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Now, no one does not know the German Octopus names "Paul" that got the latest nickname as "An Octopus Oracle". How can he do that? It's doesn't matter as the real prediction of the real football match. Nearly a hundred percent prediction came from this German Octopus. Why he is the first animal who is not only the animal but differ from others? What is the real one from nearly hundred percent of prediction? Naturally of Paul or by human act it's still a question. When the German's Octopus does cannot walk on, I means got the wrong answer? Where does he place after all football match ended? All of these question still in their mind of anyone . . .

Paul is the German's Octopus come from the German aquarium which is two and a half years old. In the world cup period, Nothing got the famous as him by correctly predict 80% all of the world cup foot-ball matches. Paul got much more ability than Octopus or other seafish. Paul was in the sealife aquarium in Oberhausen, Germany. In the Euro cup 2008 Paul make a mistake by predict the wrong result, in FIFA world cup 2010 Paul correctly predict all of the foot-ball match that made him to be the famous and TV station of German, Britain, Taiwan and elsewhere broadcast Paul German's Octopus.

The last foot-ball match between Spain and German in FIFA world cup 2010 they set up a place in sealife aquarium, Germany they set up the two boxes with German and Spain flag but covered with the food within two boxes. After that Paul choose the box of Spain to be the winner in FIFA World cup 2010. All of the Broadcast take that shot and publish around the world. This result would be great for Spanish but not for the good answer for German's people. And a lot of people worried about Paul living in Germany not be safety anymore. Some think that what's happened to Paul later, He will be the food of German's people or not. But Spain will protect him if they will do with German's Octopus like that.

After Paul's prediction comes out like that, so everyone must be looking forward with the foot-ball match between German and Spain. After that the Spain defeated German 1-0. The German's Octopus coming true that must be the same idea as everyone think because Paul predict nearly a hundred percent coming true. That lead Paul into the Business World like in the Aquarium

In the future, The animal oracle will not have just only Paul Octopus. Because they can see the way to make a lot of money. But the way to predict must be differ than Paul Octopus. But that new things must be concerned with the present situation like a FIFA World Cup 2010. Everyone interested with the news things happened all the time.

The oracle Paul octopus predicted 8 times are right. In FIFA World Cup 2010 at South Africa. The octopus predicted 5 times Germany was wont, And then 2 times predicted Spain was won. And 1 time predicted Serbia was won.

The first time opponent between Australia and Germany in the group stage on Sunday 13th June 2010. The Paul octopus predicted Germany was won in the fight result of 4 - 0.

The second time opponent between Serbia and Germany in the group stage on Friday 18th June 2010. The Paul octopus predicted Germany was loss in the fight result of 1 - 0. This fight Serbia was won Germany the Paul octopus predict is correct.

The third time opponent between Germany and Ghana in the group stage on Wednesday 23rd June 2010. The Paul octopus predicted Germany was won in the fight result of 1 - 0.

The fourth time opponent between Germany and English in the round of sixteen on Sunday 27th June 2010. The Paul octopus predicted Germany was won in the fight to cause Germany pass round of sixteen the result of 4 - 1.

The fifth time opponent between Germany and Argentina in the quarter-finals on Saturday 3rd July 2010. The Paul octopus predicted Germany was won in the fight result of 4 - 0. This fight to cause Argentina defeated.

The sixth time opponent between Germany and Spain in the semi-finals on Wednesday 7th July 2010. The Paul octopus predicted Germany was loss in the fight result of 0 - 1 this deplorable because to cause Germany pass semi-finals.

The seventh time opponent between Uruguay and Germany in the 3rd place play-off on Saturday 10th July 2010. The Paul octopus predicted Germany was won in the fight result of 2 - 3.

The eighth time this last fight predict in FIFA World Cup 2010 from Paul octopus. So, the results not involving Germany. The opponent between Netherland and Spain in the final of World Cup 2010 on Sunday 11th July 2010. The Paul octopus predicted Spain was won in the fight is correct result of 0 - 1. To cause Spain is champion of FIFA World Cup 2010 at South Africa.

