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Jaipur Rugs Group takes pride in its establishments, with various aspects it strives to achieve excellence at a widespread working area. The group is targeting to transform and beautify the world, counting on its rugs and carpets. Not just as floor coverings, but its founder believes that these as the sources can lead to new levels of achievements.

Initiated in 1978, when Mr. N.K Chaudhary (founder), a visionary, ascertained his career in manufacture of rugs and carpets. He fell in love with the art of weaving. His initial venture started off with just two looms. Continued with learning the technical knowhow of the product, and achieved excellence in the manufacturing process. Today, the carpets manufactured at Jaipur Rugs are the finest ones and the artisans involved are proficient in their skills.

Jaipur Rugs Company Private Limited (JRCPL), the first set up of this group. Jaipur Rugs today leads the carpet industry by exclusively and meticulously designed rugs and carpets. The company's operations are Jaipur based and it showed a tremendous growth on the graph. It has number of branches scattered in pan India. Jaipur Rugs is privileged with several accolades and awards and stands tall with a turnover of 14 million USD.

Jaipur Rugs Incorporated (JRI), along with JRCPL deals in worldwide transactions and global distribution of company's products. JRI is situated at Atlanta, USA, with a team of professionals, they maintain to showcase a range of more than 600 rugs and carpets at their showroom. Currently, their floor coverings are catered in more than 25 countries worldwide.

Jaipur Rugs Group is perceptive towards its Social responsibilities and its consistent dedication is visibly manifested by Jaipur Rugs Foundation (JRF). The Foundation commenced its maneuvers in 2004 and is targeted to strengthen the deprived community and empower the rural women, residing in the most remote areas of Rajasthan. With a motto, 'Each Artisan, An Entrepreneur', they are constantly working, providing training and educating rural weaver.

The group is utterly focusing on the grassroots level and values the inherited talent and capability of the untrained craftsman's. The wider role of this group was recognized globally, where a number of awards and achievements honored and overwhelmed.

Mr. N.K. Chaudhary, founder, has always believed that "Everyone has the power to transform the world". Today, the position and the recognition of the company is not bound to an introduction and its unique business model is reckoned all round the globe.

This unique business model has become an impressive subject to research. The company goes through a crucial scrutiny by leading researchers and one such is the case study by Indian Management guru Prof. C.K. Prahalad. In the case study on Jaipur Rugs, he quoted in his book 'The Fortune at the bottom of the Pyramid':

"The Jaipur Rugs has showcased as how a company can benefit the poor by connecting them with global markets. Jaipur Rugs makes this connection by building and orchestrating a global supply chain on a massive scale-one focused on developing human capability and skills at the grassroots level, providing steady incomes for rural men and women in the most depressed parts of India and connecting them with international markets".


Establishment of more than 7500 production units scattered all over the rural areas pan India.

Changing the lives of 28000 rural weavers and providing them a sustainable livelihood.

A team of inbuilt designers pioneering in the field of global creations and taking the company manufacture to a next level.

Upgrading and uplifting the communities residing in 800 villages.

Raising the standards of living of artisans associated, a total of more than 40,000 artisans involved in carpeting jobs.

Carpeting jobs through the company provide livelihood in more than eight states of the country.

With the dedicated efforts of Jaipur Rugs Foundation, approx. 40 carpet clusters are grouped.

The NGO undertakes almost 9,000 families residing in the rural areas.

Certifications: ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001: 2004, SA 8000: 2008, Star export House and Rug mark.

Business in more than 25 global countries, embellishing the world with its products.

Bagged several prestigious accolades and awards for outstanding performance in carpet industry.

Set new benchmark for being a company whose products are child labor free and help eradicate poverty and raise standards of living.

Jaipur Rugs Company Private Limited (JRCPL):

Company's Vision:

"We look upon business not merely as a source of income or profit, but as a way of life, as a medium for putting our talents to good use, while at the same time affording us an opportunity to be of service to the community. Profits will follow. Let us remember that profit is not just a set of figures, but of values."

History traces back, the company incepted in 1999, by Mr. N.K. Chaudhary, founder & Managing Director. Passion of the founder towards the manufacture of rugs and carpets turned as business and transformed the world all around him. Jaipur Rugs core belief in workmanship and dedication towards the work is noticeably from the level of growth they have earned since all these years.

By focusing on best utilization of resources and technology, the company emphasized on development of weavers based in rural areas. Currently, it stands tall with a well built infrastructure, ensuring achievement to a zero defect system. With a turnover of over 14 million USD, more than 15 branches, almost 800 villages and 40,000 artisans, company had set a benchmark. Jaipur Rugs is headquartered at Jaipur and boasts a strong management system. Director Mr. Yogesh Chaudhary, eldest son of Chaudhary, heads over the operations and branches all over India.

Hand-made Rugs and Carpets from Jaipur Rugs are embellishing the world with their lush lustrous beauty. This market honcho is proficient in the art of producing fine floor covering using wool, silk, jute, hemp and other natural yarns. Hand-knotted rugs and carpets are the hallmark of the company, Hand-tufted, Flat weaves, Indo-Nepali, Shags, Dhurries and Hand-loom are amongst the prominent production.

