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I would like to choose a local Fast Food company “in depth analysis” of the business and its financial performance due to “Fast Food cultural” is very popular in Hong Kong.

“Café de Coral was established on Oct 1968 and the first restaurant was opened on Sept 1969. The Group (0341) had went public on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong in July 1986, which the first publicly-listed company of its kind in Hong Kong.

They are the largest publicly listed Chinese Fast Food restaurant group in the world with over 330 outlets in Asia Pacific region, and over 200 quick service restaurants in North America. They have over 540 outlets, over 120 outlets and 75 outlets are operated under the household name of Café de Coral, New Asia Dabao, Manchu Wok and Oliver's Super Sandwiches. They also have a range of specialty restaurants include Spaghetti House, Bravo le Café, Super Super Congee and Noodles, Bistro M and Ah Yee Leng Tong in global market.

The Group has developed the institutional catering business and build-up the brand name into market leader in the field since the early 90's. Their customer network was covering a wide range, such as hospitals, universities, private and public corporations, both in Hong Kong and Mainland China.

The Group had setup a Food Manufacturing plant in China to provide the Central Food Processing Facility Housed for all restaurants. These facilities provide the best operational logistics and quality control to backup the group's development. All of food processing lines were running on automated machines and quality control by own laboratory. They also have cold and dry stores to suitable for all kinds of food storages. Due to more centralize their purchasing power so they have increased the bargaining power to deal with their sourcing to get the better volume discount and provide the quality standards goods. The acquisition of Scanfoods and Denny's Bakery in year 1997 and 2000 enhance the Group to further integrate the food manufacturing and distribution business in China. Scanfoods owns a factory in Dongguan to process and distributes ham, sausages and bacon products for over 1,000 Chinese customers.” (Reference from

Corporate Motto

“The tradename "Café de Coral" (大家樂) originates from the Chinese ideal of togetherness, forming a three-word logo literally meaning that both the shareholders, the customers and the staff, should be "all happy together" at "Café de Coral."

Our Corporate motto "A Hundred Points of Excellence" (100分) reflects our commitment to strive for excellence, as we make strategic business moves in a rapidly changing world. Profit is only a by-product of our undeviating pursuit of excellence to 100%.

As an undisputable market leader in the fast food and dining-out industry, Café de Coral has always prided itself on its product innovation and marketing excellence, with uncompromised standard to quality, unconditional service to our customers, and undivided commitment to excellence.

Looking back on 34 years of continuous sales and profit growth, the history of Café de Coral reflects a successful story whose character exemplifies what is unique about Hong Kong.” (Reference by

Corporate Mission

"To establish Café de Coral Holdings as a distinguished corporation in the food and catering industry as the world's largest Chinese quick service restaurant group, maintaining a publicly recognized leadership position in the mass-market, quick service restaurant chain business, with vertical and horizontal diversification towards the food services, food processing and distribution, catering and hospitality sectors in the world arena." (Reference by

Company Structure

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