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Before I start off with the question, I would like to briefly summaries what is the meaning of retail store. Retail stores are places that sell supplies and stock to other businesses or individuals. These stores might be on housing streets, profitable street or shopping mall. The retail store which I have visited is Roxy which is owned by Quiksilver Inc. Quiksilver, Inc is an American company based in Huntington Beach, California, one of the world's biggest manufacturers of surf be dressed in and further board sport-related gear. Its logo(refer to page13), intended by the company founder Alan Green and John Law in Torquay, Victoria, Australia in 1969, motivated by Hokusai's woodcut The Great Wave off Kanagawa consists of a huge gesticulate with a pile on a red backdrop.

The company also produces a row of clothing for youthful women, over the brand Roxy. Its logo consists of two copies of the Quiksilver logo, one reflected, forming a heart. Quicksilver has a different line of clothing for women over the brand Quiksilver Women.

The company's DC and Hawk brands are also identical with the custom and traditions of surfing, skateboarding and snowboarding, and its beach- and water-oriented swimwear brands include Raisins, Radio Fiji and Leilani. Quicksilver too carries a line of high-end attire and accessories under its Quiksilver Edition brand.

In 2005, the company launched The Quiksilver Foundation, a benevolent establishment which works to offer ecological, learning, health and youth-related projects to slat riding communities something like the world.

The company at the present offers snow and surf tour packages to foreign locations such as Samoa, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Peru and Costa Rica.ets or in shopping malls. When Quiksilver determined to begin a women's line in 1990, it was a plucky move. The surf market has for all time been an indecisive one. And female surfers, in spite of their achievements in and out of the water, hadn't drummed up almost the disrepute or the community that guy had lengthy enjoyed.

But great thoughts at all times take a quantity of strength. And the company axiom the unexploited women's surf market as an enormous opportunity. Turns elsewhere they were correct.

Like all things Quiksilver, Roxy was born in the water; originally a swimwear line up, it debuted in early summer 1990 to instantaneous achievement. By the next year, a Roxy sportswear line up was introduced, and with the intention of to prospered, with sales of more than $1 million. 1992 aphorism continuous development of the brand with a new denim line and key snow sportswear pieces. The truth that Roxy was a women's line up obtainable by a genuine surf brand made it fascinating for equally retailers and girls alike. It was the foremost of its sort on the market, and almost immediately later than, the other surf brands followed.

By 1993, Roxy was on a somber turn over. The ever-popular Roxy logo (refer page 12) was born, a heart-shaped pinnacle modified from the identifiable Quiksilver logo. The brand's fame was increasing, as was its employees. And at that moment one afternoon in Hawaii, as myth has it, the Roxy team was sitting on beach surveillance the breakers when they came up with the thought of the women's board short. Contribution well and stiffness while still organization to be womanly, the women's board short was an improvement that eternally distorted the women's surf market. It was also the ideal paradigm of what the Roxy brand had initially set out to be, in the words of Quiksilver's 1990 Annual Report: "Fun, Bold, Athletic, Daring and Classy". The board short became a massive tendency. Roxy, and women's surfing alongside with it, was unexpectedly the next big thing.

A Roxy-branded proficient event was a natural succession from team sponsorship, and thus the initial annual Quiksilver/Roxy Women's Pro Surfing occasion was born. It took position in winter 1995 on Sunset Beach, Oahu's North Shore. Ten years later on, the Roxy Pro Hawaii remainder one of the most impressive and exhilarating ASP World Championship surf events of the year.

The achievement of this event lead to other Roxy competitions, together with: the Roxy Pro Fiji, the Roxy Pro Gold Coast (Australia), and the Roxy Jam UK, all ASP World Championship Tour events; the Roxy Pro Women's Surf Festival (Australia), one of the largest World Qualifying Series events on the tour; and a sequence of recreational surf contests for young surfers the world more. With such considerable event funding and an ever-expanding group, Roxy is bigheaded to be the major company support of women's surfing worldwide.

As Roxy's reputation has full-grown so have its product line and its spectators. Accessories and eyewear connected the combine in 1995; footwear, watches, and Roxy Girl, a line up for girls aged 7-16, emerged the subsequent year. Roxy enjoyed its New York Fashion week first appearance at The Girl's Rule Show in 1996, the similar year the brand name was chosen for The "California Rising Star Award" for intend improvement and brilliance. A snow line as well as outerwear and accessories were added in 1997, alongside with Teenie Wahine, Roxy's children's line. 1999 was big, with jewelry, bags, backpacks, travel accessories, skate gear, and Roxy Room, a lineup of bedding, lamps, and posters. By the end of the '90's, Roxy had befallen the brand for girls all over, enjoying mass-market petition with no losing its middle spectators.