In the present now, The Paul octopus is very famous in Spain. Because of the Paul octopus predicted Spain was won. Spain then does small-size winner's cup gives the Paul octopus for gladness to predicted. But, the Paul octopus does not have famous in Germany and Spain only. He is famous around the world which the worldwide people take an interest in predicting of the Paul octopus. Because the result is true in World Cup 2010 still not enough the Paul octopus ever predict like this when Euro 2008. But the Paul octopus predict 6 times. The Paul octopus predicted 2 times were false and 4 times were true.

The first time opponent between Germany and Poland in the group stage on Sunday 8th June 2008. The Paul octopus predicted Germany was won in the fight result of 2 - 0. The predict is correct.

The second time opponent between Croatia and Germany in the group stage on Thursday 12th June 2008. The Paul octopus predicted Germany was won in the fight. So, the first time the Paul octopus predicted was wrong in Euro 2008.

The Third time opponent between Austria and Germany in the group stage on Monday 16th June 2008. The Paul octopus predicted Germany was won in the fight result of 0 - 1. The predict I s correct.

The fourth time opponent between Portugal and Germany in the quarter-finals on Thursday 19th June 2008. The Paul octopus predicted Germany was won in the fight result of 2 -3. The predict is correct.

The fifth time opponent between Turkey and Germany in the semi-finals on Wednesday 25th June 2008. The Paul octopus predicted Germany was won in the fight result of 2 - 3. The predict is correct.

The sixth time is the last of final in Euro 2008 opponent between Germany and Spain in the finals on Saturday 29th June 2008. The Paul octopus predicted Germany was won in the fight. But, the fight result is 1 - 0. Spain was won Germany. To cause the Paul octopus predicts is wrong 2 times in Euro 2008.

While, the often finish World Cup 2010 at South Africa. The Paul octopus have advertised come out for example: - True Move advertises about promotion in True Move network. So, in this the same time has advertised about a snack Cocori Brand has taste is squid. The Paul octopus cartoon is presents the list. The Paul octopus is famous worldwide.

For general of octopus have highly intelligence, can learning, flee quickly, sense, and highly complex nervous systems. The octopus is likely eating shells. So, the Paul octopus has intelligence and may be possible that the Paul octopus have training from person feed come to previously. The Paul octopus can choose the country that gets reverse. The Paul octopus a majorly often behavior may be have training before. And Paul octopus has good sense. May be possible that the Paul octopus "fluke" in the predict. But, a little from calculate 100 octopus can a predict is correct 4 octopus. So, 4 in 100 octopus can a predict is correct. The Paul octopus has highly intelligence is true. But 4 in 100 which the a little. The Paul octopus have the training sure.

To happen from a company gambles to lead the Paul octopus predicted in Euro 2008 then lead come to predict in World cup 2010 at South Africa. But, the Paul octopus predicts Germany playing only. Because the Paul octopus was born in Germany. But, actually the Paul octopus originally Weymouth in England and move come to at Sea Life Centre in Oberhausen, Germany. So, the Paul octopus to receive interest in during relay football Euro 2008 and World Cup 2010. In various nations begin lead animals come out predict in final of World Cup 2010. For example: - In Thailand to lead pig, panda, and parrot to predict in World Cup 2010. So, which have corrected and wrong. Because of the animals do not have skill. To lead the animals for to build the trend of interest. The Paul octopus almost bumps against buy for kill. Because of to cause loss gambling. And then, the Paul octopus get bump against borrow to show in Octopus Festival in Spain.

