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Advertisement is the special performance of modern culture spirit. As a means of reflecting the reality, advertising language also is the component of culture. Advertisements adjust people's activity or bring the society effect into play. Advertisement is a multi-language arts conveying information to people and using language for the carrier (Chen, 2000:12).Therefore, the advertising language should be simple and easily understood, fluency and clear, we should also pay attention to the rhetoric manner at the same time. Chinese and Western advertisement cited a variety of rhetoric to achieve the effect of merchandise promotion, and consumers are not consciously deepened the impression of the product after gaining the spirit edifying and enjoying aesthetic feeling, arousing people's desire to buy it , such as antithesis, Hyperbole, Parody, metaphor, rhyme and repeatedly. Etc

Owing to the differences of Chinese and Western culture, the representation form is diverse. Advertising language also manifests different culture values and thinking mode. Chinese and Western culture has large different culture background, customs, behavior conduct and way of life. Thus, advertisers will no doubt consider the demands of consumer through their cultural background. There I list some examples of advertisement to compare and analyze how the Chinese and Western national culture influence their advertising language:

what the different of ads language in Chinese and English

Language Differences

Language is the carrier of culture, every word stands for one meaning. When we speak mother language in our hometown, which must be easy. But in the trend of globalization, every country should communicate with others, so do China and America. These two different languages are obstacles when the two countries are exchanging cultures. In the advertising across culture transmission, the function of 

language is very obvious. Although America has 50 states, American language is very unified, there is no dialect. American people study standard American English very hard. The unit of language brings the unit of culture. The unit of culture means the unit of social values. If one production will be generalized, it just only shows "National AD" in ABC, CBS NBC, CNN and FOX. This is also called unit of advertising. It brings convenience for American business to set market, at the same time, unit advertising influences the whole America. In China, there are many dialects so that it is difficult to set a conception of national advertising. We call the dialects advertising "Local AD". The number of TV station is 3125 in China. This is the largest number in the world at this moment. So the advertising effect is not very good from central TV station to regional TV station. All of these are basis on the actuality of China.

The Chinese advertising language is high text; it pays more attention to the audio model and notion. They make a nice atmosphere so that audience has an intuition or favor about the productions. They are particular about appreciation. For example, this kind of advertising content is that one family is drinking milk, the language shows concern for the health nice future of your family members. The American advertising language is objective, refined, such as this milk advertising. First, audiences watch milk milked into the barrel and listen to the sound. Then lens move up and one's surprise it is not a cow but is a bottle of milk. This can show that this brand of milk is very fresh. The whole advertising is no language but the persuasion is very strong.

2. Slogan

Slogan is another type of language in advertising. The functions of it is that it can help businesses set their images and transmit them to the customers. For example, Ford car has a slogan in advertising: Have you driven a Ford… lately? McDonald's slogan is: Good time, Great taste, McDonald's. BMW's slogan is: The Ultimate                      (McDonald's slogan)

Driving Machine. Coca Cola's slogan is: Can't beat the feeling. Pepsis's slogan is: The choice of a new generation. LG's slogan is: Life's good. Nike's slogan is: Just do it. IBM's slogan is: No business too small, no problem too big. China telecom's slogan is: Always with you. Toyota's slogan is: Poetry in motion, dancing close to me. Panasonic's slogan is: Ideas for life. Nippon's slogan is: Working beautifully  

everywhere. But all of these slogans cannot keep it all the time. They will be changed with the change of sales promotion. So we say slogan is not a static type. If copywriter can connect skill of language with sales promotion, this slogan must be successful.

   Thereof, the language of advertising is not only an art, but also a science.

IV. Analysis why their different

A.1Different use of language

China: Chinese poem, Chinese one word to several meanings, Chinese word pronunciation to other word

English: English simple and easy understanding, popular saying, quoting from movie or news

A.2 Different Philosophy concept

The Chinese nation has insists that the heaven and human units as the harmonious one. For example: something unexpected may happen any time, I have life insurance (The People's Insurance Company of China).This ad indicates that people are not afraid of accident because the people have insurance. The accident and insurance is a unit and are dispensable. That the business loves customs is showed in this ad and it will come to an agreement between them. At last the goal of the ad comes into truth. (Mueller, 1966:66).

