Improving A Womans Physical Appearance Cultural Studies Essay

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In a fairly literal translation from its French and Latin origins, the word fashion describes the make or cut of an item, the forming of its shape. However, over the centuries, the word has gained a specific association with the design, making, and wearing of clothing. This definition of fashion is defined by World of the Body. Besides that, according to Britannica Concise Encyclopedia, fashion is any mode of dressing or adornment that is popular during a particular time or in a particular place. It can change from one period to the next, from generation to generation. It serves as a reflection of social and economic status, a function that explains the popularity of many styles. Some people believe that fashion is an art form. It is a way of utilizing clothing, accessories and hair to hide or show something about oneself. People can use fashion to express themselves or to serve as an extension of our personality. Over the years, woman's fashion has kept on changing. There are changes from the aspect of clothes, physical appearance and fashion accessories. These changes have changed the status, attitude and outlook of a woman. Popular fashion brands of today include Zara, Mango, Gucci, Seed and Padini.

This research is based on the theme of fashion. It looks at how fashion can improve a woman's physical appearance. In order to do so, it examines areas like dressing for different occasions, dressing for different body shapes, using self-grooming to improve appearance and using fashion accessories.

Angle 1: Dressing for different occasion

SM1: Business formal wear

For business formal occasion, it has standard business attire for women. Women can wear skirted suits or traditional pant suit by mixing and matching suit pieces, with a touch of formality. The jacket or sweater should match the colour of skirt and pants. Besides that, they can choose to wear a solid coloured button-down shirt or V-neck sweater and blouse to match with suits. If the women are wearing skirted suit, pantyhose or stockings are important for business formal occasion.

SM2: Beach wear

On the other hand, nowadays there are various kinds of beach wear which are in fashion. A normal swimsuit is refers to an exclusive swimming attire wear by people while swimming or going to the beach. There are the most essential of all beach wears and could make a person look stylish and smart. Then, another one is bikini. Bikini is a two piece swimsuit that women usually wear for a sun-bathing and swimming which is consider the most revealing swimsuit. Next, beach tunic could make a splash at the beach with a sexy tunic. It acts as a beach cover up and is one of the most sensuous beach wear which usually wear by young girls.

SM3: Costumes for dance

Following that, there are also many kinds of costumes for dance. For example, ballroom dances like Waltz. Women dancers usually wear long dresses which have various styles, colours and designs for Waltz. These ballroom dresses are design in a number of different colours such as red, blue, purple, black and white. There are make by fabrics such as satin and silk which give a fashion and stylish look. These dresses are either design in sleeveless or strapless styles and V-neck is the best choice for it offers a trendy look. Next, another example of dance is Brazillian Samba. Samba costumes are often in high quality and elaborate. It exposes arms, shoulders and legs. The style of Samba costume is in bikini-style with an elaborate and large head piece.

Angle 2: Dressing for different body shapes

SM1: Hourglass

For women who have hourglass body shape which means that is the most ideal body shape. Women with hourglass body shape should dress according to their waist as a focal point to show off their body shape. They should dress in belted tops, sweaters, dresses, shirts and coats such as nipped jackets like trench coats to flatter their body shape. In the aspect of skirts, they can dress in almost all kinds of skirts such as A-line and circle styles. Besides that, they are allowed to wear all types of jeans and pants such as flare leg, wide leg and boot-cut.

SM2: Pear/Spoon

In addition, women who have pear or spoon body shape are known as natural womanly body shape. Therefore, women should create more volume and width to their shoulders and chest. Women are advised to wear close-fitted blouses and tops with eye-catching design such as pockets, patterns, horizontal lines and beads. Then, they are allow to wear all kinds of pants and jeans such as straight, boot-leg, wide leg pants. They should wear jackets that fall just above the hips such as cropped jacket and cardigans. It is to add a stylish on their upper body.

SM3: Inverted Triangle

Following that, women who have an inverted triangle shape which is known as an athletic body shape comes with nice and lean legs just like the catwalk models. The main goal for them when putting on clothes is to add volume and width around their hips. Therefore, they are allowed to wear most types of jeans and pants such as harem pants and cargo pockets. However, they are only allowed to wear full and flaring skirts such as A-lines skirt, circle or balloon to create more curves around their hips. They can also wear long tops, sweaters and shirts such as tunics and belted cardigans to create curves around their waist, low-U and V necks to slim down their chest.

SM4: Ruler/Banana

Besides that, there are women with a ruler or banana shape which means that they have a straight figure. The positive thing on being a ruler shape is that they gain weight everywhere and lose it everywhere. The main goal for this body shape is to create a waist. Therefore, the best clothes for this body shape are low-U and V vertical necklines. Then, almost all types of pants especially flared and wide leg are suitable for them because it looks like they have hips. They can also wear jackets and coats that flare out from the waist and full skirts such as circle and A-line styles.

SM5: Apple

Other than that, women may have apple body shape which is also known as oval or round shape. The main goal for this body shape is to slim down their upper half to form a proportionate frame. Therefore, women should dress with tailored and fitted tops, sweaters or dresses. These clothes have to be in solid and dark colors such as black, dark grey, dark brown and dark blue navy which wear it as a sweater or top. Then, women with apple body shape can try to wear a low V-necks to minimize their chest and lengthen their neck. Women can also give a try on full skirts. For example, A-line and circle skirts.

