Difference Between Organisational And Ethnic Culture Cultural Studies Essay

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The culture of the leader affects the style of his leadership in many ways. We can see this affect in his behaviour, language, way of doing work and how they dealing with others in business. It also affects his decision making skill. If culture of the leader affects the organisation than the culture of the organisation also affects the leadership style. The culture can affect how leader take decisions to select the good employees and give them promotion according to person's ability. Good leadership style affects the performance of the organisation and helps the organisation to achieve their goals. For example: I am working in countdown Tauranga. This is multicultural organisation. My manager is kiwi guy David Reid. He is very nice person. He is very hard working. He encourages and motivates all the employees. He understands an everybody problem and also solves these problems without any confusion. He likes to work in a team. He never shows that he is manager and we are workers and work under him any pressure. If there is any problem occur due to misunderstanding than he solve very intelligently. He behaves same to all the staff members though they are kiwi, Maori or Indian. I wear a turban but he never asked any wrong question about this like why you wear turban or come to work without turban etc? He gives the promotion to the hard working employees though he is Indian or kiwi. All this happen because of their culture or less power distance in Newzealand. He also belongs to this culture. This quality of his culture affects his leadership style directly. Due to his this good attitude all the employees work together and due to this team work the performance of the organisation improves and organisation achieving their goals successfully. (lecture notes from mona)

(b) Explain how your own approach might differ because of your own cultural perceptions and what will be the impact on your behaviour. Give suitable examples.

Ans.: When I am in the place of the David the situation will be totally different. Because I am from Indian culture and he is kiwi guy. There is lot difference between these two cultures. We both have different lifestyle, different culture, different language, different traditions and different thinking. David has more work experience at workplace than me in Newzealand. Because he is living in Newzealand since he had born. He experienced kiwi culture and understand the language English very well. His communication skill is better than me. I come here before 1 year so I have lass experience than David. I belong to Indian culture. Indian culture is very old typed culture. Indian culture is growing slowly. When I came to Newzealand then my thinking is not broad. I found difficulty to mix in the Newzealand culture. In India the power distance is more than Newzealand. When I am in the place of David then I don't feel satisfied because my communication skill not too good as compare to David and we have more power distance. David adjusts with every culture very rapidly. Sometime he eat food with other staff members .this create good relationship between all staff members. But according to my culture don't allow eating the shared food with another. All these things create problems between employees. But I will try to be like David or to adopt the culture which is beneficial for me for promotion and for the organisation to achieve their goals. I also need to improve my communication skill. I will try my best to do things which are helpful for me to achieve my goals in life and the organisational goals where I am working. If we want to be a good leader then we need to focus on planning, motivation, optimism, dynamism, intelligence, confidence and foresight. (lecture notes from mona)

Ques.3: Describe what you mean by a multicultural organisation. And also explain the advantages and disadvantages of being a leader in this type of organization. Provide suitable examples to support your comments.

Ans.: Multicultural Organisation: Multicultural Organization means the organization where people from different countries and regions of the world are working together in one organization under one roof. People working in this type of organization have different age, colours, religion, language, attitudes and values. Though they have different cultures but they work together under the rules and regulations of the organization. These types of organizations have their own dress ,own logo etc. Employees working in multicultural organization have to wear the dress given them by the organization. Due to globalisation people go from one country to another for better life. In Newzealand most of organizations are multicultural. Working as a leader in these organizations has good experience for leader. Because leader got a chance to dealing with the people belong to different cultures. Working as a leader in multicultural organization has many advantages and disadvantages. (lecture notes from mona)

Advantages of being a leader in multicultural organisation:

When we work as leader in this type of organisation then this give us opportunity to learn new skills and develop present skills. For example in countdown people from different countries work together, everyone has different style of working, it gives us a chance to learn new skills. This also helps us to increase our communication skill.

This also gives us a chance to learn about new cultures and traditions. For example in countdown people have different cultures are working together. This gives us a chance to learn about other cultures. In other words how the other culture people live and behave?

This also gives us a chance to adapt new cultures. Because sometime we do things according to our culture then it goes wrong. If we do these things according to another culture then it goes right. So it gives us a chance to adapt new cultures.

This also gives us a chance to be creative and problem solver. For example in countdown if any problem arise due to any Indian or people from another culture. Then it is easy to handle problem with the help of any employee who are from same culture of problem creator. Next time leader can solve problem easily. ( lecture notes from mona )

Disadvantages of being a leader in multicultural organization:

If there is any misunderstanding due to communication? Then it creates problem and conflicts are increased. It is not good for organisation's development.

It is very difficult to manage people from different cultures and religions. Because everybody has their own thinking, culture views beliefs and behaviour.

There are many interpersonal problems. It is very difficult to take decisions in multicultural organisation. Sometime you take decision then this is favour in two cultures and not favour in one culture, then you are ignored by that one culture. This creates conflicts between leader and followers.

Sometimes leader need do those types of things that are not right according to their culture or religion. For example I am working in countdown supermarket. I am working in liquor department in countdown. So I need to touch the bottles of the wines. But according to my culture we are not allowed to do this.

(Reference: from class handouts)