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Miami is a city in the United States and is the 42nd largest city in the county seat of Miami Dade County. It is a city located in southern Florida Atlantic coast. Miami is the 9th most populous county in United States for its magnificent culture of arts and being a major center of finance, culture, media, literature, music and mosaic among other many arts. Miami is known to be a host to the numerous activities that takes place almost through the entire period of the year. Miami's city principal attraction is Seaquarium, a largest tropical aquarium that features several sea creatures.

Miami city is known to have been formally inhabited for thousands of years ago by Tequesta, but it was later claimed by Spain. It is the only city that is claimed to be conceived by a woman, namely Julia Tuttle, a citrus farmer. She was known to be a wealthy Cleveland native.

Miami is a very wonderful place not just to eat, drink, or enjoy the beach; it is a city full of arts and culture with its main features such as arts, music, literature, dance, filming and theatre. Miami provides a range of activities from "an adventure filled day at a nature park to a nostalgic stroll through her historic district" (Henry 5)

The culture of music is vast in Miami and is widely varied; there is conga and rumba that was brought by the Cubans from their homelands and is becoming famous in the Miami culture. There is the Merengue and Bachata, which was bought by the Dominicans and Valletta was brought by Colombians, samba the most known for Brazilians was brought by the Brazilians (Gramsbergen and Paul 1). The other genres like reggae, soca, and calypso were brought by the people of Caribbean. All the music genres have combined to the whole making up the Miami music culture. Music in this culture forms the livelihood of Miami occupants; it has helped in providing means of livelihood for most of the active participants.

Miami is also considered a hot spot for dance music, the free style dance that was common several years ago in almost the entire world includes the pretty tony, Stevie B and Expose, which all originated in the Miami culture. Another feature that comes out evidently is that Miami has produced some of the world famous artists such as the famous Cuban American female singer Ana Cristina; she was the first Hispanic to perform at the presidential inauguration. Other famous musicians include Trick Daddy, Pretty Ricky, Rick Rose, Jackie-O, and Pitbull among others.

The vibrant techno and dances are known to have originated from Miami. Annually Miami holds the winter music conference dance; Ultra Ink and Cameo, which is the largest dance in the world, many have named the city a club land because of its popularity in music culture. In almost every year, Miami music fans experience and enjoy a satisfactory musical experience that ranges from grand opera to classical and contemporary performances by the faros artists in the entertainment and music world (South Florida Business Journal).

A notable cultural aspect in Miami is the parks. The city has several park destinations which enable people to go boating, fishing, sailing and most outdoor activities. The most popular parks in this city include Bayfront Park and Bicentennial Park, Morningside Park, Virginia Key, and Watson Island. According to Egbert and Kazmierczak, other known cultural places in Miami city include "Jungle Island, Zoo Miami, Miami Seaquarium, Coral Castle, St. Bernard de Clairvaux Church, and the Charles Deering Estate" (Gramsbergen and Paul).

Décor is among the known art common in the Miami culture and it is portrayed as one arrives the Miami International Airport (MIA); there is huge presence of art work that beautifies the airport. The huge collections are unique masterpieces from world famous artists. It is beautifully decorated with dynamic collections including stunning carvings, paintings, photographs, mosaics and comprehensively designed adverts. From the airport, one can easily notice both permanent and rotating exhibitions programs that are being targeted at individuals. In leaving the airport, the cars that are used to transport people are equally decorated in a way to portray the Miami's culture and arts. One is bound to meet the Miami cultural aspects and opportunities that may not be found elsewhere in other countries. The city's culture of arts promotes the development of prestigious arts shows and art pictures as well as dances, literature, theater, and music.

Media is another cultural aspect in the Miami city, it is one of the television markets in the country, and it has got many a large number of newspapers including the Miami Herald, which is the most known and largest newspaper. The other newspapers includes Miami Today and Miami Sun Post. It also hosts several television networks and record labels such as the Telemundo, Telefutura, and Mage TV among others. Media plays an important role in culture and art sustenance. It makes possible for the Miami culture to be transferred to other generations and other non-Miami residents; it is also a common means of earning to the many Miami residents.

Accent also is a Miami's aspect of art and culture. In this city a unique accent is spoken and commonly referred to as "Miami accent". It emerged as a result of the new generation Hispanics who first encountered English language before their home language. It is also to be remembered that accent is not adopted by all but by some.

Sport is another aspect of art and culture in the Miami city. It is a home to several teams that do participate in the world competition. Among the teams are the Miami Dolphins, Miami Tropics, Miami FC, NFL team, Sony Erickson open for professional teams, Miami Heat, NBA team, Florida Marlins and the Florida Panthers, the NHL team (Schneider 45). Sports as a cultural event plays a significant role in bringing the different communities together by providing a basis for competition. Sports besides being a leisure activity in this culture, it has become a source of livelihood to the many participants; they are paid for involving themselves in the same. Miami sports culture has produced world class Olympic boxing gym. This has developed into an art space which now hosts renowned Miami real estate, Moguls Debra, and Denis school private collection. It cannot go without mentioning the Miami Beach Cinematheque, a leading art house film theater that host all the art works in the entire United States and the whole world. Besides their arts, programs the Miami Beach Cinematheque hosts include the film societies and international films festivals.