Squid Paul the full name "The Oracle Octopus Paul" Paul is Octopus 2 years old. Paul is interest of people since competition between Germany and England, Germany is won Until the prediction of the 2010 Final World Cup has be Broadcast around Europe and create a flow to the zoo around the world and to get animals to predicted the result of competitive Final of the World Cup this time such as Parrot, Panda, Crocodile and so on. "Paul" is to predicted competition to result all six of Germany's nation football team in international competition to properly every time and competition between Spain and Holland in Final world cup. Before the competition football of German national team. Paul will choose to eat mussel inside plastic box the first box is the image flag Germany and another box is will to flag competitor with Germany If Paul to choose where to eat boxes is predicted that team has won. In competition of the Germany national team in Euro 2008 has statistics record that Paul predicted the correct More than 80 percent and were recorded is animal very clever, big brain and very famous around the world such as

TV station such as Europe, Germany, Great Britain, Taiwan and elsewhere


VDO clip



With a 100 percent record so far, the British-born aquarium dweller at Sea Life in Oberhausen, western Germany has become a famous having correctly predicted by Paul the Octopus. An aquarium in western Germany of the broadcast about Paul that predicted the football world cup of per terms wills competition and have two plastic boxes in table, one with a Spain flag and one with a Holland flag and inside two boxes have mussel per boxes. After placing food to finished, the controller of Octopus "Paul" issue to Octopus in tank and within the tank have two clear plastic boxes And everyone to keep an eye on this Octopus "Paul" that Paul will predicted between Spain and Holland, his undecided, thereafter Octopus "Paul" decision to choose in the box Spanish national flag. Paul predicted that Spain will win Holland and win the world cup. Everyone maybe question that "Why Paul to choose Spain will won" I think Paul to saw mussel inside box of Spain larger than inside of Holland and then Paul is colorblind so the color of the flag is unconcerned to Paul. It's maybe occasionally decided to choose Spain but it's amazing in the world for Paul can prediction in the future.

And the next time competitive between Germany and Spain "Paul predicted that Spain will win" Fey said in a phone interview. but German Disfavor Octopus "Paul" about his prediction, After predicting complete a host of comments on Facebook, Twitter ... suggesting Paul should be fried, barbequed or turned into a seafood salad or paella, but everyone maybe think that within the box of Spain has mussel larger than Germany,

Paul chose to eat mussel in box of Spain. The Octopus oracle Paul, predicted a Spanish victory, to competition between Spain and Germany. In Facebook or Twitter Germany fans to comment that expect will win.

Octopus Paul has become a World Cup sensation by correctly forecasting the results of Germany's sixth games and finishing the competition in the Spanish style by predicting a Spanish victory in the final.

Paul correctly predicted Germany's wins over Argentina, England, Australia and Ghana and the country's loss to Spain and Serbia.

Paul is such a professional oracle. When hundreds of people look at his prediction he doesn't even care that hundreds of people are watching and commenting on every move he makes," said Stefan Porwoll, the Sea Life aquarium manager.

Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero concerned about the octopus said "I'm thinking about sending in a team to protect the octopus because obviously it was very excited that he should get Spain's victory right from there."

Museum Victoria's head of science, Dr Mark Norman said he's clever animals with big brains and do amazing things and It's very impressive what Paul has done and I don't know if it's psychic or not, but they're animals that are capable of amazing things, so who can tell.. Paul has psychic powers or not, one thing is for certain: this is Paul's last set of World Cup predictions. And he also said that most octopuses only live to be one to three years old, and Paul is already two-and-a-half. He's very very fast growing creatures.

"Paul is such a professional oracle - he doesn't even care that hundreds of journalists are watching and commenting on every move he makes," said Stefan Porwoll, the Sea Life aquarium manager.


Paul is can dues the football was the eighth teams of the world cup.

10 things know Paul about this

He's originally from Weymouth

Paul was born in Sea Life Park in the German Mountain Way.

