Globalisation And Cross Culture Management Cultural Studies Essay

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In the 21th century, world looks like a global village. Each person can go here and there in all the world due to globlisation. Nation is coming very close to each other. They launch working jointly. Every person has different culture from different country. They speak their different tongue. What when they doing work in different background and with different people they are facing many problems. What the troubles these are? Many people start their business in different countries. What they come from different places. In this situation they replace their way of life. At the time of working they face a lot of problems. Most of people are facing language problems. They don't know about different culture, on different types of working lifestyle, different ways of compliments, and about different kinds dressing sense. On the other hand they are find achievement in their business but they cannot avoid the cross culture differences. For the example people come closer only for become a successful person, they want to more success in the business. And they do not wish for to accepting and regarding to each other's culture. They cannot do job jointly. It is not very easy to know and learn different language culture and value their holy work in a group or in an equal place. Several people have their manner problems. They always say that their culture is the best in the world. But it is not a good habit. They always try to explain that they are greater than another culture. It is a big matter for every business man and a serious problem for society. This type of feelings lead to conflicts and it leaves a bad effect on the organization. If any person wants to become a successful business man, and he wants to work on a international stage, he has to know the all culture and he has to respecting the every culture. In the cross culture every person face the many challenges and barriers. Communication is the first good idea to understand to another culture. Communication is the best way in success. If we are a good communicate, we get many goals. Communication is the middle of transferring thoughts, skills, and information from one person to another person. In the all things the communication is the major problem in whole world. If we are a good communicate, we never face too much problems. And we become a successful person. So we have to understand each other's culture and respecting their religious also. In the winner of big business cross culture communication plays a very important role.


CULTURE: - every people have different culture. On the other hand we can say that society is the union by those public shows the manners, understanding, and thoughts among the group of people well-known as a culture is a especially important part of all societies. For the survival of a people, the culture is very essential. In this way we can share our ideas, manners, and skills also. If we are doing business with different culture people, we learn more experience. We can gain more knowledge.

Culture is not only sharing the idea and thoughts, it is very important for keep control in the world. And it is sharing our feelings and emotions. Every country has own culture. Every people have their own thoughts about their culture. We can't change their thoughts. Culture is the vital method for humanity because it helps us to how to gain knowledge of the activities and which is the way of living in another society. We can more learn about culture from our relatives and neighboring.

It doesn't matter that so as to be born in which culture or not. A person always accepts or follows his/her culture where he bought up and doing. Culture gives us unique personality or it gives us our own identify. Every person and culture has their own importance, background, and patterns, main opinion act. Which people communicate with a new person?

Point of the study:-

Which is the best way that how can people improve communication in business.

How to overcome communication barriers.

How can us agreement with culture shock.

How can we deal with cross culture?

How can us arrangement with new society.


Culture:- in the society culture is play a very important role to maintain the regulation. The culture is not only sharing the ideas information connecting the people but it is also the sharing the feelings and emotions among the people in the society. We can see the films, human being and make a good judgment of what we see and how we manage physically from the culture. We can show the three things that is basic level of culture like as first is regional, second is countrywide level and the third and last is organizational level.

Cross culture:-

When any person from different culture and he is talking with any other person who is from particular culture called as a cross-culture communication. If anybody going to another place from his/her state and he/she find different culture from that culture that is a cross-culture. It is depend on situation or communication. Every person will get several newest and or special things about his culture such as different way of life, different types of dressing sense and food also. If he wants a culture exchange he will try to adopt something from new culture. It is cross culture.

In our world there are many difference between everyone culture like as

1. Different speaking methods

2. Argument to different approach

3. Everyone have his personal working method

4. There are different styles of management

5. Everybody has their own common-sense

Culture shock:-

If anybody change their own culture in another culture and his new culture is not similar their previous back-

Ground but he never realize about different culture

And he forever fails to know that culture that is called culture shock. Everybody face these problems on a new place, new people and learn the ways of in a different country. Culture shock also includes distress of being removed from their family and their relations. In a culture shock little matters or mistakes worried us. But the main matter in the culture shock is a new type of weather and changing food act. These are main causes in culture shock. Everybody does not accept these things. We can discussion about culture shock:-

drop in performance

feelings of aloneness


home sickness

Challenges of cross culture:-

In this world about 21st century managing cross culture is very difficult because every country has multicultural population. Some people has not face many troubles in speaking other people because they have same culture, they face little bit problems. But on the other hand there are not same situation with every person. There is some negative effect in cross- culture known as challenge increase culture communication. Culture is the main berries easy when two culture similarities.

Several times people face lots of problems because they adopted a new culture and they do not want any change.

There are many common challenges of cross-culture communication as follows:-


tradition and religion

Communication:- it is a major problem which is facing in a new culture. It is not an easy task. There are many countries in our world. Every country has their own language. But some country use common words. Every person who has a different culture for all time faces a difficulty in communicates to local people. Today is modern era. Now days, many countries used the English language. And English is the common language in every country. And many people who knows English, facing less communication problems in another country.

Tradition and religion: - in every culture tradition is the base. Every culture has own customs, importance, and background. It is not easy for any person that he accepts easily different society because every culture is different to other culture. Every people cannot adjust in different culture. But others who adjust the different culture also face many kind problems like culture shock.

On the other hand religion is extremely comprehensive word. In same country and in same culture like India, Pakistan and some others countries there are a number of religions-restriction. But in European countries each person is open mind to do whatever he wants. And when a Indian or Pakistani and every Asian people come in the European countries he feels no better than his own countries. Because it is totally changes. So he does not accept easily that culture. Tradition and religions play a very important part in a cross culture.

Extra major challenges are:-

A lot of people are their attitude problems.

Lake of government interest.

Lake of alertness.

Lake of public support.

Lake of interest in knowing latest things.

Working habits are not equal.

Now we are discussion on the advantages and dis-advantages of cross-culture:-


Every person knows new things from cross-culture.

Cross-culture makes new friends and new relations.

It is devolve common understanding.

Cross-culture is improving communication skills.


Possibility of miscommunication.

Understanding and touching feelings are not capable.


Individual decision

If we want to go in a cross culture we will have to adopt some rules:-

Never contrast your culture to new culture.

Always pay attention carefully about different people views.

Never think about your communication that it is good from others.

Improving your speaking and listing.

Only watch the condition and never do any fight.

Be peaceful.

Always use the common and simple language.

Always try to accept new things.

Never torture anybody.

Respect all religions.

Conclusion:-in our world everybody has different views about culture. It is not easy to define. The range is culture is extremely large. It is a very difficult period. But on my opinion it is easy that we can adopt any culture, but not for everyone. Managing cross-culture is very important for a business reason; however it is not a simple work. There is a powerful relation between cross culture statement and achievement of business. Everybody can solve their many problems linked to cross-culture throe the business.