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Music has been known as a basic part in human life. A person can listen to music any where at any time with any body he likes to hear it with. "Music is an art performing sounds that include joyful of different key nuts using a specially designed instrument" (change and use a book). At the moment when some people hear this word, everybody can feel what it is to them. For instance, some people by hearing a rhythm of this word crooning in there ears, they remember gradually the first tune of a favorite song. That is followed by a familiar voice of a singer to this song. Unlike other people who just don't react to music in any way. Some people have no idea about the reasons behind the existence of music. In contrast, for the others who go back in their memory to the special place with special music where the unforgettable event had occurred? Certainly, the reaction is different from the one to another. It is usually depends on there background like paces they come from, or family and friend they grew up with. Music existed since ancient history. And because every thing has a beginning so doe's the music. We are going to discuss topics related to music. Starting with a history of music it is important to knowledge when it was the beginning of the music. Then we will mansion the variety of instrument that suite with particular type of music. After that we will talk about famous musicians. Finally, we're going close the subject by explaining the effects of music physically and mentally on adult, children, and on society.

Musical Instruments:

Musical instruments are any tool that has been modified for purpose of making music and sounds and can be controlled by the player. It has been used at the ancient peoples in the myths and stories about the origin and the evolution of music and musical instruments which made it a gift from the God to create some machines attributed to God. The musical instruments also considered as a part of civilization of public and authority historically to indicate what people made in those civilization. An ancient man had been guided to use his hands and feet to control the rhythm and musical rhythm instruments were used and developed slowly until making drums and tambourines and cymbals on the different types and forms. Musical instruments from all over the world can be divided into five different groups depending on how they produce their sound, and they categorized as follows:

Percussion instruments

Wind instruments

String instruments

Electronic instruments.

Brass instruments

The first one is "Percussion family" which includes the largest group of instruments. Some of them are membrane phones which has a stretched skin or "membrane". Depending on the type of surface, one can use one's hands, sticks, or other similar objects for striking the instrument surface, when the skin is struck it vibrates like the most drums. Other kind of percussion instruments is idiophones which delivers sound from the body of the instrument itself. Idiophones can be struck, hitch, tweak, or shaken such as bells, gongs, marimba and xylophones. The second group is "Wind instruments" also known as aerophones and it need a person to blow into the instrument in order to produce the coveted sound that formed from making the air inside a tube vibrate. The people work on the essential of sound waves, recurrences, symphonic, reverberation and phonics. The shorter the air column, the higher is the pitch of the note produced, and vice-versa. The third group is "Brass instruments" that named so, because of the nature and texture of the sound that they produce, not because it made of brass as the people thinking. They work on charming much the same principle as wind instruments, with a few amendments here and there. "In case of brass instruments, the length of the air column can be changed using press-valves or through a slide mechanism". Some of the common brass instruments are the trumpet, trombone, bugle, and conch in which the vibrations come from the players lips. In flutes and pipes the sound produced by blowing against a sharp verge where. The forth group is "String instruments" that also known as chordophones which deliver sound from stretched string. There are many kinds of strings; some of them have strings stretched along neck. They include the lute, guitar and Indian sitar that are played by vibration tendons on the machine or plucking. Also there are instruments played by drawing a bow across the strings which include the violin, viola, double bass and cello. The last group of musical instruments' family is "Electronic instruments" it is also known as electrophones which include any instruments that gains electricity to produce a sound and some of them utilize electric circuits to make voice comprise the synthesizer and electric organ. Also others use electronic tools like amplifiers. This kind of instruments depends on technology (Touch keys and Electricity) and these are some of the newer musical instruments that have been produced in modern years with the arrival of technology. They include the electric guitar, piano keyboard, rhythm machines and octopods.

