Difference Between Ethnic Organisational Cultures Cultural Studies Essay

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In the organizational culture teach the people to live together and teach themto follow the same rules and regulation but ethnic culture is based on ethnicity of workers as they all share some background

Organizational culture would change by time to time but ethnic culture never change.

In the organizational culture people get lot of knowledge about different culture and in ethnic culture people have knowledge about their own culture.

In the organizational culture helps influence behaviour and in ethnic culture behaviour depends on ethnic background of employes.

Ethnic culture more diverse then organic culture.

In ethnic culture the whole society make rules together but in organizational culture some selected persons make rules.

Q:2 Select a leadership example from a culture other than your own and:

(a) Explain how cultural perceptions may influence the leadership style and behaviour of the individual or organisation selected.Give suitable and relevant example to support ur arguments.

Ans: Every culture have their own ethical roils who being the symbols of that particular culture because their culture languages may be different.For example Australiyan people always use yup word to say yes.Britsh people use ya to say yes.their behaviour may be different.like kiwis are known for his soft behviour, aussi people are very rude.italiyan people are also rude for his employes some time they abuse their employes.japanies are famous for their hard work.they never waste their time.

I have selected a kiwi manager.I will explain about his leadership style.

At the present I m working in a resturant.it’s open 3 month ago. I m working their as a kitchen hand.Our manager is a kiwi guy.His name is Sid. All the guys who r working in resturant also kiwi. When first time I meet with him. I saw his behviour is so polite and friendly. He shows me every department of the restrant and he told me, resturant is going to open with in a week.At the opening day when I reached in resturant. He interduce me with all the staff members. He told me the position of the staff and he gave me proper knowledge about my work, how to work in the kitchen. He told us about food handling, safty and hygiene. First day I was scare because I am going to work with kiwi first time. Tell today I never seen him in aggressive mood. He always behave with me and other staff in friendly. One day he was singing a Indian song and I asked him where from u learn this song and he told me I have a Indian friend. One day resturant was very busy I was washing glasses, suddenly a glass fall down and broke, he came and ask me what happned here and I told him, one glass has broken he said no worries forget it and continue u r work. I was thinking after work he will be aggressive with me. But my thinking was wrong. It’s the best part of kiwi culture to be polite in any section. I realy impressed with this. It is the one of best thing that who I feel different then my culture manager. It is truth ethnic culture is effect on every one because every culture has own values and style.

(B) Explain how your own approach might differ because of your own cultural perception and what will be the impact of ur behaviour give sutable and relevant example to support ur arguments.

Ans: My culture perception leadership approach to most of the thing and issues are authoritarion,in our culture leader use the autocratic leadership style. All the decision taken by top level management with out discuss with employees. The leader make decision with out reference to any one else. Leader just give order that’s are our goals and complete it. In our culture everybody belives that work is worship. No body care about any one I might not be able to work alone. I always want discuss my task and goals with my employees and divide my task to my employees according to their experience. I always want my all employees work together with full confidence.

Q:3 Describe what u mean by a multicultural organisation. And also explain the advantages and disadvantages of being a leader in this type of organization you will be able to show u appreciate the positive and negitave aspecte of a leader in a multicultural organisation and be able to provide example to support your comments.

Ans: The meaning of multicultural organisation:The meaning of multicultural organization is where the group of people who belong to different culture work together. In the multicultural organisation the employees have different backround,language,culture,ethnicities and work together to achive their comman goals for organisation benefit. We can say it is the combination of different religion people Example: Mcdonald, car company,kfc.


It’s help to get lot of knowledge about different culture and devolp new skills.

Multicultural organization helps to make a lot of ideas these ideas help to solve many kind of problems.

It helps to understand each other.

With the help of multicultural organization the leader can various type of good and bad experience.

It helps to leader to extend his bussness in different countries and different culture.

It helps to the leader to learn different of type of work style.


Some time multicultural organization make miss conception between the leader and employees.

Some times leader face many problems to make a final decision because different type of people give different type of ideas.

In multicultural organization leader face communication problem because every culture have different language.

The diverse work face increase conflicts and create more problems for leader.

The leader face many kind of interpersonal problems.