But in western culture they insist the standpoint of pluralistic. They pay attention to diversity and changes of material, emphasis specially on the change and difference of the nature ,stressed that personal freedom 、 self-development and personal enterprise. The biggest different between harmonious and pluralists if that the pluralists is not limited. Look at this English ad:Olympus, No limits. There is little you can't be with the Olympus Zoom Lens Reflex series. The all-in-X cameras that won't limit your creative ability. (Olympus camera). The camera have one more features make photographs produce different then to reflect individual creativity is in the continuing development and is not limited in this ad. The advertisements show the ultimate challenge and seek freedom can greatly stimulate consumer desire so enthusiastic consumption. (Chen, 2000:33)

A.3 Different views and attitudes oriented, the cultural values

Chinese cultural has a long history and the alcohol cultural is significant. To illustrate the quality of goods, they attempt to explain how long the water life by quotating the history. For example: (1) Legend quality, Century ZHANG YU.( ZHANG YU Tokay) (2) Tang palace drink, JIAN NAN CHUN (JIAN NAN CHUN Drink) Those two alcohol's long history were given expression to only sentences, showing the deep feeling toward consumers, narrowing the gap between the products and consumers (Chen, 2000: 62).

The Western countries insisted the short term oriented culture; the main reason is the history is shorter than China. They don't do the business like Chinese who often use the factors of history and tradition, but use the strong and direct marketing strategy (hard sale), a product of the "immediate results" as a selling point. For example: "go and get it at once", "buy it" , "fit it well", "take action right now", "call now" etc. is the common use in foreign ads (Zhu, 1996:50).

Value is the different views and attitudes of people regarding the matter. China is a traditional agricultural economy society, it is said that Chinese cultural system emphasized the collectivism and authoritative character, using the natural value orientation. This ad is a manifestation of this feature of Chinese culture: HUA LI killing mosquito tool-"silence without mosquito" dedication. This ad was excellent for using the partial tone of "mosquito" and "listen". It builds the image of unknown to public dedication of products and corporation. To praises of the heroes of our community who quietly worked hard, this identity arouses the resonance in the minds of vast consumers.

But in the Western capital society, individualism、equality and the dominant natural were the orientation ,they stress personality differences. This can be seen from many American ads products, there are many differences trying to explain from, even in the absence of any differences as well. In the United States ads, there is a popular phrase, it would be: to create different. For example: One airline painted the vivid colors on the airframe in order to catch people's eye. In fact, the plane and service of other airplane company are not much different.

A.4 Different cultural psychology

Advertiser often reflecting takes me the psychology and tries to appear the customers. Ads reflected the cultural psychology of language is quite common. Such as:1、congratulate to make a pile to welcome new year, have long luck Goldlion (Goldlion wearing advertisement); 2、WEI LI washing machine, dedicated to a mother. (WEI LI washing machine); the advertising language cater to the cultural psychology of Chinese, has persuaded function. Good fortune、salary、longevity 、happy and wealth were the symbol of Chinese traditional culture. Chinese have the psychology of hearing nice words, so many products related to the common use show menu of the family affection. For example: "A lot of good luck, a lot of satisfaction" (FU MAN DUO instant noodles) (Yao, 2000:4)and "A bowl nice glue ball round and round , a good reunion after eating (a advertisement of Chinese glutinous rice flour) are two types examples which emphasis Chinese value. (Yao, 2000:16) In contrast, the Western culture takes more emphasis on independence and individuality; their ads pay more attention to character display, ideas and humor. "Kodak film and your family happiness" (Yao, 2000:22) Is a popular advertisement in China's market, but its ads in U.S is a picture of one boy holding ponchos in one hand, and the other standing on a sword with the statements. "He just killed his last dragon". (Yao, 2000:30) Kodak keeps happiness for Chinese, keep the feat for American.

The whole world has a common human emotion, such as kinship, friendship and love, but the expression is different. Westerners are more candid and Asians are more subtle. "Using your telephone to transmit love". Bell Telephone Company deliver the message by illustrating picture of that: the daughter of an elderly parent far away give a phone call to them and say "I love you", and excite the older parents by contract." Find one day for us to look through the romantic" (ads of one Hotel in Taipei) this conveys the love between husband and wife. The romance is subtle (Shen, 1999:20).