Angle 3: Using self-grooming to improve appearance

SM1: Hair styles and hair colors

In this century, hair is considered women's "crowning glory". All the fashion trends represent stylish, elegant, natural and sophisticated hair styles. Although it might seem that all those trends are only made for silky hair or super straight, women should know that they can easily be adapted to curly hair too. Curly hair styles can use to attend any particular event. Curly hair normally has an enough volume and looking extremely well without using any type of artificial techniques. For women's natural curly hair, firstly, they just need to apply some special spray such as mousse. After that, use just their fingers to add some volume and height to their hair. Next, if they prefer their curly hair look sexier, they can make some waves and transform their curls into amazing and gentle wavy hair. Eventually, it comes out with a tousle, natural and sexy curly hair styles.

Besides that, braid hair styles are also consider a quite popular hair styles in this century. Braid hair styles are a classic style. However, it does not means that they have to be boring. It is because braid hair styles have various types of pattern. It is just depends on which pattern a woman want to use. For example, the French braid style is more or less like English braids. English braids are begin with three strands that gather all their hair while French braids are begin with a thin pony tail that starts with narrow sections at the top of the head. However, there is another pattern of French braids which is call French braid pig tails. It is a 'side French Braids' by part the hair down at the center and create a French braid on each side of the head. For this style, women can also choose to add fringes to get a stylish look. This form of braid styles is known as the most elegant looking, sophisticated and can be used at any occasion.

In addition, that is not good enough for a woman only looks good in their hair styles. Hair colour can transform the way a woman looks and feels by freshen up their look and make them look younger. However, some women dye it to enhance their facial features and their skin tone. Some of them do it to hide their graying hair. Even some of the women do it for fun. It is because it is always something different and adventure for them. There are many types of hair colours that are suitable for women. The colour that they choose need to match the colour of their skin and create a natural-looking result for there are hair colours that make them look tired and can age their appearance. For example, blonde colour is a happy colour that can make women look younger. For modern blonde is noticed as independent, powerful and sexy. Besides that, highlights also work nice for women with long hair rather than short hair. If a woman has short hair, she should have a full hair colouring.

SM2: Make up - eyes

Other than that, make up is very important when it comes to physical aspect. Make up trends change every decade. Women who are being fashionable are not all about following the latest trends. It is about choosing the make up style that suits them the most. Therefore, there are many of make up styles to choose from women so that they can look stunning every time. For example, vintage eye make up. Vintage eye make up is a popular simple make up style that using eyeliner to define the eyes among teenagers as well as older women. Then, minimal eye make up is like invisible make up. Some women consider as do not have the skill, the patience or the time to create more fashionable make up styles. They use neutral colors to create a flawless appearance. Besides that, natural eye make up is increasing its popularity because it is suitable for any type of occasion. Shades like lavender, yellow, pearl and soft pink are use to create a natural looking make up. Others examples like smoky eye make up has a powerful attractiveness towards the eyes and dramatic eye make up is a popular make up style for it creates a powerful eye catching effect.

Angle 4: Using fashion accessories

SM1: Bags

Fashion accessories are an important part for every woman. It completes a woman's look. It can add colour, style, glamour and class to a woman's outfit. Women use fashion accessories not only to adorn themselves, but also to restore a fashion statement that is unique. There are various types of fashion accessories. One of the most popular accessories is women fashion bags. Women bags are used to hold and store personal items. Bags are normally made of leather, fabrics, and many more which come in different designs, shapes and styles. Each outfit requires a matching bag. The different types of women bags that are available are shoulder bags, handbags, and clutch handbags. Shoulder bag is a large handbag with a strap that carried over the shoulder. This shoulder bag is available in different sizes and shapes to suit different occasions and purpose. Then, a clutch bag is one of the most fashionable women bags that can be held in the hand. It is a strapless and small size purse carried under the arm or in the hand. Next, jute bags have also become very famous in the fashion market today. It is made by a number of fabrics like leather, cotton and plastic.

SM2: Footwear

In today's world of fashion, women's footwear is available in many styles and colours. Footwear is an essential accessory which reflects their personalities. It is important to find a right pair of shoes whether they are dressing up for a formal event or going casual to complete their style statement. There are different type designs and styles of shoes for different occasions. For instance like women boots, embroidered shoes and women sandals. Women boots are usually cover the ankles and feet or extend up to the knees. It is available in many styles like buttoned, zippered and platform. Next, embroidered shoes made of many kinds of colours and designs. It is perfect for all type of parties, festivals and wedding ceremonies. Then, women sandal displays the toes, heels and is held to the wearer's feet by straps. It is suitable to wear it when the weather is warm.

SM3: Contact lens

Nowadays, women use contact lens as fashion accessories. Cosmetic contact lens is designed to change the appearance of the eyes. There are three main effects that can be formed from cosmetic contact lens. It is changing the size of the iris, changing the colour of the eye and changing the shape of the iris. The first two effects are for fashion and beauty of a woman. The trend of wearing contact lens is a good example of the expansive nature of modern fashion because women are always looking for new ways to express themselves.


In conclusion, fashion has its own importance in world. Fashion is not a new thing in the world. Fashion is an old thing and it is found everywhere and at all the times. Fashion changed from time to time but it has shown its existence in all ages. It is not true to say that only young people do fashion, because fashion is for everyone. When everyone wearing the same colour or style which they have not been the trend before, then they are "in-fashion". Fashion enables them to express their own personalities and shows what kind of person you are. Therefore, any woman may look good if they dress for different occasion, dress for different body shapes, use self-grooming and fashion accessories.