Architecture And Urban Design Cultural Studies Essay

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This report reflects my perception about architecture and urban design, professional experience in architecture and personal thought about social, environmental responsibilities as architect and urban designer.

I possess bachelor degree in Architecture after my coursework; I worked as Architect with Ar. Hafeez Contractor for three years and currently I'm perusing master degree in Urban Design.

On personal note topic in urban studies module teach me about why empathy is important quality in life? I think that is my biggest achievement from this module. This is the one quality I really don't have and this module helps me realise importance of empathy and it will aid me to be as good urban designer at the same time human being who respect and understand other people imagination and feeling.

Thought - As Architect

There are very few professions that are truly able to challenge conventions and shape our world in different dimension. I feel architecture is one of the best profession this reason make me feel proud about my field and it always push the boundaries in new and exciting ways.

Architecture has many spectrums consequently for many people architecture have many different meanings. To define architecture can be as difficult task as define art.

Architecture is fusion of art and science, aesthetics and purpose and it go beyond in both sides and this is where architecture might be differentiated from other field. It is not just utilities but it inserted all aesthetics approach, social dynamics and engineering to produce such environment which is integral to the people and their activities.

"Architecture is not just vast collection of various building, built to please the varying tastes. It is life itself taking from." ……..Frank Lloyd Wright

As per my perception architecture is living spirits which engage and excite generation to generation and from age to is the expression of essence of values which are important to life and reinforces the physical environment.

Thought - As Urban Designer

Urban Design is the process which is multidisciplinary and collaborative at the same time and it assist to set up physical settings for life in cities, town and villages. It is art of making spaces.

Urban design has many spectrums such as buildings design, public spaces, transportation system, services and amenities. It is basically framework to crate order and flavour in urban elements.

Urban design transcends architecture, landscape architecture and city planning to make urban spaces more functional and efficient.

"Urban design and city building are surely among the most auspicious endeavours of this or any age, giving raises vision of life, art, artefacts and culture that outlives its authors. It is the gift of its designer and makes the future. Urban design is essentially an ethical endeavour, inspired by the vision of public art and architecture and reified by the science of construction."…Donald Watson

As urban designer I supposed to be design spaces which will create connection between people and places, nature and built form. As per my perception this is the most responsible job than architect because now I have to deal with people in city, town or village as my clients rather than any specific person or organization.

Process and professional experience -

I began my carrier as architect in one of biggest firm in Mumbai city (India).Where initially I enjoyed my work and real world architecture but unfortunately I found ambiguity or I think as a fresher in architecture arena, I confronted with many question such as what was I learnt in architectural field is that really I'm implementing in real world or not? That was the main reason leads me to perusing master degree in urban design, I thought I need to learn more things in this field.

Topic in urban studies module assists me to find out answers of all questions in my mind about real world architecture and it definitely help to make good fit in real world as designer.

On the other hand I learnt many things from my professional experience and it is asset for my future. In my professional life I always took initiative and shows desire to accept the professional responsibilities. I was always excited for creative ideas and put forwards clear concepts of architectural design & planning along with detailing.

I was involved in various situations to coordinate work from various team members internally as well as from Client's office. I also helped to monitor and manage progress of various projects.

From this process I come to conclusion that architect who creates overall aesthetic and look of buildings but building design depends on lot of other factors also such as building should be functional in terms of services, safe in structure and environment must suit to the needs of the people who are going to use them.

Topic in urban design module help me to understand about how to create dialogue with client, how to present seminar and tell my design story with confidence and comprehensive manner. What are the key strategies to convenience clients? How to achieve balance between design values and money and basic professional needs?

These things really guide me on right direction to fulfil my strong desire to excel in urban design arena.

RGB group design process -

We are entitled to do Kallang river side project. This project really gives stimuli to my imagination and help to develop sense about public spaces. Entire design process went through different phases such as -

Site visit, site impression - it helps to know real facts about site and have significant importance in design process.

Initial sketches - It is extrovert character of designers and his expression about feelings.

Study models - it helps to analysis built and open mass and FAR calculations.

Concept plan - It is the impression of planning and programme for activities.

Master plan - It is product of all this process.

Detailed plan - It reflects how things works exactly as per master plan.

This entire process gives me clear impression about how the projects developed in stages which would really help me in future as urban designer.

Responsibilities as Urban designer -

I took turn from architecture to urban designer this is where I need to adopt more border vision in design arena. As per current circumstances cities are facing issues at the regional level as well as global level. Energy resources, globalization and risk which are created by human productivity need to address meticulously in design process.

As urban designer I always need to consider that cities grow across the world and global demands for food, water and cost energy resources grow simultaneously. We should consider profound effects of globalization and need to use renewable energy wisely and land use effectively because cities does not have doable sources of energy consequently it become statutory to ensure that future generation have sufficient supply of energy and safe, healthy environment.

Globalisation term can be explain as interlink between world cities which fostering to compete in world arena in terms of their international network, transportation of goods and financial aspects. Cities are tending to more focus on economic vivacity rather than migration, population growth, territorial expansion through sprawl and unauthorized, unplanned developments. These are some of the repercussion of urbanisation and globalisation; we need to take note of all these factors.

"First come people

Then come spaces

And then buildings

The other way around doesn't work" Jan Gehl

As urban designer people in cities are my clients and my duty to ensure that I should create such spaces in order to generate value and quality of life which will create identity but Identity is just not deriving from the built form, it also emerges from the character of the people their sense of belonging, attachment and contribution to their community. This is how we can achieve sustainable city.

As per my perception sustainable city is just not government organization but city where people have ability to sustain their life. If we consider city as a fabric then that fabric should interwoven with thread as equity,dignity,infrastructure(transportation,communication,water,sanitaion)quality food, affordable housing, clean air, employments, open spaces, recreational spaces. If we missed out to interwoven any one of thread consequently the quality of fabric will be poor.

As urban designer I will put sincere effort to achieve balance between my design values and in real world, I would try to generate benefits to people and provide additional value to their life.