Black Americans Migration

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Cultural Diversity: African Americans


Black Americans are citizens of the United States whose origin can be traced back in Africa. They are mainly referred to as black Americans due to their black colour. This journal is aimed at examining how they went to the United States and their origin and the major locations in U.S.where they live.

We will also take a closer look at some of the consequences that came about as a result of this migration and settlement in the United States.

The Origin

According to African American History in 2000 one in every eight American is a black American (Encarta).

Black Americans also referred to as African American are descendants of Africans who were taken into slavery during the Atlantic slave to go work in the white plantations. However, after the end of Slave trade many could not recall where they had come from, thus they become American citizens after being declared free. They therefore make the largest racial minority in the United States of America.

The main mode of transport that was used to transport the slaves from Africa to America was the ship. It took them two to three months to reach their destination this was mainly known as the middle passage. However due to overcrowding many died on transit than on the white plantations where they worked as slaves.

However, not every black American went to the United States as a result of slave trade, some are African Americans as a result of intermarriage between the European Americans and African Americans hence their children are referred to as black Americans a very good example in this case is Barrack Obama whose father has his roots in Kenya. We also find that others traveled from their African countries in search of higher and better education and jobs. Kenya is at the moment at risk as a result of brain drain, most of our young people, I included when we finish our college education we all want to rush to the United States for better and good jobs, only to have a rude shock on arrival.

The consequences

Some of the major consequences associated with our state in the United States include the following:

One major consequence that African American faces mainly those who travel to study or look for jobs is culture shock. I have to confess that after many years in the United States I am still trying to adjust. Life is not a bed of roses as many people back, in Africa have been made to believe. Every minute in America counts.

Racial discrimination is yet another major consequence due to our colour many white people associate us with all bad things example crime, different disorder and even poor health status. This has therefore has resulted into discrimination in difference aspects of life: housing, education, policing, employment, low life expectancy and criminal justice leading to very high rates of poverty among the black Americans compare d to the European Americans.

We also find that due to the poor education system for the blacks, this has resulted into the blacks being disconnected from the mainstream society.

Income gap between the black and the white still exists in some states where white people are paid more as opposed to the blacks for the same piece of work done. Getting a white-collar job for African Americans is more of a nightmare than a reality.


According to an article on African American History, New York City had the highest population of blacks at 28% in 2000, followed by Chicago at 18% of the total metropolitan population. Among other cities with great numbers of black population include Gary, Indiana, Louisiana, Baltimore, Maryland, Atlanta, Georgia and Tennessee. Some of the well known black Americans in the world today include Oprah Winfrey, Muhammad Ali, Martin Luther King Jr, Bill Cosby and Barack Obama.Something to watch out for is the ongoing presidential elections in the United States. It will be of interest to see if the white majority is ready to be ruled by a black American. If it would ever happen that Barrack Obama wins the elections that would mean real change not just for black Americans but also for the whites and the whole world in general


Being a member of a subordinate group in the United States has been one of the most tormenting experiences that I have had to endure, at times it hurts. It is very annoying to see yourself, your brothers and sisters being discriminated just because they have a different colour from the rest. I would therefore appeal to both African American and European American let us treat each as brothers and sisters despite our colour and origin, we need to change the social attitudes that we have been holding on to for generations that way, we will be in a position to build a better future for all. We have to do things in action not theory, let us stop this issue of coming up with very good policy papers only in writing but we never put them in action.


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