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The term metrosexuality was first used by Mark Simpson, an English journalist and writer, in his article entitled 'Here come the mirror men' in the UK nationwide circulating newspaper The Independent in 15 November 1994 and described them as "The single young man with a high disposable income, living or working in the city (because that's where all the best shops are), is perhaps the most promising consumer market of the decade.  In the Eighties he was only to be found inside fashion magazines such as GQ, in television advertisements for Levis jeans or in gay bars.  In the Nineties, he's everywhere and he's going shopping..." ("Here come the mirror men", Mark Simpson, The Independen 15 November 1994). It has been years since the term was widely accepted because the metrosexuality is associated with the term homosexuality. Today, it is used to address urban men who are more conscious about himself and his appearance. International fashion magazines such as GQ, Esquire and others use this term do advertise men fashion line as Mark Simpson quoted, "Metrosexuals are the creation of capitalism's voracious appetite for new markets." ("Here come the mirror men", Mark Simpson, The Independent 15 November 1994).

Being vain is not being gay. Its just today, modern men have been more stylish, glamorous and self-conscious and being who they are. Maybe its just they want to establish themselves in the society as elegant and respected. Mark Simpson once quoted, "Contrary to what you have been told, metrosexuality is notabout flip-flops and facials, man-bags or manscara, or about men being 'girlie' or 'gay'. It's about men being everything, to them, in much way that women have been for some time. It's the end of sexual division of bathroom and bedroom labour. It's the end of sexuality as we've known it." (

Metrosexuality has also invaded the Philippines. As the new market for fashion and grooming, a lot of products have been introduced to cater their needs such as facial wash, toners, moisturizers, body wash and heck, the newest and probably the most intriguing product among them all, the FRESHMAN Masculine wash. These are evidences of how modern men are intelligently more careful about how they look and more confident.

B. Significance of the study

This study will be made to expose the nature of metrosexuality. This is to open the eyes of the readers about it. This is also for clarification in the side of the subjects about how the people see them as homosexuals, to give them the chance to defend themselves against negative implications of homosexuality.

For the readers: this will be a guide on how to understand metrosexuality, about the behavior, the practices of metrosexual men against the perception of homosexuality. Some of us are just assuming that these vain men are homosexuals. This will help us to better understand them and to accept the rising trend of metrosexuality as modern men become more self-conscious. Besides, its their right to look better for themselves.

C. Statement of Purpose

This study will be made to realize the impact of metrosexuality among male FEU students and their behavior among their peers in the FEU community.

D. Statement of the Problem

This paper seeks to find tentative answers to the following questions:

Do these metrosexuals admit they are true-blue metrosexuals?

At what age the samples have noticed they were more conscious about themselves?

How much an individual metrosexual spend per month on grooming and hygiene products.

How do other people think of metrosexual men?

E. Scope and Limitations

Due to time constraints, this study will cover up data from a random sample of male students in Far Eastern University, to represent the whole population.

Some observations will also be made among students other than the samples to gather their opinions on how they view the manifestations of metrosexuality among men and their concept of how metrosexuality will be significant for a man's life.

The association of homosexuality with metrosexuality will also be a consideration in this study. This is to identify the level of acceptance of metrosexuality against the idea of homosexuality which has been an issue over the years.

Chapter II

Review of Related Literature

Foreign Literature

Metrosexual is known to be a straight male who is more sensitive or in touch on his feminine side. As Hall stated in his study, metrosexual men loves his urban lifestyle and narcissistic in nature that is influenced by whatever they see in magazines and advertising. (Matthew Hall on his Cultural Studies: On-line Constructions of Metrosexuality and Masculinities). Due to modernization men are becoming sensitive to their appearance they want to become more attractive to the eyes of others; they tend to judge how they look and what they would look like to be.

With the increasing number of metrosexuality, it enticed the market to sell expensive skin care products related to feminine products and allowing marketers to capitalize the insecurity of their consumers. "With men becoming more involved with their grooming habits and the explosive growth in the men's segment (dollar volume +49% in 2005), we saw a huge opportunity to introduce the male consumer to a new proposition in skincare," says Carol J. Hamilton, president of the L'Oréal Paris division of L'Oréal USA, Inc., whose Men's Expert line was among the first to hit the mass market a few years ago.

Metrosexuals, according to The Washington Post, are straight, hip and moisturized men. They use $40 face creams, wear Bruno Magli shoes, and keep their hair always just so. Due to the insecurity, metrosexual men tend to be unique to the others and to be more attractive in terms of appearance.

According to Men's Historical Interest in Fashion, although the metrosexual appears to be a new trend, history proves otherwise. Historically, men's clothing has been at least as decorative and elaborate as women's attire, and men have had a strong interest in fashion, grooming and appearance. Thus, the current trend of men interested in feminine areas of fashion and grooming is really not so modern. History provide us some information that fashion and grooming in late 17th and 18th centuries is important, men in that time are very attentive to their appearance specially in ritual gatherings they use decorated clothes with embroidery designed with bright colors and ribbons.

Chapter III


This chapter will provide the information of the procedures that will be done during the study.

Research Methodology

This study will use the descriptive method due to the fact that this is a fact-finding research about the phenomenon called metrosexuality. Research about literatures related to this study will be made. Sources from local and international scene will be in consideration.

Survey Questionnaires

A survey questionnaire will be provided for the samples to answer. This is to gather the facts about certain aspects of metrosexuality such as conception, behavior, and expenditures of the samples regarding personal hygiene and good grooming in relation to metrosexuality.

Another set of questionnaire will be given to other students about how they view metrosexuality in association of homosexuality. This questionnaire will be an opinion-gathering procedure due to the fact that this will be subjective and will rely on the opinion of every single individual that will answer the questionnaire. This will help the readers to understand the level of acceptance of other people on the issue of metrosexuality.

Subjects of the study

One group of samples will be determined as the main sample which will embody the population of the metrosexual students of FEU that will provide information about the life of a metrosexual man.

Another group of samples will serve as the members of society that will give opinions on how the society sees how the metrosexual men as an individual member of the society they belong to.

Statistical Treatment of Data

Statistical representations will be provided to further show the results of analysis of information gathered in different aspects of metrosexuality. This will help the readers to better understand the study.