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Nowadays, management of diversity is very important for a company because it helps staffs complete their jobs more easily, develop the working environment perfectly, and ensures that the discrimination will not happen in company. However, in order to have diversity management is not really easy. It requires managers have to have wide and deep knowledge as well as understanding every aspects of culture. And of course, many problems can arise if company does not know how to manage diversity and weak mismanagement of diversity can be such as discrimination and preconceptions. Actually these problems above usually happen in company, especially in global company.


1. Discuss about discrimination:

Discrimination is when someone or some groups, is treated less fair than others because of their gender, race, sexuality, religion, disability, economic class or cultural background. Discrimination happens not only in a company or a country, it happens everywhere in the world.

In a company, discrimination happens in recruiting employees, selecting people for giving commissions, promotion or fired. It depends on relationship, sex, looks, education and age, experience, religion, and culture. For example: two people apply for a job into a bank, both has experience and good education but one person has relation with people working in that company and other person does not. So, of course the company will choose person has the relationship. Another example: in the company which Im working, there are many people do the same missions, but only one person always get compliments and interests than others, not because she has done the job well, just because the manager likes her. Besides that, discrimination in a country or in the world is the differences between the rich people and the poor people, the white people and colored people, man and woman. The rich as well as the white people usually have power and is treated more preferential than others in any situation. Man always is used at an important position and woman has to stay home and takes care for children.

However, that happens very long time ago, now people realize that discrimination is wrong and try to create many laws against discrimination, such as having working contracts to protect employee's interests, every country has to create good conditions for woman can go to school or work and has position as a man, the colored people can play an important role as the white people in some areas such as fashion, politics, and society. Although discrimination is improving but nothing is absolutely, there is still discrimination in some countries, especially in Europe and America.

2. Discuss about stereotypes and preconceptions:

According to Wikipedia, a stereotype is a popular belief about specific social groups or types of individuals and stereotypes also can have a negative or positive impact on individuals. Moreover, stereotype is formed from culture, habit, the perception and human behavior. For example:

Age: all the teenagers always try to be older and never obey elders.

Religion: All of Muslims are terrorists.

Profession: Chinese people always are best in cooking.

Besides that, preconceptions or prejudices happen everywhere between this individual with other individuals, this group with other groups, and this nation with other nations. It originated in inequality society and the climax of prejudice is hatred and may lead to contradiction, racial conflict and war could happen.

In sum, stereotypes and preconceptions are defined by the family environment or the parents at first as an understanding of the most important for the child. Through parents and people around, children tend to repeat what they have been taught. Children learn social behavior by observing others and imitating them. Therefore, in order to changing preconceptions, we should:

Change the way of education.

Remove some standards inappropriate

Overcome the social inequalities.

Some policy changes at the macro level.

Propaganda and education with knowledge and understanding appropriate for people.

Now, stereotypes and preconceptions have changed so much in the world such as during World War II, Japanese people are called sly, wily, cruel ... but after World War II till today, they are regarded as smart, alert and make people around the world to admire by the spirit of learning, spirit of overcoming difficulties and especially in their pride nation.

3. Discuss on examples:

Case in America:

According to DANTRI newspaper, an employee in Florida (USA), Mr. Michael Katz began working as a Mac specialist at an Apple store at the Millennia Mall, Orlando in March 2006 when he was 60 years old. During working for Apple, there were a few blanks position "Innovation" at the store and every time he expressed his desire to keep that position but always were denied. Apple just chooses people who are younger than him at least 15 years old. Mr. Katz has not received any explanation about his being denied opportunities for promotion again and again. Mr. Katz quitted that job in September 2007 and he submitted an application complain about Apple to Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and the Human Relations Commission in Florida. In June 2009, EECO has reported finding "good reasons" that Apple denied his promotions because of his age. Michael Katz thought that was not fair in the working contract so he demanded Apple must pay compensation $ 15,000 for him. EEOC mediation efforts between the two sides of the case but it were unsuccessful. And Human Relations Commission Florida did not make a decision on his case Katz.


In my opinion, I think Apple was wrong because every staff also has the right choose and hope about any positions which he/she think that he/she can done well. If Apple thinks that Mr. Katz is too old, company should not let him working. And if Apple think he cant work at that position, company has to tell him with the legitimate reason and persuade him accept his position. Moreover, Apple must have some other promotions for their employees so that employees will have more motive power to work and company will have more talented employees. America is a big nation which has a lot of different cultural from around the world, therefore the discrimination and racism is always existed.

