Celestine prophecy

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Celestine prophecy is a novel written by James Redfield. The fictional story revolves around a set of scrolls discovered in several accident ruins in Peru. The discoverers become enlightened through the scroll's teachings. The scrolls contain written insights as to what kind of revolutions will come of the future generations. With the help of the 9 insights, it guides the people to make physical, mental and spiritual connections that allow them to connect to the higher powers of universe weather it is known as God or Universal creative forces. The difference in this book was that it does not force people to believe in either God or Science as the core reason for evolution. The way in which New age themes are represented in the book will be discussed in more detail through out the paper.

The first insight says that there is a new unfolding of spiritual experience in the future human culture. The future being the beginning of this century. Individuals who experienced this unfolding for them selves will inspire this awakening to the rest of the world. A journey by which they are led throuh mysterious coincidences.

The second insignt says that the new unfolding spiritual experience will wake up the world to a new and improved meaning of human purpose and workings of the universe.

The coincidences that lead the individuals to this new spiritual outlook is the most important steps towards this new world view.

In contrast we do see the new outlook towards human potential interms of spirituality. The new age belives that its mind and energy that is creating the world around us. A good example could be the book Secret which was published in november 2006. There are many different forms of religions but this new spiritual idea indicates that even though people belive in different forms of religions, there is only one destination that we all are tying to get to.

There is only one reality that exists, and all religions are simply different paths to that ultimate reality. One way to visualise this universal spirituality is as a mountain. There are many different paths to climb to the top. Some are difficult and others easy and there is more than one correct path. All paths eventually reach the top. The anticipation is that a new universal religion, which contains elements of all current faiths, will evolve and become generally accepted worldwide.

The third insight refers to the world as being part of a dynamic field of energy.

This idea is also part of the new age spirituality. The idea indicates that there is only one divine source of energy in the universe, which manifest around our world in different forms. Everything that exists in the world is some form of energy. Humans can project their energy by being aware of our thoughts. So wherever the mind's attention goes, energy is manipulated in other energy systems increasing pace and place in which coincidences occur in our lives. This idea can be seen in all living things.

The fourth insight is more seperated and specialised from any view looked at in the new age spirituality. It says that to gain energy, people becomes likely to manipulate or force others to give them the attention and therefore forcing them to give energy. When we do become forceful, the other individual sets barriers with in the relationship and they often fight back when they feel threatened or forced. This competition for energy between people is said to be the cause of all problems between people, states and countries around the world.

The fifth insignt says that when people become connected with their innerself (God) they loose their insecurities.Furthermore this heart to heart connetion with other people's energy will also be the solution to ending violance.This not only establishes people with positive interpersonal connections, it brings a sence of clearity and happiness in to people's lifes which they might not have experienced before. This connection to happiness can only be created by one and never imitated.

In terms of new age spirituality, believers call this personal transformation. They use ideas such as hypnosis, meditation and guided visualisation as a way of connecting to their inner self. They believe that this allows them to have new potential in their lives from personal healing to psychic powers and much more.

The 6th insight discusses that people should stay connected to their inner self so that they can be aware of when they loose them selves. By loosing our selves we tend to steal energy from others to compensate for what we have lost. Furthermore being connected to our inner self will allow us to discover our own path and mission in life. This is what it means by what we have to contribute to the world and the evolution of it.

In new age spirituality, individuals believe that there is a cycle of life that we all follow after death. We become reborn to the world according to the deeds we have done in our previous lives. Therefore we become part of the process of evolution by which we have contributed from the life before. By finding our selves in this life, we will find the reason for what we have to contribute to the world. When we become reborn the next life, the contributions from our previous lives will benefit us.

Seventh and eighth insights say that with the clear vision of purpose, coincidences become ways of guiding us towards the answers. They come in the form of dreams, daydreams and intuitions. We increase the pace of these coincidences along with our positive outlook of the people, objects and experiences around us.

Finally in the 9th insight, it indicates that the growth in spiritual form will evolve us to becomes or transform us in to full spiritual exsistance therefore not needing to go through the birth and death cycle.By reaching the higher consciousness, individuals can connect with God once and for all.

In conclusion, the new understanding of the spiritual essence with in all humans is beginning to be discovered through out the new age. Tomorrow only can bring the next step towards the meaning on life.