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To make your night unforgettable in Louisville City, going to music venues will be perfect for it. The city has many music venues to go to and for you to really make your night the best you must try to listen to the Live Blues music that performs in these places:

60 West Bistro & Martini Bar - 3939 Shelbyville Road

Gerstle's Place - 3801 Frankfort Ave.

Headliner's Music Hall - 1386 Frankfort Ave.

Jim Porter's - 2345 Lexington Rd.

Lisa's Oak Street Lounge - 1004 E Oak St.

Longshot Tavern - 2232 Frankfort Ave.

These are just some of the music venues where you can experience the music of Live Blues. Just go to any of the addresses above that is near to your place and enjoy your night with great music and time.

Which music venue in Louisville City is considered as the premier location that host a variety of concerts?

When it comes to different concerts, there is one popular place for that in Louisville City. The Belvedere located before Waterfront Park is known as the premier riverfront music venue in Louisville City in hosting different concerts. This music venue is exactly located at the 100 N. Fourth St. So, if you want to watch a live concert than this is the only place you must go to. There are many different bands, singers, and other performers that you will see performing here. In addition, this place is usually chosen also for culture and food festivals.

Where can I find the independently owned and operated music venue of Louisville City?

Are you looking for Louisville's independently owned and operated music venue? Go to 1386 Lexington Rd in the city of Louisville and you will see what you are looking for. This is the exact address of the independently operated and owned music venue in the city which is known as the Headliners Music Hall. This music venue presents different music performances from different music performers. If you want to know what their upcoming events are then visiting their website hey are usually open from Monday to Sunday. If you want to watch, then buy your ticket by calling 502-584-8088.

Is there a popular music venue in Louisville City?

When it comes to music venues, there is always one popular in a certain place. Like in Louisville City, there is also one music venue that is considered as popular, and it is the Uncle Pleasant's. This is just one of the popular music venues in the city. Their program presented is just one of the favorites of the people in the city of Louisville. One of the best highlights they have is that they present live music. They also provide a band if in case you need to employ one for your private occasion. Go to 2126 S Preston and you will find out why Uncle Pleasant's is known to be popular.

What are there great music venues in Louisville City?

If you are visiting Louisville City, and you love to go to the bars for music performances, then going to music venues is just the perfect thing to do. For you to experience excellent music performances you must go to the great music venues in the city which are the:

Bulldog Café

Uncle Pleasants

Headliner's Music Hall

These are the three music venues that you must head to if you want to be in the great place listening and enjoying live music. Aside from the great place and music in this place, their food and service are also great.

What are the music venues in Louisville City that presents live music?

Listening to music, especially the live one is definitely good! It is entertaining, relaxing and a very nice experience indeed. If you are in Louisville City, you will definitely experience that. This is because the city has many music venues that present live music such as:

Phoenix Hill Tavern - this is the oldest night club in the city that has five different bars where each of it provides various kinds of music or entertainment.

The Highlands Taproom - this is a small bar that presents live bands that solely play original music every night.

Headliners Music Hall - they are a unique kind of bar because they feature bands from nearly every genre, both national and local bands alike.

Is there an affordable music venue in Louisville City?

If you are looking for an affordable music venue for musical theater performance then there's always a place in Louisville City. The Music Theater Louisville at 323 W Broadway is non-profit community-based theater dedicated to provide excellent and affordable entertainment. They also train and mentor youth in arts and inspire and encourage students to become part of them. This is the best place for you to experience wonderful live musical theater performance.

Is there a music venue in Louisville that features live music and nightly dances?

You will never have a dull and boring night in Louisville because the city has so many nightlife venues to visit and one of it are the music venues. If you are looking for a music venue that features live music and nightly dances at the same time, then the Air Devils Bar is the right one for you. This is the bar where you will totally enjoy everything. This bar is considered as one of the oldest bars in the city.

What is the music venue in Louisville City that features most types of music?

When it comes to music venues, it is always the best to go to one that could present different types and varieties of music. If that's what you're looking for then the place for you to go is the Highland's Taproom. This bar presents live music from different types of music like rock, hip-hop, folk, acoustic, alternative-country, and many more. Another good thing about them is their drinks, foods, and outdoor seating.