There is the hilarious "Bike Miami," a sport enjoyed in this sporting culture. It is the longest running event held every month in major streets of Downtown and Brickell. The Miami Bike was started in the year 2008 but has monitored immense growth which has seen its participants double (Schneider). This kind of sport has been gaining acceptance on the part of governments and other institutions and this is evident by the fact that the government has approved a 20-year plan solely for bike routes and paths around the city.

Language comprise a big part of Miami's culture of arts, the main spoken language is the Spanish and is spoken by almost two thirds of the population. English is the second language and is spoken by almost a quarter of the population. Haitian Creole is spoken by almost five percent of the population (Van Riper). The Miami culture also has other languages apart from the mentioned and includes Portuguese, German, Italian, Arabic and Chinese. Language has had a huge role to play in the Miami culture, it is noted that due to rise in Spanish speakers, other speakers especially the English speakers have been marginalized due to hardship in carrying out their business (Van Riper 6).

Museums are another aspect of culture and art, many of the history facts and archives are kept here for reference by the future and the present generation. Miami's history is a fascinating one, many cultures are found in the Miami population, thus the need for Miami to hold a wide variety of museums that documents; the history, the culture, the art and the heritage of it citizens. Among the known museums include museum of Southern Florida; it has several temporary exhibitions focusing on the Miami culture, folk life, arts, and archaeology. Another museum is the Holocaust Memorial which is attributed to the six million Jews victims of Nazi terrorism during Second World War two. According to Riper, the Holocaust Memorial also "features a photographic mural and a Memorial wall with the names of the victims." Haitian Heritage Museum is an organization that is not for profit oriented, but determined to preserving the abundant culture and heritage. Besides the preservation of culture and heritage Haitian Heritage Museum is known to offer a collection of rich art, historical artifacts, music, literature, and film works. Vizcaya Museum and Garden is another famous museum. According to Riper "Vizcaya was built as a winter vacation home by industrialist James Deering in 1916." Gold Coast Railroad Museum is a host to several past train cars among them the Ferdinand Magellan, which "was built for President Franklin D. Roosevelt." This museum provides a great opportunity to those who enjoy and would like to associate with trains.

Miami's culture of art is a rich one, festivities are much around throughout the year, and one never misses certain festive activities going on in Miami. For example, there are events and festivals for every month depending on the situations such as climate and time of the year. Miami in the month of January provides one with activities that makes him escape the chilling temperatures. Among the event that takes place include free museums and gallery walk, which are provided free for such special occasions.

Theater is a cultural feature that comes out in the Miami culture. It is noticeable throughout the world that Miami has a strong theater developed with eminent and preeminent performers struggling to meet their desired performance. Miami is known for its large theater venues such as Jackie Gleason Theater, Actor's Play house and Coconut Grove Playhouse.

One never misses to notice the art gallery which is one of the cultural arts of Miami. Macy America is largest art gallery. It delivers fashions and relatively cheap luxury to numerous customers; it offers the best fashions for its costumers and credible fashion shows, celebrity shows and culinary events.

As already mentioned, Miami holds International Film Festivals every year, several thousand of cultural enthusiasts normally come to the Miami streets and sands of Miami Beach to portray and experience the sensational Miami culture and art. The cultural events which are not normally charged involve a full range of cultural arts and performances.

Another notable aspect in Miami culture is fishing; it is an activity done to pass time. Any one between the age of fifteen and sixty five years needs to acquire a license for fresh water fishing. Even though most fish for leisure it has been also noted that many depend on fishing for a living. The competition activities include the annual tournaments such as Mayor's Cup Billfish and Miami Billfish (Van Riper).

Religion is another important cultural factor to be considered, it has great influence on the Miami culture and in shaping the society. There are several prestigious Roman Catholic churches and the Jews' churches. Miami's religion is mainly aimed at gaining power and believed that Manitou roamed the world and that it could take the form of human beings, plants, and even animals. They believed that the Manitou's power was Kitchi Manitou and normally was equated with the sun. Even though they do not believe that Kitchi Manitou was not an animate, all humans were required to seclude themselves, fast and to contact Manitou in a dream. According to the religion, once Manitou was contacted the Manitou becomes ones protecting spirit and in this case, sacrifices were offered.

Miami culture cannot be full without considering its means of livelihood. Major activities that are being depended on by the people are commerce, finance business, and the creativity activities. It is known that Miami is a major television-producing city and it is attributed to their creativity culture.

In review, the country's landscape is magnificent and provides a conducive environment that is desired by many. According to Viper, Miami is the "America's cleanest city; it has good clean air, and spacious, clean drinking water, clean streets and city-wide recycling programs." Due to its vast and rich culture, the Miami city has attracted many tourists and concern organizations that intend to emulate the ideal city.