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Art deco is a mixed style of design and its decoration. It's an influential visual arts design which first appeared in France during the 1920s. From that point Art Deco form has been evolved in many ways and different kinds of structures such as social, cultural, political and the economic that help shape and evolve into an Art movement. Art Deco is a form of Modernism movement that has been expanding throughout internationally (from Europe to United States) during the World War 1 and 2.

As it was mentioned before all the form of movement has given it pushed and adapted many ways. All these forces gave heralded mass communication and mass path such as ship, plane, car and train (international outlook).

Art History

Art Deco is combination of artistic and design with multitude form. It all began of the 20th century the queen Victoria death in 1901 ended the Victorian era and its own technology caused the pace of life speed up. The technology as in, electricity, airplanes, telephone and communication system were introduced the world. The styles of pre-twenties gave it more simple style and easy to understand to use the technology as it developed. After World War I ended in 1919, from that point of view life has changed much more and drastically. The world looked to Paris for leadership because of its fashion, design, architecture, interior and France's largest city delivered. Art Deco was born in 1925 the name was founded and derived from the 1925 Exposition Internationale des Arts Decoratifs Industriels et Modernes, located in Paris, which celebrated living in the modern world. Today Art deco is used refer mix styles from the 1920s to 1930s. The Art Deco style infused the everyday world with elegant style of its sophistication.


In this overview it will explain What's the purpose of its design and how it influents to the world. The topics that will be discussing by following :

Furniture and Fittings



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Furniture And Fittings

Adapt of Furniture - The Art Deco Furniture, most of the quality and its materials were made in France by French it was successful, modern taste celebrated at 1925 In Paris exposition 1925. Many of them had good reviewing about Art Deco furniture although the French designers have achieved international throughout the world. Couple of wealthy Americans who have been travelling to Paris regularly, few wealthy Americans were interested in Art Deco Furniture because of its style, fashion and entertainment. From that point of view American had followed of French formal style. "Formal Style, macassar ebony, and Ivory". Since American has started to design Art Deco furniture by using these materials the way French designer uses them. Also British have now seen Art Deco Furniture and its influences, they also decided to follow that process the way American have. Although the Furniture designs will have different styles but no matter what they all represents its Art Deco Insignia.

Lightning - this section is about Art Deco has loads of concepts interior lightening design. Most of these lights are to be used such as desk or table lamps. From there these lamps were various and were used many places. As a public people come across like Hotel, library and shopping mall. This where all the designers wants to put the influential and visual so that the design can be recognised. Some of the Art Deco lightening are sellable but they are often huge expensive to buy. These Lamps were designed by Edgar Brandt and Paul Kiss.

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American Furniture - "The overwhelming majority of American Furniture is Unsigned, relatively affordable, and loosely based on French Art Deco". Unlike the French designers they have their own ways of designing and it was the first origin in by the French. And also it is quite expensive as they are original style of their furniture. American designers don't quite follow exactly as their Art Deco styles but also to mention it is affordable.

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Ceramics in Art deco we are talking such as jars and pots, each has different textile and patterns throughout different countries but they all resemble of Art Deco style.

Europeans Cermaic - the modern of the ceramics falls in two sections, one of them is studio pottery and other one is commercial ware. "Studio includes work of the Wiener Werkstatte ( Viennese workshops), which appears " hand Built" and avante-garde" ( Version of inferior quality were made by W.M.F in Germany and Wiener Keramik in Austria". This means that the Studio workshop founded is in Austria which leads to its capital (Vienna), but they use the materials were made in Germany and Wiener Keramik in workshop. Commercial ware first appeared in KPM in Berlin. The KPM is known as (Königliche Porzellan-Manufaktur ) it is a factory In Germany located in Berlin that designs dishware forms and figurines. The Commercial ware products are made to be inexpensive of its inferior design.

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Egyptian influence - "In 1922 its discovered by King Tutankhamun's tomb sparked a modern Egyptian revival that spread through Western Art Deco taste." Well it was long time ago in mythology Egyptian timeline used to make lot of ceramics and sculptures such as Anubis but however that category did not fall In to Art Deco style or wasn't invented that time. However Art deco did revive the modern Egyptians culture and its ceramics.

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Poster & Graphics

When talking about poster and graphics it is visual for the audience to see and visualise, which falls into media. Medias that can follow is newspapers, films and magazine.

Travel Posters - The travel posters more attractive, common and its collectable. Most of travel posters are promotion that includes railway, sports, sail, ski and golf. These travel posters and concept drawing refers to an Art Deco styles. One of the example of graphic poster "Chicago world's Fair" poster it was designed by Weimer Pursell.

British posters - " The best British Art Deco maybe found in posters designed by a small group of artists active between the wars, many from abroad". In meaning during the war times couple of British people that are an artist have been designing and illustrating wars not just in Britain but throughout international.


Art Deco Style and designs were originated in Paris and spread throughout the world. Also from key to another key point Art Deco has adapted its way into technology and media. All that kind of structure has become an Art movement. As the audience can see the Art Deco and what has changed the world from the past to its presents. It is known the Art Deco is the future of its course; it will develop and continue to change its environment.