Types of music:

There are many types of music and everyone has a favorite's type of music or some people or some people they like o listen to special type of music according to their mood. There is few people ask them self from when this type is come? Or from where start first and what the different from type to another? I think those question are really important to evaluation the type. I'm going to try answer those question on my project but not for all types I choose five of the types which I feel is the most popular types. First, I will start with blues." Along with its Jazz counterpart, is the only true American music form. Blues has its deepest roots."( The blues was start from African - American to entertain them self in the long day of the work, also to show their sadness for that reason it known as sadness after year. "The Rolling Stones, John Mayall, Led Zeppelin and others carried on the noble tradition of their forefathers, the blues minstrels"

( The second type of music is the folk music which is start from the groups of the people to view their life style and it is inherited from period to another. The third type is the classical music which is derivative from the Latin word classics and it means the upper crust and the classic art is the most popular art. Classical music is start in the 18th and it was kingly music because the pustule was take the style of the king wanted and singing according to the king style. The fourth type is the:

Orchestra is a musical ensemble of mixed instruments based on strings and winds, under the direction of a conductor, employing four classes of instruments: strings, woodwinds, brass, and percussion. It is the principal large instrument ensemble of Western music from the 18th to the 20th cent. Orchestration is the scoring of a piece of music so that it can be played by specific instruments

The strings are the most important section of the orchestra; they are the most versatile and flexible and play almost continuously in most scores. The woodwinds are next in importance; they add color to the string sound and in some passages carry the melody. Of the brass, the French horn is the most useful, since it blends equally well with the woodwinds or the other brasses. The trumpets, trombones, and tuba are the "heavy artillery" of the orchestra; playing loudly, they provide a dynamic climax, but they are also effective in subdued passages as a group or individually.


Also one of the most popular types of music all over the world is the opera. Opera depends on the music more than words, also usually operas presented in opera's house. There are people representing all of the opera, there are singers who are singing and acting in the theater, also there are the Orchestra, those who are on the podium, but lower than the singers, also Opera does not in one of the representatives, but unaccompanied singing and dance music are the tool of the communication. But we do not deny that there are many types and kinds of Opera, but the most important are four types, first of them is the grand Opera. This type of opera, contemporary and new, and also this type include ballet because it is the largest type of opera, as the kind that brings together all peoples. After that there is the buff, this type of Opera includes lightness, humor and laughter and entertainment. Thirdly is the singspiel; it depends on the magic and imagination in the stories. The last important type is the operetta, it is the shortest Opera, which is usually has some spoken words. And the second kind of music is the Rock music," Rock is a kind of music that you will usually use drums, keyboards, and electric guitars .Rock singers sing very loud.", (Alter & Chia, 1998). It seems when we pronounce the word Rock, it look like strong, force, and intensity. Rock music is one of the famous music all over the world special in America. Rock music includes singing individual or collective. Also it includes machines such as electric guitar and the bass guitar. One of the special Rocks is the Rock and Roll and the Hard Rock.

The Most Famous Musicians

The music world has always been richen with important musicians who has

a great effect on the social life. They have created a new way of lifestyle by their music. Firstly, the most famous western musicians who are also considered as international are for example, Beet Hoven , Mozart , Bach , Diana Crall , Paco De Lucia, Jimi Hendrix , Hans Zimmer and so many other names these musicians appeared in the last three centuries, also there is a modern group of musicians like, Yanni, Kenny G, Michel Jackson, Diana Ross, Madonna , Celine Dion , Tina Turner , etc. Also there are a great number of eastern musicians who left a special touch in the music world and most of them also became international. For instant , Omar Khayrat , Ammar El sherai , Michael El Masry , Ashraf Benyamin , Ahmed Phonix , Khalid Al Thawadi , Ibrahim Al Musli , etc. Musicians always work hard on their music in order to improve it, some musicians go on concert tours, traveling all over the United States and the world. However, not all their time is spent performing for audiences. Musicians and singers also spend a lot of time practicing and rehearsing.

