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Coffee tables have been the centrepieces of our living rooms for hundreds of years now. They first made their appearance in British homes in the Victorian period where it became fashionable to have people visit and serve tea or coffee.

These long, low and stylish tables are also used for books magazines and other small items. Over the years they have traditionally been made of wood but today coffee tables come in different materials and styles. You can find glass coffee tables, retro coffee tables, designer coffee tables and more recently the high-gloss coffee table.

When you select a coffee table for your home you can choose something that integrates with and matches your existing décor. Alternatively, you can select a coffee table that is a contrasting and striking piece of furniture. It all comes down to your tastes. If you like your furniture to make a real statement then a standout coffee table is the best buy. If you prefer things to match and integrate then you should purchase a coffee table that goes with your existing furnishings.

Whichever choice you make your coffee table will be the centrepiece of your living room and it's something that you need to think about before buying. A coffee table is little bit like a piece of art because it is one of the first things that people see when they come into a room. Even a cheap coffee table can make a powerful impact on a room. So you need to buy something you really like and find very attractive.

(subhead) Glass coffee tables

A glass coffee table is a little bit like a mirror because it creates a spacious look within a room. If you have a small living room, glass is a good choice. The thickness of the glass on a coffee table makes the glass very strong, so you don't have to worry too much about getting a tempered glass coffee table. Glass coffee tables need more maintenance than other materials because they show dust and stains more easily. If you're looking for something striking yet simple consider the Livingston modern Italian designer style coffee table. This piece of furniture is a contemporary and slightly funky coffee table. The high gloss base comes in either red or black.

A more traditional design that reflects the 1940s and 1950s is this simple yet stylish Kayden modern glass coffee table with chrome base. This beautiful piece of furniture has a solid, chunky feel and features black glass on the surface. In a similar vein but more traditional is the new Visarge contemporary glass coffee table, with a wooden base and a clear glass table top. The snug underneath the glass top is ideal for storing any additional items, such as TV guides, remote controls and books or games.

The Togo modern black glass coffee table is both attractive and durable. It is made from tempered glass therefore could also be used for heavier electrical items such as TVs and hi-fi equipment. You can see our full range of glass coffee tables here:

(Subhead) Wood or wood effect coffee tables

Wood or wood effect coffee tables give a more solid look to a room. One of the advantages of wood over glass is that wooden coffee tables can include draws which means they provide storage space. Grand furniture Birmingham carries the Orlando modern oak wooden which works well in a modern or more classically furnished room. This table has three draws and a low-slung shelf.

For people with more classic tastes the Corona rustic wooden coffee table is a perfect choice. It's made from solid pine, has one draw and features lovely detailing. Also classic is the Hailey wooden coffee table made from solid ash. It has a natural contemporary look and includes one draw for storage.

Looking for something modern and simple in wood? Then check out the Audrey coffee table with standout slatted sides and a spacious ash veneer table top. Also worthy of consideration is the Cairo solid oak coffee table - a stylish and sophisticated piece made from solid American white oak with a rich oil finish. This table will definitely add warmth to your home and bring compliments from your friends too!

Do you want something with contrasting materials? You can buy modern wooden coffee tables with glass or high-gloss tops. Take the Stanley coffee table. It is made from tropical hardwood and with an inlaid strip of frosted glass running through the middle of the surface. This is a funky coffee table that will add character to any living room. Slightly more traditional is the Harmony contemporary coffee table - which as the name implies is a combination of walnut wood with a black high-gloss surface.

(Subhead) High gloss coffee tables

High-gloss coffee tables are usually finished with lacquer, creating a bright sheen. The glossy effect of these tables means that they are a stunning focal point in your living room. If you seek something slightly unusual then a high-gloss coffee table is the way to go. The Wendy high-gloss coffee table is a beautiful piece of furniture. This round black table has a base that forms the under snug area used for storage. As a contemporary piece it is amazing, with a distinctive design and standout features.

Another brilliant glossy piece is the Taunton modern high-gloss coffee table. This low and long table is white with a glass shelf running below the main table for storage. If you want the impact of contrasting colours, view the Gibson modern high-gloss coffee table. Its prominent criss-cross design places black-and-white sections together and it works well in any modern, sleek living space.

If your tastes are a bit more classic but you still like the appeal of high-gloss then there is the Prague white high-gloss coffee table. Its design is classic with a shelf running under the main table for storage, while a high-gloss finish gives it a modern and reflective character.

Things to think about before you buy a coffee table:

Consider how you might want to use the coffee table. If storage is important look for a piece of furniture with drawers or shelves.

If your room is small then opt for a glass coffee table if possible. Glass helps give a sense of space.

Unsure about style? Ask yourself these questions: do I want my coffee table to fade into its surroundings or do I want it to be the star attraction of the living room? Your answers will help you decide whether or not to get classic coffee table, a funky coffee table, a designer coffee table or a high gloss coffee table.

Coffee tables come in different heights and in different sizes. Everyone has different views on how high a coffee table should be. Think about the right height for you and your room. Measure the height of your furniture including seats before you buy.

If you have kids who haven't yet got into the habit of using coasters you might not want to go for a wooden coffee table. Drink cans, cups and glasses may leave marks on a wood coffee table.

If you've got different materials and textures in your living room and can't decide whether to get wood, glass or gloss, don't worry. Today lots of coffee tables are made with a mix of materials, such as wood with glass inserts, glass and metal, or high-gloss and glass.

Coffee tables aren't just for living rooms. They can make a striking impact in conservatories, larger kitchens, bedrooms, TV rooms, and offices.

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