The new millennium has brought an exhilarating and assorted development of Roxy, with a full lineup of snowboards introduced in 2003, formed in joint venture with industry pacesetter Mervin Manufacturing; Luna Bay, a Roxy Girl Series, seven young adult literature novels also released in 2003; a new toddlers' line in stores Spring of 2005; a soon-to-be-debuted fragrance line; and the looming arrival of Roxy Ski, a line of skis and boots formed in partnership with Rossignol's Dynastar brand.

Roxy has protracted in the media attention. After garnering perspective value from main publications like Lucky, Teen Vogue and In Style in adding to main of the U.S. and worldwide surf and snow publications, it was merely a substance of time before Roxy hit major time. "Surf Girls", a partnership of Roxy and MTV Networks, debuted on MTV in 2003 featuring Roxy's team manager Danielle Beck as multitude and Roxy group provision Heidi Drazich as a transmit member. The succession was a strike, and helped to more popularize women's surfing and Roxy's fraction in the sport. Strong retail attendance is key to a sturdy brand, and Roxy retail stores were the ideal occasion to showcase the Roxy routine. The Roxy retail succession now features stores all worldwide, contribution a taste of the Roxy surf lifestyle to girls all over.

To me in service range, Roxy provides online purchasing through internet. The products mainly will be shipped from Singapore to our doorstep for their customers. Besides that, in the store itself the salesperson entertains the customers very well and assists the customers on purchasing on the product they wish for. I even witnessed a salesperson there entertaining a family in purchasing a number of footwear for the children. The salesgirl was so patiently listening to what the family wants with a smiling face. This way of service will attract more customers to purchase the products there. Even the cashier entertains the customer very well. They even recommend customers on how to purchase the products in a smart way by introducing discount rate cards.

The pricing there is quite affordable for everyone to purchase. Why I said so is we are able to purchase 3 blouses in the cost of RM65 even thought the individual price of each blouses are costly. The prices they offer there are affordable and fulfill the customer budgets.

The quality of the products there obviously high class. I got to know from one of the loyal customer who came to purchase some swimwear there what makes her to shop for her clothing here? Her main comment was about the quality and long lasting materials used. She has been purchasing swimwear and casual wears there always rather than elsewhere. The types of materials used for clothing are polyester, spandex, nylon, cotton, Ryon, wool and etc.

The shop environment is really breathed taking and pleasant where you can feel the beach site environment. The wall is painted like a brown wooden plank and skate boards wooden stools are placed around to let the customer have the beach side environment. Even the way the shop display their products are more attractive where the swimwear are hanged on a hanger which is made like tree look, the blouses there normally are folded on the shelf, the footwear are hanged on corner of the shop where the customer may easily choose what type of footwear they want.

As a token of appreciation, Roxy will celebrate customer appreciation day annually to thank their customer for purchasing their products. On that day, Roxy will give away goodies and any products to whoever attended the day. Besides that, free membership card is given to those who purchase with the required price limits.

Location of a store is mostly situated where more customers know that there is a shop allocated there in a shopping mall. Roxy store is actually situated in a Gurney Plaza shopping mall. The store is actually situated next to McDonalds and Nando's restaurant. In a shopping mall specifically people will always crowded in food outlet. The location of Roxy store is convenient for the customers to visit the store after having their meals.

2) Before going dept into the difference between hearing and listening, I would like to define what is hearing and listening. Hearing is a arranged of qualified procedure at which proof and influence might be obtainable on the substance at matter to be determined by a person or body having decision-making ability compares test. The reason of a hearing is to offer the chance for each side of a divergence, and esp. a person who may be impoverished of his or her rights, to near its location. A hearing, along with discriminate, is a basic part of bureaucratic due procedure. Hearings are also detained, as for example by a leading body or an administrative agency, for the reason of flock information and deliberation the proof of witnesses.

Listening is the procedure of creation intellect out of what we hear. Listening is a lively process of getting, dispensation, and interpreting auditory stimuli. Firstly, listening involves captivating in significant sounds and noises and in some way, retaining via them. Just as we speak for different purposes, we also listen for different purposes. We listen for satisfaction, information, and valuation.

What's the difference between listening and hearing? When you are silence, people determine you are listening. But in sort to hear what the other person is adage, you have to end thinking about nothing as well and focal point your concentration on what is being assumed. A good listener is one who in fact hears what is being thought

You can in fact listen with no hearing. There are more than a few reasons for this. If you are setting up your answer while the other person is talking, there is no means you will hear what they are adage.

