, The UFO Evidence (Volume I), it stated that Baltimore, Maryland said that: "Car radio stopped playing and street lights went out as formation of seven white discs with red rims passed overhead."

In 1964, from the newspaper clipping, July 1, 1964; Project Blue Book files counted in official statistics , it stated -" in Spring Valley, Nevada, "a spinning top-shaped UFO pyramidal sides and a two-foot long pedestal was seen resting on the ground. It was about the size of a Jeep and was a "shiny plastic" colour. It rose ten feet off the ground, and landed again. It took off and flew in a horizontal direction. A UFO very similar in appearance was sighted in South Carolina on June 30, 1964."

In 1967, from David F. Webb and Ted Bloecher, HUMCAT: Catalogue of Humanoid Reports, case 1967-50; George Cook, NICAP investigation files stated that "dogs howled when a UFO flew ten to twenty feet off the ground, making a low-pitched, droning noise, three miles north of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. As police approached the object the light went out and the dogs stopped barking. The two principal witnesses could hear voices coming from the UFO, talking in a high-pitched, incomprehensible "gibberish" at 2:05 a.m."

In 1967, from Mark Rodeghier, UFO Reports Involving Vehicle Interference, case 206, citing Ted R. Phillips, PhysicaI Traces Associated with UFO Sightings, it stated - "on this night in Bethel, Connecticut six teenagers were sleeping out in the backyard of a home when they saw a bright light. They drove to Sunset Hill to get a better view and saw it was a domed disc with red and green flashing lights around the dome. Their car radio experienced interference when the object was in view. Several weeks later, some members of the group found an area of grass matted down where the object had hovered close to the ground."

In 1967, from David F. Webb and Ted Bloecher, HUMCAT: Catalogue of Humanoid Reports, case 1967-52; David Webb & Richard Nycz case investigation files , it stated- "At 10:30 p.m. Robert Luca was driving from Durham, Connecticut to Hamnonassett Beach when he saw two large, cigar-shaped objects in the sky. From one of them came two smaller objects; one flew to the east, the other to the west. One of the discs came towards him, descending in falling leaf motion behind some trees about 1/4 mile away. It was dull metallic in colour. The next thing he remembered was arriving at the beach shortly before 2 a.m., with no memory of the intervening three hours. Under hypnosis in 1977, Luca remembered being nude in a room with a white floor, lighted by indirect blue white light. In a later session, he remembered being on a table in this room, with two "persons" at his head and feet. The entities had large baldheads, no noses and "tapered" faces."

In 1971, from Coral E. Lorenzen, Encounters with UFO Occupants, p. 20, "A brilliant flash of light followed by a gust of wind were seen and felt in Stewart, Minnesota at 12:30 a.m. Ducks in the area were frantic. Two 8-meter wide crop circles were discovered in a cornfield."

In 1972, from APRO Bulletin, July-August 1972, p. 8; Lumieres dans la Nuit, issue no. 121, it stated -"At 12:50 p.m. small dark object ascended from the ground and joined a large, delta-shaped object overhead in Melville, Western Australia. Later that day a group of meteorology professors saw a wingless cigar-shaped UFO fly toward the east over Verona, Italy for 20 minutes beginning at 6:00 p.m. A 25-meter circular hole in the ground was found later."

In 1974, from Center for UFO Studies investigation files, on-site investigation; Wido Hoville, Skylook, November 1974, p. 10; APRO Bulletin, December 1974, p. 1, it stated - "A dog began barking at 1:15 a.m. when a domed disc-shaped UFO with red and white lights on top and an orange-lit rim with oval white lights landed in St-Cyrille-de-Wendover, Quebec. Three rings were found at the site, 19 feet in diameter with a 2-foot width. The grass inside the rings did not appear to be disturbed."

In 1976, from MUFON case investigation files; MUFON UFO Journal, March 1977, p. 8, it stated-" A woman and two teenage girls were driving on interstate highway I-680 in Pleasanton, California when they saw an eighty-foot long, 40-foot wide ellipsoidal object. It had a revolving bottom section with red and white panels of light. It was self-luminous, and kept pace with the car, flew over, then flew away over some houses."