Case in Europe:

According to THANHNIEN newspaper, in sports, especially in European countries, racist evils is detonators for violent behavior and uncultured from the fans. For examples:

In Italy, Roma and Lazio are the two teams play the same general headquarters in the capital. And Lazio hate black people. When Roma uses a black player, a fan of Lazio raises a big board with the words: "Roma, a team with all black people." This action makes the leaders of Lazio feel ashamed, and then they break the tradition by buying a black player to prove that they do not discriminate and racist. Results, the Lazio fans are also boycotting the black player of their team.

In France, discrimination of color usually happens less than discrimination of regions such as people from the southern of France think that people from northern of France are always lazy and boorish.


Not only in sports but also in society, in Europe, the discrimination with Romans are not being paid attention much but still considered one of the most serious issues about human rights. In history, Romans often forced assimilation, in some countries, their language was banned and children had to separate from their parents. The Roman communities suffer discrimination in many different aspects of life such as employment, housing, and education, access to justice or access to health care services. But now, that discrimination may have tendency lessening. According to the Times (USA), Spanish has about 970,000 Romans people live, accounted for 2% of the population. Every year, the authorities of Spain give 36 million Euros to help Romans settlement of the difficulties in life. Currently, 50% of Romans people have their own homes, have access to education, all children can go to school, and the unemployed were taught simple career skills in order to work for private companies. Not yet, the European Commission (EC) recognized Spain as a model for integration of Romans communities. The governments of Bulgaria, Slovakia, Hungary, Czechs and CH Romaine is the country of origin of the Romans, appointed some people to Spain to study problem-solving experience about the Romans. On the other hand, under EU law, any EU citizen including the Romans, also have the right to travel freely within the territory of the Member States and can stay in three months if they have the identity card or valid passport. They can stay longer if they find a job. But if want to deport them, the authorities must demonstrate a threat they posed to social security or social security burden.

In sum, these examples above have shown the discrimination and prejudice in Europe are very drastic, not only because of different cultures or different countries, but also because of the envy and rapacity. Now, all European countries agree together to make some strict laws and will punish strongly if someone or some groups related to the discrimination and prejudice. So that, those problems are reduced very much.

Case in Asia:

In Asia, the discrimination usually happens about the gender, especially in China. Tradition of Chinese people in the past, man always is the head of the family and has a lot of powers such as inherit all property and rich man can marry how many woman he wants, on the contrary, woman after get married will belong to her husband's family and will not have anything from their own parents. But, after fighting for the fairness, finally woman also has rights as the man. Woman can study, work, choose and marry person that she wants.

On the other hand, Asia is facing a tremendous challenge, a phenomenon that more men than women. According to a research by the Organization of the United Nations development, if women are treated equally, Asia will have about 90 million women. But today, many young people of some Indian states to the marriage age have to be remained single or marry wives very far from their home country. And the reasons that cause the situation above are:

The first is the one-child policy has lost the balance of the pyramid structure of the population in countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Taiwan, Korea and even Indonesia.

Second, the advances of medicine have made more boys born than girls. Especially modern ultrasound technology was soon able to tell the sex of the child in the womb and many couples aborted when they know it is a girl. This phenomenon has lead to the number of boys born more than 12% of girls in China, while South Korea is 15% and 6% in India.

Third, there are many modern women or women who lost faith about men; they choose living unmarried and no children.


In my opinion, I think those problems are like invisible war between men and women. But it can be solved if the government of each country enforces more interests for woman about everything such as participate into politic, more rights in society as well as in family, and have laws to protect women's rights and their children. If women feel fair and safety, they will not fight any more and everything will be back like before.


The discrimination and preconceptions are problems that always happen from past till now. As a human, we cant stop or solve all that problems forever because everybody has their own thinking and feeling, everybody also has their own culture and religion from their country or their family. Therefore, the only thing we can do is reducing the conflicts by trying to respect and keep peace with everyone. If some countries have so many different people and different cultures such as America and Europe, the government of each country must gather people together and try not to break the laws and has to punish very strictly and fairness if finding any discrimination and preconceptions happen. About work, management of diversity is very important for a company, so that managers should be aware of the importance of understanding the communication in company, create the strategy as well as the chances to make staffs working together, avoid cases of discrimination, stereotype and preconceptions.