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Even though all of us experience an economic pinch at certain points in our lives, we may not be willing to give up certain hair and skin care products that we are used to. What we can do then, to save money, is to replace expensive products with natural and home made stuff which we can easily make at home, whether it is a conditioner, cleanser, bleach or a smoothening cream. There are numerous items which we use in the kitchen, from which we can make our own hair care products. Some of these are avocado, beer, eggs, mayonnaise, tomato, vinegar and vegetables.

Avacado: This fruit is full of vitamins and its paste all by itself or mixed with lime juice or aloe or mayonnaise is a wonderful conditioner, especially for dry hair. Apply for 15-20 minutes before rinsing it well.

Beer: It is a good conditioner too, and well flat beer is better than the fizzed one. Apply till the very ends of the hair. It can repair damaged hair and can give body, shine and softness to the hair. Avoid strong smelling ones that can leave an awful odor in the hair.

Egg: Egg with its natural fatty acids that can nourish the hair follicles and prevent split ends, is a cheap but healthy hair conditioner. Mix egg with olive oil and water and apply just like any other conditioner and rinse well after 15 minutes.

Mayonnaise: This is an age old formula with natural oils and vitamins for giving your hair softness and shine. However, for better effect mix an egg or a portion of olive oil that can give additional bounce to your hair.

Tomato Juice: This, when used undiluted on shampooed hair, is a good conditioner to get rid of foul odor, especially on children's hair. Apply for 5-10 minutes and then wash off.

Vegetable Glycerin: This is particularly good for frizzy hair. Mix a small portion of this with any other styling product and apply as usual, wet or dry. If the ends are damaged, pour little on your palm rub with both the hands and apply gently on your hair and then do your styling.

Vinegar: Vinegar mixed with water is a good rinse and vinegar has many natural properties. It can control the bacteria growing on the scalp and prevent dandruff. It can even be used to untangle knotted hair. The application gives a luster to your hair, leaving it in your hair is not harmful.


           Hair styling products and their uses

There are various types of hairstyling products and it would be advisable to know about some of the common ones, as this may help you to choose exactly what your hair needs.


       Anti frizz products are used on dry, wavy or curly hair to either straighten them or make them look flat. Hair Shine and Hair Gloss are just a few other names for these anti frizz serums. They are mostly silicon based and should be used cautiously, since too much of these can make the hair look very oily. Wax also comes under this category. This is used to add texture to the hair. This is normally applied a little away from the roots of the hair and up to the ends, but never on the scalp. Another hairstyling product is Paste, which is a lighter version of wax and the good thing about this is that it lets you style your hair in any manner you want, thus adding flexibility to hair styling. Spiking glue, as the name says helps to glue your hair together and make them stand as spikes, to help you create a punk style. 

   Pomades, though thick, are more natural than wax or glues. The application of this can be used for classy styling as it gives the hair a unique shine. But to clean it, you may need several washes.

        Another styling product is Root lifts, which is applied to the roots of the hair using the fingers and when it dries a bit different styles can be created with ease. Gel is one of the most versatile hair styling products that can be applied to all types of hair. It is best applied with hands, for an even distribution. Mousse or foam is the lightest of hair styling products but it can still hold all types of styles in place. However, it is better to avoid mousse that contains alcohol, because alcohol can make your hair dry. 

        Hair spray is another product that is used to keep the hairstyle intact and is available in different varieties to suit all types of hair. This gives flexibility to the hair and keeps the style for a long period.

                                 Sugar Free Sweeteners-Good Or Bad

      Obesity and diabetes are the two major reasons for anybody to start searching for a substitute for sugar, which is the real cause of these two maladies. From early twentieth century, many sugar substitutes have been in the market and many a mysteries hovering around these products. What we are trying here is to bring into the lime light certain facts and truths about these sugar substitutes. This may also help to minimize the confusion in choosing the right sugar substitute. 


It came in to the market during the early 1900s and is considered the oldest of artificial sweeteners. Though some scientists certify it as safe, it has failed to be a perfect choice for cooking and baking. The metallic taste it leaves behind has also made it loose many consumers.

    From the very introduction of this artificial sweetener, its regular use has been accused of being the cause of many illnesses such as cancer, multiple sclerosis epilepsy, migraine etc. Though research on this is still on, its popularity is becoming low due to the fear of its side effects. 


Aspartame is another artificial sweetener that has been in the market since 80s. It is marketed under various brand names such as Equal, Equal Measure, Nutra Sweet and Spoonful. It is 200 times sweeter than sugar, and has thus gained popularity.


Stevia is a plant based sugar substitute. Though it's been in use only for over a decade, it is used mostly in preparation of in low-cab and low sugar foods, meant for obesity and high blood sugar patients. Results show that it has a positive effect on the patients. Another quality of Stevia is that it does not cause sudden variation in the blood sugar levels.