In 1978, from Richard Hall, MUFON UFO Journal, December 1978, pg. 16, it stated- "At an evening baseball game in Medway, Massachusetts around 8 p.m. a silvery-gray domed disc came down low over the field and hovered, bobbed, wobbled, and moved behind some trees. It re-emerged, wobbled and hovered again for about a minute. Its distance was about 200-300 feet from the by-slanders."

In 1984, from Ron Halliday, UFO Scotland: The secret history of Scotland's UFO phenomenon, p. 141, it stated - "A bright circle trailing a red tail and flashing a beam of light from its circumference was seen hovering over Blairgowrie in the Orkney Islands, Scotland. A V-shaped object was seen to leave and return to the circular object several times. After awhile both objects faded away."

In 1993, from Phenomena magazine, issue no. 16, it stated - "At 8:50 p.m. a private pilot at his home in Rognes, France sighted a black disc-shaped object flying quickly from the north to south at 3,000 feet altitude. He reported it to the police and Air Traffic Control."

In 1995, from Peter Davenport, National UFO Reporting Centre, and June1995 webpage, it stated -"A very shiny silvery egg-shaped object was seen in the northern sky from Batesburg, South Carolina at 7:00 p.m. The witness claimed to be very familiar with military aircraft and this was not that. At 7:30 p.m. a dark object flew over Hastings-on-Hudson, New York. It had flailing appendages, and moved slowly. It may have paced the witness."

In 1998, from Peter Davenport, National UFO Reporting Centre, and June 1998 webpage, it stated -"A yellow glowing trail was captured on videotape at 10:30 p.m. on Mikonos Island, Greece."

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UFO landings

In 1957 November 2, there were sighting of UFO in a place called Level land, Texas. This is a city lived by about 10 thousand citizens. A.J. Fowler was in charged the police call line. He received fifteen different calls from the worried people in the city. They were all encounter UFOs. The sightings started at 11pm. From four miles west of town, Pedro Saucedo and his friend, Joe Salaz was driving their truck. Suddenly, they saw a brightly cigar-shaped object coming in their direction. The truck's engine was cut out at the moment and all the electrical system could not function. They called and reported the 200 foot long object to Fowler.

At 11.45pm, another man called Fowler near the small town of Whitharral, located four miles east of Levelland. He was an eyewitness of a brightly lit egg-shaped object in the middle of the road. He observed the UFO from a safe distance. After awhile, the UFO slowly rose from the ground to an altitude of about 200 feet and disappeared.

Fowler received third calls of the night at 12.00am. It was from a man who travelling about 11 miles north of Levelland. He encountered an UFO sitting on the road. In that moment, his car's engine failed. He sat there and observed the unknown craft for awhile. After that, the object lifted up without any sound and disappeared once again. The man's car immediately fired up again. At once, he reported the strange things to the police.

At 12.10am, a nineteen years old man reported a sighting of UFO. He was driving nine miles east of Levelland. The same thing happened. His car suddenly could not function. He came out from the car and tried to check whether he had an electrical problem. Then, he encountered an UFO with bluish green color light landed on the side of the street. He reported that the unknown object was 125 feet. It soon rose up and disappeared in the dark.

Five minutes later, at 12.15am, another driver near Whitharral saw an UFO in the middle of the highway. His car was also could not function just like the others drivers. The man's car, temporarily disabled by the object, roared back to life when the object left his area. After received the fourth call reported the similar unknown object by the citizens, Fowler informed the police to petrol in the Levelland area to look out for the unknown object.

From the area of Saucedo, Fowler received another report of UFO sighting at 12.45am. He encountered an orange ball-like object coming toward him. He described the unknown object landed silently. After that, the orange color changed to a bluish-green color after it landed on the highway. He mentioned that the UFO was about 18feet long. It covered the whole width of the highway.

After 30 minutes, Fowler received the seventh call from a truck driver. He drove from the city of Waco, Texas to northeast of Levelland. On his journey, he encountered a huge UFO which glowed in the night. He described the object was approximately 200 feet long that was similar as the description with the first Saucedo report. His truck was also could not function just like the others drivers. After the unknown object rose and disappeared, his truck fired up again.

The report became more true after two policemen, Sheriff Clem and Deputy McCullough testified that they saw a large and glowing object about three to four miles out of Levelland. The UFO passed across the highway in front them. They had been monitoring Fowler's reports on the positions of the reporters and look for the unknown object.