Effects of music on human (music therapy):

Nowadays music is spreading all over the world as fast as anyone could imagine. Music is not only about having fun and enjoying our times, it has many up sides and advantages such as physical and mental therapy. Different studies showed how music affect people's mentalities and can lessen their psychiatric issues. Stress, pressure and social expectations are things that we all face every day and everywhere in school, at work and even at home with our family. Music is considered to be an art which is old and it was used to soothe minds for decades. People could achieve inner peace and calm by listening to the appropriate type of music. In ancient times they used music to treat sick people and to cure depression since they thought it offered grace and Zen into each person's life. Also Music is one of the most used ways to express inner emotions and feelings for so many people. There are different types of music therapy which I'll be discussing briefly. The first type is the background music therapy which is the music played routinely in hospitals which will be transmitted through their radio, this type of music helps lessening the anxiety that patients might have and it's useful to take people's minds of the hectic chaos that happens in every hospital. Second type is called contemplative music, in this type of therapy before allowing the patient to listen to the music he's given a full biography about the composer of the piece and that would help them in sharing morbid experiences they've been through and that type of therapy is used to pacify agitation and lessen sadness. Another type of therapy is combined music which is a combination between music and therapy methods. But in this case it's preferable if the patient could pick his own piece that would soothe him and help him better in getting where he wants to be in his therapy. Hypnosis sometimes accompanies music so that the patient would be fully relaxed while being under hypnosis and it would make it easier for the doctors to get to his deepest problems and figure out a way to solve them. Children also can use music therapy to help them in their mental issues. Executive Iatromusic is the type of music therapy where a musician comes to perform a musical show in children's psychiatric units which would help emotionally disturbed, mentally retarded, and dyslexic children. Last but not least there's creative music in which patients might compose their own music with their own lyrics and even play them in front of their fellow friends and families and that's a way of expressing their feelings and problems without speaking of them but instead singing or playing them in front of an audience which is easier for them to do.

Music and Children :

Music plays an important role in the human's life especially, children's life and it affects them more than adults. It can moves their feeling and everybody can note Smile shining on the mouths of children when they hear the music even they were crying that's how music helps them to overcome their fears, develops their talents and imagination and improves their thinking so people can call music the language of dialogue between the children's body and their soul. Music benefits don't stop at this point, but it goes beyond that to penetrate the wall of the wide world of children and it hacked their life strongly. It constitutes the engine of their intelligence, and helps them to understand their lessons well, so it makes them successful people and gives them a positive outlook about future. Some types of songs instilled in children the values and good habits, such as folk and patriotic songs for this reason, parents must develop musical tastes for their children and help them to choose a good songs and it's a very important thing that a lot of parents ignore it, and they think about it as silly thing because they don't know that this thing will affect their children negatively in the future. In addition, music supports them to tame the difficult temperament of their children especially, aggressive children.

Effects of music on society

A lot of us enjoy listening to music during different times. Some like to listen to it during celebrations to be in the right mood. Some like to listen to relax. They only think that's the only use of music. In reality music has a big role in the society. It can reflect the civilization, environment, development and even problems. Back in the day's music was a simple way to make others hear your voice, encourage them to fight and speak up for their rights and love their country. On the other hand, now a day's music became an industry that influences the global by its main stream which means the trend .its became really low and has no values. Most of the effect is on the youth. As teenagers tend to be the most harmed by the main stream .They try to mimic there idols in every way they can, for example, in their style, believes and behavior. When we think about it we find that every type of music affects the society in its own way. For instance "You may notice that people who are much into RnB or Hip Hop tend to behave in a certain way, they have their own dance styles and fashions."(Impact of Music on Society- and people who like rock n roll tend to break rules and enjoy it. Being a teenager my self I have seen a lot of my colleagues trying to have a citrine hair due because on artist has it or buy an outfit because it was worn by that performer. They change a lot by listening to some meaningless lyrics and waste a lot of there time on trying to know their idol more. They neglect a lot of things and run after trends because it will make them look cool. So in the end the same way music can be helpful it can also be harmful and emphasize its impact on human beings.