Does modern technolgy make life more convenient

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Now the time of modernization. Every one know that technology have made our life very easier without technology we can't do any thing in our life at present time. Some people call this era is a technology era because in the last few years a lot of things invented by technology like radio, television, phones, computer and a lot of others things.

Here i would like to explain the type of technology. Firstly i will explain the moblie phones and landline phones. Every one knows that moblie is become the every one's need. Mobile is very good source of communication. If anyone go to out of station then mobilen helps us so much. We can talk very easily to other person any time and any where. Every one operate the mobile very easily because it's very good device of communication. Where as a lot of advantages where is a lot of disadvantage of mobile. Some time some people use the mobile with a wrong way. They use the mobile for robbries, blackmailing and so many other wrong purpose.

Second type of technology is television which is very useful for us and at present every one keep a television of their houses. When people tird from their work then they want something for refresh their mind at that time television help that people. Television is the best source to refersh their mind. In this way they feel very good. Childrens are also like television because they watch their favourite cartoons on the television. But where television gives is a lot of benefits there it gives a plenty of disadvantages like some people use a television in a wrong way. They  teas to other persons with their actavities. Specially adults use the television for the wrong purpose. In this way they don't under  stand what they are doing. Sometime children don't care their studies. They want to see only television every time. In this way their parents too worried about their future.

Third type of technology is washing and so many other machines are used in our homes at daily works. Nowdays everyone knows that ladies are the washing machines because in these days ladies are workings as compare to the gentes so they don't have much time to wash their clothes. At that time they need a washing machine for the clothes. In this way they save their time and in that time they can do their another work. But some time this machine harmful for the ladies because all the machine are related to the electricity.

FOURTH part of technology is computer. Computre is a very important thing in the present time. Everyone can use the computer very easily. It is very helpful for every one wether they are children, or adults and old persons. In every field computer are very neccessiery because computer do every work very fastly as compare to the man. Computre can do every work in the world. We can do every work like mathematic, entertainment, help to the police and any other person. If we want to talk other country to other person at that time computer help us a lot. We can talk very easily that person without spending any money. We can serach every thing on internet. If we want to collect a information about that field which we don't know about that then computer helpful us very much. But there are a lot of disadvantage of the computer like some people use the computer  for wrong purpose.

It is effect to our eyes . We trap a lot of disease.

Now  i  want to give my view of this point  that technology is not make our life easier as compare to the past life. I think the past time was  very safe as compare to the present time. In the past time people was not lazy because they had done their work with their own hands. At that time they did not believe the machines. For example when people go any where then they go their own foots they did not use the transport becausse in this way they kept fit their self. Now these days people do not want to go any where on their foots because they become a lazy. They want to go any place on their vehicles like bikes, cars. In this way they become very lazy n they do not keep fit their self. They victim with lot of problems. In the past time ladies did not use the any kind of machines though that was washing machines, micro waves and any other machine. They had done their works with their own hands. In this way they always happy n fit.

Technology does not make the life easier. Technology make the life very difficult because unemployment are very increased. Now every one want that their work finish very fastly. For this purpose they use the lot of machines and they don't want to do any work with the help of man.

Now in every field machines are use in  high level. Mostly people want to use the machines because they think that their work finish very fastly. They don't want to give any job to any person. All that things are done by technology. A big differece in communication at the present between past time. In the past time if people want to sent any massege by a human being but now it is very easy if we want to send any massege then we can send email and letter which is send within few mintes. But in the past time if people sent any massage that massage had dilvered with a many days.

In the past time people did not use the elercity.They used the candles and lamps. They did not use the blubs and any other kind of source of elercity. But the present time people do not live without elercity. They use the bulbs and other kind of source of elercity. Without elercity  human being's life does not work properly.

To sum up  i want to say that technology is useful for us but to some extent not a beyound limits. We should not depend on the technology completely. Where technology  is make our life easier there technology give a lot of problems like poullation, unemployment, laziness and so many other problems. So i think past life is very easy as compare to the present life.