Indian women in the US

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Indian women come to USA as a student for higher studies, on business trip, as a dependent when they get married and join their spouse working in USA or as a visitor for few months. Life of Indian women in USA is pretty much the same as in India. With large Desi population in America, Indian communities spread throughout. In some places like California, New Jersey, Texas, Illinois etc, there are lots of Indian people who are living there for many years, and it will be almost like “little Indian”. 

It is quite common that people have stereotypes towards immigrants to the U.S. from all around the world, especially for Indian-Americans. Sometimes it used to come as a surprise to us that some of the Indian-American women can speak or communicate with people in English, some of them have had college education, or some of them are married to a professional. Certainly, these surprise elements no longer exists since the recent years have ushered in a large number of immigrant professional women and consequently a whole new level of understanding of Indian women's educational levels and capabilities has emerged.

Talking about Indian American women, people would often ask questions like: Does your husband allow you to do activities with your own friends but without him? Are you even able to open your own bank account? Are women allowed to attend college in India? Or Can you even choose your husband by yourself or can you refuse the one your parents picked for you?

From these questions we can somehow see how people value the Indian women's life and what great differences there lay between American and Indian society--- Some of them are diametrically opposed yet some are similar in many different ways. Modern, middle-class Indian women, contrary to the misguided stereotype assigned by some Westerners, are not downtrodden and pathetic examples of lifelong servitude. They are strong and efficient and quite capable of holding down a job as well as a home without the aid of a man. They choose to marry, and very often by arranged marriage, so they can have a healthy balance between a professional life and a personal life. By the same token, American women choose not to marry by arrangement, decide to work in unusual occupations, and prefer to live a life of more independence and variety because those options meet their personal needs. Each group of women finds satisfaction and reaches its goals in its own distinctive manner. The quest for ultimate happiness and fulfillment is what life is all about.

Women students coming to the US for higher education is increasing these years. Being very far away from homeland, it is very important that they are aware and alert of the situations around them and learn to be safe. The best advice for that is to be the same as hoe you would be in India. So we can see groups of Indian American students huddle together and do a lot of interesting things seem like some Indian traditions. Indian students seem like enjoy the college very much here and you can see a lot of them in students associations or other student organizations like that. Most of the female Indian students are open-mined and out-going, sometimes you just cannot tell that if she is from India or she actually grows up here.

Women who visit the country on business trips are often getting involved in life here more easily, since the company will always arrange their stay and commute etc. In addition, they already have friends, colleagues living in the country who can help them a lot. And actually, these kind of women sometimes come in groups too, so it will be quiet easy and comfortable for them, to handle things abroad when they actually have a company here. They stay together, do shopping, cook food and have fun as they work together. They also enjoy the weekends with variety kinds of activities such as visiting friends and families, shopping, watch movies and so on, just like what American women will do on weekends.

Dependent women, who do not work, are responsible for taking care of the household, picking up and dropping of kids at schools, kids studies, shopping and they get some time to engage themselves in doing what they like to do. They get around with other families living in their neighborhood making friends, doing some chit chat at times, letting all the kids to play together and mingle with one another. When it comes to some Indian festivals, there will be some special services at the temples or at community halls so they can meet all the Indians living in that area.

So, the conclusion is, although with vital differences between the cultures of India and America, the Indian women who have made America their home manage to have the best of both worlds: They can have arranged marriage or find their own mates; they can choose any profession or career to work in; they can indulge in the most unbelievable hobbies, they can travel anywhere at any time, they can even run for elected office if they aspire to become politicians. The life of Indian-American women seems to be very exhilarating now.