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Hello, Good afternoon

1. Hello, good afternoon. Can you tell me your full name, please?

Yes, my full name is WEI-LI TAI

2. Ok, and what can I call you?

Please call me Eric.

3. Good. Where do you come from?

I come from Taiwan, 苗栗.

4. Can you show me your identification, please?

Of course, here is my passport.

Part 1

Accommodation / Family

1. What kind of town did you grow up in?

Well, I was born and grew up in 苗栗, a country place, which locates on the north of Taiwan, and most of local residents worked in agriculture. Furthermore, it is a peaceful place where everyone probably seemed to know neighbours.

2. Where would you take a tourist visiting your home town?

One of the most popular tourist place in my home town is 三義, in which there have the only one of the woodcarving museum in Taiwan, in which there are many characteristic woodcarvings in this museum. It is worthy to visit.

3. Can you tell me something about where you live now?

Yes, I've recently moved to Kaohsiung since I' studied the University.

4. Which type of accommodation do you live in? / What kind of home do you live in?

Mm…, I live in a large flat of community on the three-storey of the building in Kaohsiung City, which is near 中正arena, and from my accommodation to Kaohsiung station spends on about ten minutes by MRT.

5. Is there anything you particularly like about it?

The great thing about Kaohsiung city is a Bay-namely Shi-Hzuwan. Here you can taste fresh seafood and across the Shi-Hzuwan port by ferry.

Yes, near my accommodation have a sport park where I can bring my pet, it is a dog, to play and run, this is a good moment of my day life.

6. Is your accommodation modern or old-fashioned?

It is probably modern, with lift, remote controls for lighting, and wireless computers.

7. Can you tell me what the area you live in is like?

The neighbourhood where I live is very peaceful, at all times of the day it is really tranquil. I have to say it made me so happy.

8. Who do you live with?

Now, I lived with my mother, a quite kind person, in Kaohsiung, she's more than fifty years old, but full of life. And, My mother is a real estate agent..

9. How old is your sister?

She's older than me three years, about thirty years old. We've always got on really well and frequently contact with each other, by using telephone, e-mail, and webcam.

10. Where would you like to live?

I've never thought about this, but I image I prefer to live a modern and cultural city such as Taipei, or London and Tokyo because I lovely live in city place where convenience in transport and public facilities.

11. When was the last time you attended a family event?

Actually, I joined the family activities in the beginning of this April, because 4th April is a Chinese festival, Tomb Sweeping Day, during with the whole family have to clean our forerunners' tomb and commemorate them.

Work / Study

12. Where do you work/study?

Mm.., now I am undergraduate student of national university of Kaohsiung in Kaohsiung City. And I'm a senior student, and will graduate from university in June 2009.

13. What do you like about your work/study?

Actually, I learn a lot of specific knowledge in wide range of manufacture management. And I think It is very useful of my further study, in addition, I deeply believe that will help me competitiveness.

14. What would you like to do in the future? / what work or studies would you like to do in the future?

I'd really like to work in manufacturing factory. Because, I'm really fascinated by engineering and I believe that is full of possibilities.

15. Why are you taking ILETS test?

So I would like to study the Master of Science course in University of Birmingham in Britain. I think campus life abroad will be fascinating and could be a precious experience in my further career.

16. What are you going to studying?

I prefer to study mechanical engineering. I think I could be quite successful. Because I'm very motivated in it, I believe this would be the best fulfill my potential.


17. Well, that's change the subject and talk about your personal habits. What is your favourite food?

As far as I concerned, my favourite food is sea food such as cod or tuna fish, prawn (shrimp) and so on. They are delicious so much and full of useful vitamins and minerals.

18. Aha, and, what is the most important meal of the day for you?

Acutely, I think that the breakfast is the most important for me. Because morning hours are the best time of the day to work, though, having a good breakfast is necessary.

Past / Describe

19. Do you have any hobbies?

Well, I like playing basketball. Acutely, I'm interested at most outside sports. And, I'm also interested in watching them on TV at home.

20. What sorts of TV programmes do you like watching?

I am quiet keen on programmes related with sports, and I also like news and current affairs, but sometimes it makes me so sad.

21. What is your greatest fear?

Oh…I think my greatest fear is Snakes because I feel nauseated when they are moving.

22. What is your precious object?

I've got this watch that is bought from my girl friend. It has sentimental value for me, and it is very special and delicate.

Part 2

l Memories 回憶 過去的事

開頭先描述事件 + it was s adj + noun.

1. I'd like to talk about..., it was a rewarding experience, so fantasting.


1. An achievement rewarding experience

a mathematic TA

Senior high school in Taiyuan.

This experience helped me to learn not only how to responsibility for job but also


2. A pride event (incident) unforgettable experience (climb Mt. Morrison)

When I was teenager, I join a club activity

3 day , 5 degree ,often rained

Endurance, willpower

3. An adventure exciting big foreign adventure (Japan)

The journey with my friends around Japan brings back lots of memory

Can't understand language and sign, use the body language

Food was delicious, people full of street, lost with my parent

4. A special occasion formal occasion (my older sister wedding)

5. An experience exhilarating experience (learn fix computer myself)

6. A moment unforgettable moment (my older sister wedding)

A wedding in the middle of February

Chinese wedding is a kind of ceremony, during with lots of families who came from far away

Unforgettable moment because we always got on very well and she is a very good sister to take care of me while I was a kid.

7. A trip memorable travel (Japan)

l Descriptions (talk about) 描述

An idea job

An invention

A child game or toy

A book

One of neighbours

A shopping centre

A Chinese festival (tomb sweeping day)

An appliance or electronic devise

One of the most is XXX ,

Which means that…




In my opinion

l Comparison 比較

先簡單描述主題 + In my mind + …

I prefer A because…, which means that …

One of the most benefits is ….. the main drawback is that …, on balance

There are pros and cons of this. On the one hand, ………, on the other…., overall,…

l Predict speculation 推測

I would like to + …


if I Ved + noun, I would …

In my opinion,


l Process 過程

A handicraft made by you

A tool often use

Your favourite sport to watch or practice

Part 3

詢問看法: (表達己見 opinion)

Agree & disagree

先說正面 I support that the main difference is that

再說反面, conversely …. I know a lot of people don't agree

你支持的那一面, nevertheless, in my point of view, it is a good thing to ..

先說差異 Well, from my view, it is completely opposite.

(To my mind …)

結論加入意見 Personally, I think it's a really odd attitude.

(It seems to me that…)

1. How do you fell about internet shopping is a great thing? (對網路購物的感覺)

Well, I think internet shopping is a great thing for us. I personally believe that shopping by this way is more convenient than before. One example is that if something you want to buy but selling so far, it will spend a lot of time and money to get it. Conversely, we can shop from internet to avoid some troubles. Nevertheless I strongly support that it would be such a rewarding method, so fantasting.

比較: (比較東西,人,事,地方 comparison)

1. Is it better to go travelling A or B? (比較兩種方法)

2. https://www.ecommercegateway.co.uk/liverpool/step2.asp