In accordance with Chinese laws the content in ads about ethnic racial difference and gender discrimination is illegal, ads language must be truthful and standardized. It should conform to the construction of socialist spiritual civilization. The following example shows the difference. One American company plants to recruit a female secretary, who looks like puberty girl, thinks like an adult male, walks like adult woman, works like a donkey! In American culture, this parlance has humorous effect. But it makes Chinese viewers angry: because it has the discrimination meaning toward to the female and the donkey means stupid in Chinese culture.

Below there are two ads of advocating non-smoking: The first one was a foreign plane that will make public service announcements, its center is a picture of a rifle, a bullet and a cigarette. The title is: rapid death, slow suicide. This ad directly put the death linked to smoking the language is explicit and straightforward, and has a strong visual impact. It works with undisguised and straightforward method of smoking hazards, to alert people not to smoke. However the other one is a domestic television commercial. It shows us that there is a glass of water on the table, and then a drop of ink is dropping in it, after that clean water turning into muddy, and the last is bigger ,with three drops... until the whole clean water mixed to dirty completely. Accompanied outer sound: "If smokes, the lung of us will be like this cup of water..." ( Shen,1999:36) This ads like the first one, want to remind people of the hazards on body health, but it keeps away from the death and through the subtle language like the clean water become muddy, hints the relations between smoking and death. The ads above show the different cultural atmosphere of different nation and countries. From this, we can see that the foreign ads try to forbid smoking strongly and straightforwardly, but local ads is meant to remind the rise of smoking people quit smoking subtly and unobjectionable. The western ads make people think seriously after shocked, the domestic ads is allowed people know the hazards while tasting. This is not just the feeling difference of performance, but more important is that it is through language and images to reflect the cultural differences.

A.5 Different cultural social atmosphere

Chinese people are not accustomed to express their ideas directly, but to use the euphemism, tortuous way to express. Han nationality affected by Confucian ideas is modest, introverted and conservative. This is unlike European and American national export and lively personality. In France, for example, a perfume advertisement: "The one drop is to the beauty, two drop is for the lover, three drop is enough to lead to one love affair." (Zhu,1999:28). French people think that this expression is very romantic and attractive, but Chinese consumers think it hard to accept this extreme expression. Three drops can bring a love is fast open. Chinese people are conservative and cautious. They believe down-to-earth do not believe that asking for the moon. So the instant love more difficult to accept.

Chinese culture is known to family peace and harmonious, this is consistent with the physical environment, and this is related closely to the past several thousand years of self-sufficiency family's economy systems. For example, the "Confucian Temple home wine" ads "home state" (Li, 2002:10). Its ads creativity is from their wine name "home wine Confucian Temples" (Li, 2002:20) in "home". The phrase "Confucian Temple home wine, make people homesick." is able to touch the hearts of so many people, because it reflects the homesick feelings of the people. Linked the liquor with a long history of traditional Chinese culture, it shows a profound cultural implication. The ad has strong cultural features, the values embodied in ads does not seem the least competitive, utilitarian, but with a human feeling and a great reunion of the family. A.6 Different concept of authority and self-worth

Honor and certificates are often used as a tool to attract Chinese customers, because Chinese people always believe in authority. In fact, the honorary certificates don't relate to the products self characteristic. For example: Shanghai shoes factory recommends selection for the national well-known trademarks, famous trademarks in Shanghai, Ministry of light industry. Shanghai high-quality products. (Shanghai shoes factory), which is basically used for listing a large number of certificates and accolades in large space, this is persuasive to Chinese readers. These certificates and identification evidence means the reputation of high quality and reliable assurance. Several thousand years of feudal system produced the firm official position worship; the idea has been affecting the country. The government awarded a certificate of honor and technology to company, than the certificates have priceless efficiency.

In sharp contrast with China's ads, English ads is not seen such expression in the ads. Even some international brands and ads will not honor any identification certificates to prove. In the British-based culture, people pursue the self-worth, not deliberately seeking to cross over location. Through individual efforts to shoot for success in career means the dramatic increase of social status and material wealth. The practical spirit has been fully reflected in ads. This can be seen in the following example: Selected by James Bond the sign of Excellence (OMEGA) Switzerland famous swatch, superb work and expensive, is the best option of successful people. Ads have chosen James Bond, the successful spy, to represent the swatch, he has a tremendous attraction for ads, has galactic impel power.