Laying On My Deathbed Cultural Studies Essay

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I lie in bed not knowing what to do next. My head is pounding and the world is spinning faster and faster ever time I blink. I know today will be my last day. It's hard, you don't want to die but you can't stop some things and this is one of those things.

On August 29th, 2007, about 11 o'clock at night and Jackie Hunter was lying in bed on the phone talking to her best friend Melanie. She was a typical 17 year old girl. She had a boyfriend and was a senior in high school. She was two weeks away from getting her drivers permit. She was so excited. That was all she could ever talk about. Her family was very wealthy. Mr. Hunter, Jackie's father, was a famous actor on a TV show called "Out of the Blue and into Death." He is the main character called Agent Fred Del Facile. Her mom, Mrs. Hunter, was a famous fashion designer in London. After she hung up the phone, she closed her eyes and went to sleep. And the next day would be the day that changed her life forever.

Today is August, 30th 2007. Today was like no other day; Morgan got up, got dressed, went down stairs and ate breakfast. While eating breakfast, her dad came down the stairs.

"Hey, Jackie! What's up?" said Mr. Hunter.

"Nothing much. Hey dad, have you ever had that feeling that something bad is going to happen?" said Jackie.

"No, why? Do you have that feeling?"

"Yeah, I have that feeling today."

"Well if you need anything just give me a call. Okay?

"Okay. Well I got to go. Going to hang out with Melanie and Ella"

"Okay. Love you and be carful. I'm going to work now so if you need anything just call."

"Dad! You said that all ready just go and I'm taking the Corvette."

"Okay. Love you bye"

Around 10:30 a.m., Mr. Hunter left and Jackie was about to leave when she heard something fall up stairs. She had a feeling it wasn't Princess, her cat, Leah, her dog, or Danny, her pet chinchilla. She walked up the stairs slowly she grabbed her old softball bat, a camera and the home phone. She got to the top of the stairs and heard voices coming from her room. The voices were saying:

"We are going to be so rich. And no one can stop us."

Another voice said

"I know! We hit the mother load. Yes finally."

She burst open the bedroom door and two men were in her room she took the camera and took the picture of the two men and hit the one with the bat. The other one tried to flee but his pants got stuck on the window sill and was stuck hanging by his pant loop. Jackie called 911. The police arrived in a flash it was a so quick you couldn't have said "pillow in my room" once before they were there. The police took the two men named John Gadwalls and Fred Landau into custody for questioning.

"Thank you officers. You have saved my life and my stuff." Said Jackie.

"No problem. Thank you Mrs. Hunter. The FBI has been looking for these crooks for a year now and we have them. They will be put in jail for a long time."

Then the Police officers left. Jackie called Melanie to tell her why she was going to be late and then the police escorted her to Melanie's house.

When Jackie got to Melanie's house Ella and Melanie were waiting at the door. The three girls got in the Jackie's car to go to the movie. As they were pulling out they heard a loud scream coming from Melanie's Backyard. They got out of the car and ran to the backyard. There was blood everywhere and next to a pool of blood was Melanie's little sister. She had been shot. Melanie started crying wishing this didn't happen. Jackie got that same feeling as this morning but worse. She called 911 again. And the officers from before returned. An ambulance came racing down the street and picked up Wendy, Melanie's sister. Melanie's mom was crying and screaming for god to help her family. Jackie asked Melanie's mom if she needed anything but she asked her if would just go home. So she did.

As Morgan went home, she was getting hungry, so decided to go to salad works. When she got there, there were people screaming and people crying. There was a man in the kitchen. He was saying.

"Give me the money or you will be a dead man."

The man ran to the cash register and opened it. The other man walks up to the employee and held a shotgun to his head.

"Give me the money. NOW!"

The cashier hesitated, and then he gave the man the money. The man with the gun was about 6 foot and about 250 lbs. The police arrived. Then after she left salad works, she went home and her friend Rachel and her boyfriend, Antonio was sitting in Rachel's car waiting for Jackie to get home. Jackie was crying because of what happened at Melanie's house. So Rachel ran up and hugged her and said "I am so sorry", then Jackie says "Could anything else bad happened." Rachel said "Well, this might cheer you up." They were about to call for Jackie's boyfriend Then you hear a scream in the back yard and they all rushed back their and Jackie's boyfriend is laying there bleeding and he had been stabbed 3 times. Jackie screamed. Rachel called 911. The police arrived and Jackie said sorry to the police. They didn't care. They were thought she had to know something of the strange things happening when she was at the three of seven crime scenes that day.

"Jackie can you come in for questioning?" said the police

"Yeah… I guess"

"Thank you. We will escort you to the station."

Jackie got in her Corvette. And the police escorted her police station. When they got there they began to interrogate Morgan:

"Hello Mrs. Hunter. What happen this morning when the men broke into your house?"

Jackie told the police what happened that morning then they continued to interrogate her. They then asked her

"Ok tell use what happened at your friend house. What did you see?"

Jackie explains that they were on their way to see the movie and heard a scream ran to the backyard and she was lying there lifelessly. Then they asked her about her boyfriend. They asked things like did you get in a recent fight. They were trying to find a motive but the only problem was her whole life was perfect. She had great parents, great friends and great grades. She was a perfect girl in a perfect world. But who was murdering all these people? Who was trying to frame Jackie?

Jackie went home after the interrogations.