In two and half hours on the night of November 2, 1957, Fowler received fifteen calls from difference citizens. Some of them sounded frightened on the phone. The day after the sightings, many newspaper reporters and interested parties came to the city. The United Air Force also came but they only did a brief overview of the case. They explained that it was the 'ball lightning' that caused the sightings. The theory they gave were really suspected. This is because 'ball lightning' does not disrupt car engines and land on highways. In the end, the case of the Levelland, Texas, landings is still unsolved. In my opinion, apparently that was a real UFO landing in the city. The government just created a fake theory to cover up the truth as it was impossible just a 'ball lightning'.


Proves of existence of aliens

Many people around the world are interested in the pictures of aliens since longtime ago. Nowadays, greater number of alien photos and videos has come to light. This is because many people have their own digital camera and video camera. Thus, there is more opportunity for the people to capture the pictures of real aliens. Besides, internet allowed them to publish more pictures and videos of the aliens for everyone to see and believe the existence of them.

In, they coded that Picture1 is one of the available picture of a real alien autopsy. The mass media will try to tell you that these are fake images but they are just hiding the truth. We have decided to do the world a service and show the real alien pictures.

In coded that just like humans, aliens have babies and with so many aliens finding their way to Earth it was only a matter of time before a picture of an alien baby made its way into the public sphere. Picture 2 is an alien baby's picture is just one of many alien pictures we have available.

Picture 3 is a photo of a skull found in Peru. This is one of the many deformed skulls photographed in the Museo Regional Ica. The back of the skull were elongated. Thus, obviously it is not a human skull. In Peru, many artifacts of Egyptian origin were found in the time of Ancient Egyptians. There is a great distance between these two cultures and countries. Thus, it is quite impossible for them to have contact at that time. In Peru, the NASCA lines, that is a set of animal and geometrical lines that extend for miles which engraved onto the ground need a view from the above to do them accurately. In the ancient times, human were not suppose to have aircraft to measure these things. The skull above can explain it. If their brain were big enough to fix these skulls, they might have the intelligent to create aircraft at that time no doubt. Obviously, they are the aliens.


In 1 October 2002, a group of family members that had a vacation in the Southern Chilean city of Conception found a small humanoid creature. It is about 7.2 centimeters long with large head, two arms with long fingers and two legs. According to the report by 'Mega News service', the local news channel in the Santiago area, the weird creature was found in the bushes by a kid during an outdoors trip. He was interview by journalist Rodrigo Ugarte. The kid picked up the creatures and wrapped it with tissues paper when he first spotted it. The creature survived for about eight days and sometime it even opened its eyes. After a few days after it dead, the small creature was advanced decomposed. Furthermore, it changed into a strange state of mummification. Picture 4 and 5 showed the alien found by the kid.

Picture 6 is a scene of an alien shaking hand with a man. The picture was taken in the years around where the Roswell UFO crash was reported. Apparently some elite people of this world that have communicated with the aliens left this photo around and someone passed it around.

Proves of existence of UFOs

If aliens have visited the earth, obviously they need to use spacecraft to come here from their home planet. People named this spacecraft as U.F.O- the unidentified flying object. Some people would be so lucky to spot this U.F.O when they looked up the sky. So it is possible for them to capture pictures of U.F.O with camera or hand phone.

From Picture 7, this is an U.F.O picture took in a small town in Nevada, USA. It was miles away but the camera zoomed and allowed such amazing picture to be captured.


The ancient prove


From Picture 9, we can see that ancient Australian had rock paintings of people with large, round head. Apparently they look alike with the famous 'grey aliens'.


From Picture 10, it showed that ancient Egyptian had paintings on the walls of temples in Egypt. The black arrow pointing at a bizarre looking of Egyptian when they saw a creature with big almond shaped eyes and a strange body. This picture is recorded in the Egyptian books. This is clearly not a human and it looks alike with the aliens.


From Picture 11, it is a plate called 'The Lolladoff plate'. It is a 12 000 years ago old stone dish found in Nepal. The shape of the plate looked alike as the shape of an UFO. There is a figure that looks like an alien, the Grey. Besides, there is also a spiral galaxy shape on the plate. In the ancient times, many others countries such as India, Egypt and Peru also described the galaxies come in spiral shape. From the plate, the spiral apparently explains that the aliens came to the earth from another galaxy.


