Music Videos On Youthful Behaviours Cultural Studies Essay

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Before going deep into the topic, I will like to throw more light on certain terms associated with this topic, firstly, Influence is defined as the ability to change or alter an individual or groups actions, beliefs or thoughts either in a negative or positive way. Music on the other hand, according to the American analytical philosopher, Jerrold Levinson, "music's are sounds that are man-made or arranged for the purpose of enriching experience via active engagement, where sounds are primarily attended to by their sonic qualities." (cf. Levinson, p.273)(Levinson), there are different types of music which ranges from rap to hip hop, classical, rock and many others. Music videos are song videos that go in paripasue with a piece of music or song and it is used to promote a sale of music recordings. Music videos produced from pieces of music has both good and the bad influences on youths behaviours but the bad effects such as: change in fashion of our youths, instilling a spirit of violence in our youths, sexual contents and ill mannered lyrics dominate the good ones and might practically ruin a youths future. According to history, music videos are said to have started in 1980's and its still in existence in this our present age, they come in different forms each with different influences on youthful behaviour. It can be in form of romance, cartoon, action film, animations or documentary.

In the olden days, music videos were used to portray the lives of our forefathers, sense of inspiration, enlightenment and morality and also to relate to the world the happenings at that time. But now the case is entirely different because immorality is the order of the day in our music industries. The dance steps and costumes coupled with the lyrics in our today music are very influential to our youths. Some youths now want to be divas by force only in their dress sense, they tend to wear skimpy clothes which exposes all their God given parts that is meant to be hidden, and some even tend to use fake accents just because they want to mimic a particular celebrity that they take to be their role model, and the graduate from there to the hair styles. Rihanna, Nicki Minaj and Lady gaga are known to have crazy hair styles which our youths have now taken to, they now make hair styles with different colours just because their favourite musician used that in her video. Just of recent, a Nigerian who calls herself Majela Zezediamond a.k.a the queen of virgina in her music video wears panties inform of a clothe and her lyrics are very raw and is meant to be banned by the government and she even involved the U.S president in her song saying "president Obama come and suck my virgina and your problems will be over" and leaving a woman like this to keep moving around in our community and nothing being done about it she is going to be a bad influence to most of the youth's because they will take it to be something that is allowed and they might go around singing and dancing to the song not minding the lyrics.

In addition, apart from our Nigerian musicians, the American musicians tend to have the greatest influence on the behaviours of our youths, let's take Beyonce for instance, she is known to be the queen of music and she is also a very good dancer but most of her dress sense in her music videos portrays a sense of nudity and immorality and that is the type of thing that youths would want to learn fast just because they have this ideology that dressing like a superstar makes you look classy but what is the essence of trying to look classy and end up flaunting all what God gave you and even made clothes to cover them?. "According to Research Assistance (2009) that frequent viewing of these sexy movies by female teenagers will make them develop curiosity to imitate these behaviors which further have effect on their male counter parts. The mode of dressing and body movement portrayed by these videos are so tempting that if are imitated by the teenage girls, they will affect the male boy in that most male are enticed by seeing certain images suggesting to be directed towards sex."


Another musician with demonic music videos is lady gaga who uses beef to make her dresses and even some of her hair styles and she goes all nude in most of her videos and this is certainly not what is best for our youths because they'll definitely be someone who will look up to her as a role model and such a person's life would be very useless because the person would end up selling her soul to the devil just like lady gaga has done and in her latest video "Ajelandro" she is trying to tell God to leave her alone and she wants to become God of her own self which can never be possible.

Having talked about the female musicians with their various ways of influencing the female youths, their male counterparts are not left out, people in the likes of snoop dog, Eminem, Usher, 50cent, and a whole lot of others also influence the male youths in their dress sense in that most of the guys wear their trousers on their thighs leaving their panties out and some even go further by mimicking their walking steps, piercing their ears and even using dog chains in form of blings, and that's not good at all, some guys do go to the gym most of the times just to develop big muscles and also have 6packs on their bodies just to be like a particular musician in a particular music video just to look all sexy.

Furthermore, the influence of music videos on youthful behaviour does not stop in the dress sense and jeweries alone it also gives our youths the impression that there is too much money in the music industries and as such they don't need to become graduates before they start making money and this leads to the increase in the number of school drop outs just because they want to be like a particular celebrity so that they could be seen on television and become famous. It also instils a spirit of violence on youths because they tend to develop this aggressive attitude each time they watch a violent music video maybe because they want to practice what they see thinking it is the best way to solve problems. According to another research conducted by the children's Hospital and Harvard medical school, "The study's authors examined the differences in the sexes and races portrayed as aggressors and victims in acts of violence. Males and females were shown as victims with equivalent frequency, but males were more than three times as likely to be aggressors. White females most frequently were victims. Compared with their representation in the U.S. population, blacks were overrepresented as both aggressors and victims in the videos that contained violence." ("music videos foster youths aggression") And also, a research on the same issue of music videos instilling a spirit of violence on the youth goes thus: "The experimental studies provide substantial evidence that watching violent music videos creates attitudes and beliefs that are relatively accepting of violence in young viewers

In conclusion, today's music videos has a lot of negative influence on the behaviors of our youths as they always want to mimic the bad things instead of the good ones therefore parental guide should be introduced so that parents can monitor what their children watch so as to help raise better citizens of our nation and not some fake youths who try to be someone else instead of themselves, and musicians should equally be mindful of the message they are trying to send to people as bad messages do not say well about them.

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