This is sugar substitute which has certain superior qualities. It remains stable when heated and has a compositional structure that remains unaltered even under varying chemical combinations. These qualities have made it the best, for cooking and baking. When used for cooking, only a small quantity is needed to sweeten foods and drinks. Also its resemblance to regular sugar adds to its commercial value. Navella, Splenda and Sucra Plus are some of the brand names for this sugar substitute.


 Though 100 % safety is not guaranteed, everyone believes that consumption of the substitute sweetener in small quantities is acceptable. But as we all know too much of anything - irrespective of how good or healthy it may be is certainly not recommended.


                      How to Keep Your Hair Colour From Fading

After having spent valuable time and money, nobody would be happy to see their hair color fading just after a few washes, especially when you have managed to acquire the perfect shade after a lot of effort. Here are a few tips to make your hair color last longer - shining and looking fresh.

      Before you get down to coloring, be sure your hair is clean and healthy. If you spot any type of damage give your hair time to get back into a healthy state. Avoid immediate washing and conditioning before coloring. A gap of at least 24-36 hrs would be ideal, so that the hair builds up its natural oils. This will enable the color to stick firmly to the hair and stay on for longer.

      Once the coloring is done successfully, use only superior quality shampoos and conditioners to add more life to your hair color.  Be sure to use a shampoo and conditioner that are specifically labeled as 'color retaining' or 'color enhancing'. While changing the brand of the shampoo and conditioner, importance should be given to the conditioner as this is the key element that will prevent the hair color from fading.

      Another important factor to remember is not to over-shampoo - keep in mind to cut down the use of shampoo to twice or thrice a week, at the most. The quality of the shampoo is very important, as only a small amount will be enough if the quality of the shampoo is good. Shampoos of inferior quality can take away your hair's natural oils too, besides damaging the hair color. So it is better to start using color enhancing and non-lathering type of shampoos to help your hair retain the hair color for longer.

      You must also pay attention to the type of water you use. First and foremost, if it is hard water, you have to use softening agents because hard water contains minerals that harm the hair shaft, which will in-turn speed up the fading of the hair color. Also don't use very hot water for washing, as hot water tends to lighten the hair color, especially all the shades of red. Use only warm water for shampooing and end your hair wash with a cold water rinse. Exposing the hair to too much sun also has the same effect as the use of hot water. Too much sun is not good even for the health of your hair. It is better to use a scarf to avoid the damage, or another alternative is to apply a deep conditioner that will negate the sun's heat and protect your hair.

     Lastly, let there be a gap of at least two weeks between hair coloring and other chemical hair treatments like perming. The chemicals used for the perm can change the color or even completely wash off the hair color, if it's done too soon after the coloring. The best option is to go in for hair coloring only after a week of getting a hair perm. 

                                   Blondes, Brunettes and Red Heads- who is hotter?

      Women, in general love changing the color of the hair. There are many implications attributed to this craze about hair color. The ancient Egyptians who used Henna to color their hair, thought that it gave them more sex appeal. Some believe changing hair color is a way of changing their looks and their inner spirit. It is also said, to create an impression, one's physique, eye and hair color play a vital role. Anyway, leaving all these discussions behind lets find out which hair colors are the hottest.

Blondes: The expression 'dumb blonde' originated in Hollywood. In the forties many aspiring actors, in order to attract attention bleached their hair to look blonde and they succeeded in grabbing some small roles, usually sexy or comical roles. Even when they went up the ladder, a type of innocence prevailed on their faces and got stamped as 'dumb blondes'. But for many, this going blonde, was a smart step and they proved they were much smarter and had sharper brains behind their naive looks. Maryl Monroe, Goldie Hawn, her daughter Hundson are a few to be named, who proved that there is not anything dumb about being blonde. Here, though the cliche "blondes are dumb" has lost its truth, the other saying "blondes have more fun'' cannot be ruled out.

Brunettes: So you think they are smarter? Though you cannot relate intelligence with the hair color, in general there are more smart brunettes than blondes for the simple reason that they outnumber the blondes. However, brunettes are enjoying a sudden popularity now. It is because some of the hottest blondes changed to darker shades to suit their new role. The impression, the new personality created, attracted substantial roles for them. For example, Jessica Alba became more popular with her role as the dark haired beauty in 'Dark Angel'. But there is also Drew Barrymore who did well in many roles no matter what her hair color was.

Red Heads: The general opinion is that red heads are hot tempered. But certain famous red heads like Lucille Ball, was famous for her even temperament. They also share a blondes' claim as being sexy. Brunettes think they are more in-demand because they are a minority and men think that there is something mysterious and attractive about brunettes.

So, who's hotter?

It is not the hair color that indicates one's intelligence, glamor or sex appeal. But all   these traits are part of a woman's personality. Every woman should be smart enough to project whatever she wants to be seen as, and changing hair color is just one part of the game.