Abduction Phenomenon

Abduction phenomenon is also known as alien abduction. This is a term used to describe claims or assertions that a person's memories had been taken secretly or against the person's will by apparently non-human creatures. Human were taken by them to carry out some complex physical and psychological procedures. Some people described it as foretellers of doom who are trying to warn the human that the end of the world is coming. Most of the victims described as scary and humiliating but some describe them as transformative or even pleasant. Victims of the alien abduction are called 'abductees'. They were mostly force to have medical examination that focus on their reproductive system.

There are several types of abduction phenomenon such capture, examination, conference, tour, loss of time, and aftermath. Capture is the victims taken from their room or area unconsciously. Examination is carrying out a medical or physiological experiment on the abductees. Conference is the aliens speak with the abductees. Tour is the aliens bring the abductees to looking around the spaceship. Loss of time is the abductees suffer of time removed from their memory. Their memory normally will come back after sometimes. Aftermath is the victims get sickness or new phobias.

According to UFO report, such abductions are apparently conducted by the Greys. They are normally grey-skinned humanoids with big, pear-shaped heads and black eyes.

From the website, there are three typical alien abductions. The abduction begins using a type of blue ray. They use during the abductions that captures people or knocks out the abductees. Upon arrival in the ship, they are revived. Mostly abductions are of a quite cruel nature. Humans would not want to remember what happened in some of the clinical experimentation or examinations that occurred. Abductions are reported in every country in the world. They have been reported to take place on deserted roads, in country fields, the abductees home, and even in the largest cities.

Examination is also a typical abduction. The clothes of abductees are removed. Subjects lay on medical tables. The aliens have a vacuum tube that follows up through the rectum and around into the intestines, sucking out fecal matter, which they examine for purposes of their own research. Large needles are inserted into the stomach and pelvis area. Fluids are taken and sometimes sperm and eggs are removed. The eyes are flooded with bright laser type lights and sometimes taken out while the abductees are still conscious and then put back without damage. The examinations are painful and degrading lasting hours.

The last one is the tracking. They implant chips through the nose, the back of the neck and the back of the head near the right ear during times when the subject is conscious, but in a state of mental and physical paralysis. The subject is not unconscious as if they were sedated. The aliens have the ability to block the memory of the experience through the use of certain injections and drugs into specific areas of the brain. Almost all abductees are abducted more than once in their lifetime and at several different stages of their life.


The UFO covers up

Many people think that there is a UFO covers up. This is proved with the Roswell UFO incident in 1947. People think that the government, certain parties and also government are covering up proves of existence of UFO and evidence of UFO crashes.

The incident of Kecksbury UFO crash is a famous event. Unfortunately, the government neglected this case and did not give an explanation to the people. The army was seen shifting round and huge object from the scene. Later on, they denied removing something of that description from the site. Besides, many army personnel workers reported that they are not allow telling anyone after they saw UFO in the sky. There is a case that a few air force pilots saw several UFO flying in the sky. After that, the commander told them they did not see anything.

There are many similar incidents exist. Some are shown in TV programs too. Many cases of sighting of aliens are hardly to deny because the cases always presented with good reason. There is a case that more than 80 police officers from the same country of different locations reported sighting of UFO in the night with vivid descriptions. As we all know, as police officers, they are always bright and alert and would not simply report if they are not pretty sure it was UFOs.

Is there a possible the army and government had been hiding the secret of existence of aliens for so long time? The answer is yes. The government has the reason for doing all these cover up.


Why the Government Hides UFO and Alien Information

Without doubt, the United States Government does know about the existence of aliens and U.F.O. They will not release the information to the people although they know about them. There are several reasons to hide the truth of aliens from the public.

The first reason is the religion conflict. A big ruin may occur if people know about the alien information. This is because civilians are not ready to know the truth of aliens. People prefer to live in a peaceful world. They would not want to accept the truth that aliens may conquer their world in the future.

Besides, the government knows they are defenseless against aliens. Aliens are more modern than human beings. They have high technology and strong weapons and humans are no match for their more advanced technology. We are defenseless if aliens want to conquer our world. This will surely cause serious panic in civilization if we know the fact that our future may control by the aliens.