He is a person that everyone wanted

Leader of Argentina "Nicolas Bedorrou" very angry with Paul. Paul guess is that his term will lose Germany during the quarter in final and write down in fackbook to offered cooking from Octopus the wrapping paper and rods to soften for so soft before took the boil. After Paul predicted that Germany would lose. It becomes a traitorous and has a lot to comment on Facebook and twitter indicate that to catch Paul is made Fried squid, octopus salad,

grill bar queue Seafood, or Spanish fried rice called "paella", and some people to caught Paul thrown into the Shark Tank. But issue the news that has someone trying to throw down the money to buy this Octopus.

He's big news

Paul is famous and as Germany's NTV television news channel started broadcasting lives from his prediction. The news of Germany sent two reporters that he faces near the water tank for to report the latest situation. Actually, the prediction of Paul will always be news to the world.

He's the biggest celebrity in Oberhausen

He's to made this town to become known for its prediction, Moreover to the shopping center is the largest of the country.

He's got a good track record

Paul started the competition challenges teams of Germany. Since Euro 2008 by Paul to predict that Germany is won, All in all six terms.

He could have made you a packet

I think If you a bet the football to followed he predicted you have stilled money to eat dessert and probably buy some shells for Paul. The superintendent of Pau said that since to the last eight terms will start to offer to buy Octopus or called "Paul"

He's an intelligent creature

I think this Octopus or Paul is very clever, have to memory are long-term and short-term wise same as dogs and Like solving problems and puzzles. All an intelligent of Paul has a famous in the world

He's created a hilarious in Facebook and Twitter

Now, He's very famous in the world because somebody to interested the Octopus or Paul, therefore somebody a hilarious about "Paul" in FB and Twitter.

He doesn't cheat

Tan Jan Man Sick of Sea Life Centre to confirm that doesn't cheat to predict and I think that Paul predicted first and followed the summarize Therefore, he's doesn't cheat.

He's not scared of death threats

That Paul not scared of death threat because the superintendent of Paul to protect and include authority to take care all the time.

All 10 news topics can be concluded as follows.

1. Germany's 'Octopus oracle' keeps perfect record

Paul is the octopus that has the poppular in World Cap games. It's lived in a zoo's name Sea Life Park in Oberhausen, western of Germany. Paul has predicts that Germany will win six times in World Cap 2010. They put two shells into the box 2 box that have the flag's Spain and Germany, the result is Paul choosed to open the box of the Spain to eat shellfish, which is mean Paul choose Spain win.

2. Octopus oracle shows Germany the red card

Paul has predicts that Spain will be the championship in World Cup 2010, we can see from Paul chosed to eat shellfish in a box that has the flag's Spain. Paul got it wrong only one time in game between Germany and Spain. (It was two years old) While the octopus chooses to eat shellfish, the first times it moved body to the side of Germany but Paul change his mind and moved to the next box that it has the flag's Spain and open the box to eat shellfish, which is mean Paul choose Spain win.

3. Germany gets the boot, Octopus Paul chooses Spain!

Paul's prediction that has famous by choosing Spain over Germany, It correctly predicted 100% about Germany team in World Cup 2010, Paul have to predict again from choose food in a plastic box that are different is the box that have the flag's Germany and the flags Spain. This prediction has been broadcast live on television. It has reviews so much in Germany because Paul was born in England not Germany.

4. Octopus Paul predicts Spain will win World Cup

In box have two the flag's Spain and the flag's Holland. In two boxes have the mussel and Paul open the box of Spain and eating mussel. Octopus or "Paul" in Germany, his predicted that Spain will win in the world Cup 2010 and Paul also predicted that Germany will win over Uruguay on Saturday.

5. Octopus oracle picks Spain to win World Cup

Paul has chosed to eat mussel that have the flag's Spain, which is mean this predicted is Spain will win over Holland and Spain will be the Champianship in World Cap 2010. Everyone watching TV and though that the match between Spain and Holland and who will win, and exactly as Paul said or not. Paul never wrong predicted in World Cap 2010 and that made Paul famous and popular around the world. Everyone around the world look at Paul through TV that he will chose Spain or Holland in the last game, when they take the box into the water a few minutes, Paul chose to eat mussel in box of Spain. Paul is a professional of prediction and Paul has a lot of profitable for business or trader.