Company's Mission:

"Service to the community" is our motto. Our company strives towards this focused direction to make the society grow hand in hand with our own growth and prosperity. We ensure that the need of our customers is matched by the skill of our weavers"

Current Awards and Achievements:

'Award of Excellence - Floor Covering' by HFN (2010)

'Sankalp 2010: Social Enterprise Awards & Investment Forum' by Sankalp Forum (2010)

'Corporate Social Responsibility Award' by FICCI (2010)

'Indian Achievers Award for Business Excellence' by Indian Achievers forum (2010)

'Award of Excellence - Floor Covering' by HFN (2009)

'American Graphic Design Award 'by Graphics Design USA (2009)

Jaipur Rugs Foundation (JRF):

JRF's Vision:

"To create a society where equality, justice and peace prevails through equal employment opportunities that further yields in socio-economic development"

The Foundation believes in weaving the dreams and building the capacity of the rural artisans, bestowing them livelihood and a life that is more dignified and full of joy and happiness. The foundation set its foot in 2004, as a nonprofit organization. Mr. N.K.Chaudhary, the founder, is a core believer, that everyone has hidden powers and abilities, which can be nurtured and transformed fruitfully.

Dedicated efforts of the organization have led to an improved and upgraded life of more than 40,000 artisans. Development here takes place through forming SHGs (Self Help Groups), providing all major and minor facilities to the underprivileged communities.

Other facilities like education, life insurance, health insurance and various sort of training is also provided.

JRF's Mission:

"Empower, enhance and develop the underprivileged, poverty struck families and communities such that they establish themselves as entrepreneurs through sustainable business hubs"

Jaipur Rugs Incorporated (JRI):

Jaipur Rugs Incorporated is a sister concern of Jaipur Rugs, takes charge over the global distribution of rugs and carpets. It marked its presence in U.S and is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia.

The company is run by Chaudhary's two eldest daughters- CEO Asha Chaudhary and COO Archana Chaudhary, marketing, inventory management, sales, customer relationship management, business development and order management are looked on for. Las Vegas and High Point houses company's showrooms, which showcase more than 600 rugs.

Artistry and quality of its products is well reckoned. Overwhelmed with the achievements and honors, CEO Asha Chaudhary stated, "We are very proud of these achievements and it inspires us to work even harder to exceed the expectations that our customers have for Jaipur."

Jaipur Rural Tours (JRT):

JRT's vision:

To become a renowned and progressive tourism organization that offers innovative and effective tourism packages and products to the right customer.


Jaipur Rugs Groups' endeavors to upgrade the rural communities, further led to the creation of Jaipur Rural Tours (JRT). This newly launched company is bridging the chasm between the deprived and the up-market classes of the society.

JRT team takes the travelers to an expedition, where on camel carts they explore the villages of Rajasthan, India. Amidst the flood of tour operators, JRT sets benchmark by providing a tour that drenches the souls of the visitors in rustic charisma. Rural India is rich in heritage and culture and dwells in its purest form in villages, where fresh air fuses with the aromas of charcoal, boasts sumptuous delicacies and serene ambiance. The tour unwinds as the guide reveals the historic past of the village.

Royal mesmeric hospitality encountered on arrival, flamboyantly attired women greet with traditional thali, embracing lighted diyas (candles), flower garlands, apply vermillion tikka on your forehead. Furthermore, the trip turns interactive and exciting, when guest make mud pots, learn rug making techniques and monitor old lady doing intricate thread work on mojaries (camel leather shoes). The team is constantly toiling on developing villages to make basic amenities available at hand, where Narhet is geared to bestow many cherishable reminiscences.

JRT's mission:

To put forward authentically enriching rural tour packages within India with mesmerizing and valued experiences to travelers.


Provide mutual benefits to the travelers as well as the host communities with close and genuine interaction.


To extend our reach and offer rural tourism packages to more distant as well as fascinating rural destinations of India.


Find yourself through loosing yourself…..

Mr. N.K. Chaudhary, a self-made man, is truly a gem of a person, his simplicity, dedication and compassion has inspired many lives surrounding him. His endeavors led this company to a well established Group.

Chaudhary belongs to a small town in Rajasthan, Churu. He always believed that the power within can transform the world. And he has well proven his words too. This group initiated as a small business with just two looms and nine artisans, in 1978.

His quest to find himself continued and he trained himself through research and self development. Along with his knowledge, he continued to train the villagers and transformed them into skilled weavers.

Step by step, he grew and owned many looms and employed number of weavers all around Rajasthan. Today, Chaudhary's unique business model is the perfect subject for many business schools to research and transpire. Simple living and high thinking reflects from his deeds, as even once stated by him:

"I am not the owner of this business, the real owners are people who put in their hard work to produce beautiful carpets which are liked by customers around the world."

His message to the world:

Believe in your innate abilities, discover, nurture and foster them, grow with the society and stay grounded, along with this, he believes in achieving perfection through constant learning.