Or you might be inattentive while another person is talking. This happens while you are not that attracted in what somebody is talking on. Again, you won't be capable to hear what is being said although your mind is elsewhere.

Another concern is once you don't want to hear what is being assumed. In this case you're hearing in fact shuts down so you don't have to pay attention to somewhat you don't want to. This can also occur when you don't agree with the person.

Then there is discerning hearing. This occurs as soon as you only hear part of what the other person is saying. You factually choose just those belongings you whichever want to hear or have the same opinion with.

Often, people aren't attentive how much they don't hear what is being said. They might even consider they are listening cautiously. Regardless of why somebody doesn't precisely hear what an extra person is saying, the consequence is the same: go wrong in communication.

To make it yet more difficult, still when listening closely, you be likely to sort out what someone is saying through your own biases. You can also be familiar with what someone means as you jump to conclusions before they finish talking.

You then speciously believe you are familiar with what the extra person means or how they sense. As a result, you can then devise opinions about the other person that are not based on realism. This creates lots of pressure, if not irritation, between the parties concerned.

In order to exactly hear what somebody is saying to you, you have to attempt to put yourself in their site and try to see things from their point of sight. This doesn't mean you have to consent with them. It does mean you endeavor to neutrally value what they are attempting to express.

If you precisely hear what somebody else is adage, but they are not saying what they mean, it's not possible to have any significant communication. When you speak, don't imagine others to be proficient to read your thought. Say what's on your mind. If you want someone to know what you are thinking, you have to tell them.

Good listeners turn out to be good communicators. They comprehend the impact of speaking visibly in a simple way to comprehend behavior. When it's hard to understand what you indicate, you very much increase the probability of a misapprehension.

If, after listening closely, you are hesitant of precisely what the other person is adage, don't be uncertain to ask for an explanation of their statements. Guessing their true significance hardly ever works. Make sure your questions are genuine, not patronizing or abusive.

Effective communication can only happen when each person is concerned in hearing what the other is saying. Both people have to make the attempt to be excellent listeners. This requires tolerance, deference, and consideration. Productive communication takes meaning and attempt on the part of everyone concerned.

It's appeal the attempt to become a good listener. You will have less disagreement, learn a lot about people, and be somebody others feel contented talking to.

There are few ways for an effective listening. The first way is by making eye contact. The initial step in being a good listener is to build eye contact with people as they are talking. Good eye contact demonstrates authentic attention in the person and the discussion. In Roxy store, I saw the salesperson sees the customer while the customer explains on what kind of things they which to purchase. By practicing this way, the customer feels respected and happy to do shopping.

The next way is being present. There are some people who not present when someone is talking to them even thought they are in eye contact. There might sometimes people tend to think something else other then what the other person talking about. The key here is to be alert that people do observe if we are not actually listening. And so we must focal point on the conversation and not let our minds to speculate. There is sometimes where a salesperson in that store does have eye contact but not really listening to what the customer talking about. This is what we call daydreaming. Having this type of attitude will make them jobless and bad reputation on other employers.

Next way is waiting for two seconds to respond. During a conversation, remain two seconds after the person finishes talking to make certain they have done their attention. This is particularly essential when talking on the phone, because you can't see their facial appearance. Often times they are presently pausing to collect their view and are not really finished talking. If you find yourself talking at the same time somebody else is talking, then use that chance to be reminiscent yourself of the "pause two seconds" rule. In Roxy, this way is followed properly especially customers calls the customer service. The customer service team is really good and polite and also patiently listens to what the customer have to ask them.

Another way is by not start a side conversation. When component of a group conversation, never start a new part of a conversation, still if the person talking is not making eye contact with you. Yes, they supposed to be include you in the conversation by allotment eye contact evenly with each person in the group, but don't allow their fault to avoid you from being a good listener.

Next will be care about what being said. This is where a person who is listening stands out from most of the people. If the listener concern on what is being said even thought the topic is not interesting or relevant just show that it is important and they are valuable individuals. The individuals in a business are mainly the customers. Sometimes customers become too friendly with the salesperson and tend to speak something which is not knowledgeable, interesting and boring but still they shake their head to show that they are listening and understand what are the customers are talking about. This also can be called as business techniques.

Due to surrounding sound pollutions it may lead the salesperson to have less effective listening skills which also known as barriers to communication. Roxy store is situated next to food restaurant and lots of noise can destruct the customer to speak to the salesperson. By speaking louder to each other in the shop might lessen the sound disturbance around. The sound of the customers bargain, calling the waiter, sound of the utensils of the restaurant and etc are example of destruction happens for any form of conversation.

As a conclusion, listening and also hearing is very important customer service environment way to attract customers and also for the success of the business development.


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