6. Expert won't rule out Octopus Paul's psychic ability

The Museum Victoria's head of science was doubt about octopus or Paul. The scientists said that not to be nervous because sometimes the animals can do something that we do not know, but nobody can tell that why the octopus can predict about football match in World Cup 2010 and correct 100%.

The octopus are color blind thus it do not know that what is the flag' Spain or Germany, but someone can make the situation by putting better food into the box that they want Spain or Germany win in this game

Normally octopus will have only 3 years old and now Paul was born 2 years old and a half of the year but it can do amazing things before they gone and made the people around the world can remember the name of Paul and determined; now Paul got the World Cup about Predicted foodball match in the World Cup 2010 and it became the champion octopus living longer.

7. As Octopus Ponders Final Choice, Parrot Tips Dutch to Take World Cup

Paul is the popular or famous in Germany, It can predict in the World Cup six times of Germany team, many people watch via television, the last it has the match that are important between Spain and Germany and Paul was predicted by eating mussel that have a flag of Spain and the result of prediction are the same in the matches is Spain win 1-0.

8. Octopus Paul could be in a soup if Spain wins

Paul correctly predicted Spain wins and if his prediction is true, maybe it will have the problem with Paul.

Many restaurants in Germany want make Paul become a great menu and they are prepared menu about octopus already if the result is not correct as Paul predicted.

9. Crocodile Support for Octopus Paul, Spain to Win Finals

Another prediction is Harry; a crocodile from Australia, his weighs is 700 kilograms. Harry living in a Darwin crocodile park, it is eating chicken that have the flag's Spain. Paul is a stimulus that made another zoo or other animals predicted about match in World Cup 2010.

10. in China, Paul the prophetic octopus scores big in all its incarnations

China can be made the celebrity of Paul (octopus that have the famous's prediction which live in Germany) became to the trade by make the products look like octopus for create motivate to customers and this is the Pall's season thus they make the products look like octopus such as T-Shirts or dolls but not at all of the investor will be successfully about trade so some investors will turn to investment about octopus restaurant business.

Paul was born 2 years old and a half of the year, which it has prediction of football in the German team and accurately every time, it has statistics that Paul correctly predicted more than 80%, a lot of peple know him because of Paul can predicted correct result between England and Germany. Paul was born in England and moved to stay at Sea Life Park in Oberhausen of Germany.

The method that Paul can predict results of football is it will eat mussel in the box that have the flag of each country, it was the people around the world interested, it is difficult that all of choice are corrected every Match. Paul will predict befor competition one day.

Paul has been predicted is Germany win Australia but lose Serbia and wins Argentina, Ghana, England and lose Spain, by it will eat mussel in the box that have the flag of each country, they said absolutely not cheat, find history of Paul and probably many people still do not know about it, the first thing is Paul became the most popular octopus in the world and now he live in Sea Life Park in Oberhausen of Germany but Paul was born in England and it very popular because Germany's television broadcast and while Paul will predict, thay sent the Journalist look at Paul that what is the box, it will be choose. U knows! Octopus is the most intelligent animals; his memory is both short and long memory and smart as dogs. Paul has German nationality so many people will be very angry if Germany is not winning, maybe thay will take it to make food.

Now a day, Paul is very popular octopus because Paul can predict a football results and never fail in prediction. The following are 7 matches that Paul has predicted is the first, Germany wins Australia and the second is Germany lose Serbia and the third is Germany wins Ghana and the fourth is Germany wins England and the fifth is Germany wins Argentina and the sixth is Germany lose Spain and the seventh is Germany wins Uruguay. For the last one, competition between Netherlands and Spain, the results show that Spain wins.