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Communication is the action of carrying message through the give-and-take of ideas, messages, or information, as by voice, or behavior. Communication need message, sender and receiver however message also need a medium to go or do the job. Now with the develops of the communication in our life everyone can communicates easily, but the problem that whatever you will said you will found as sender that receiver or the people do not understand you, because the factors or missing element .with the different ideas which people have and differences they keep their opinion stand to show it for the public. If we take communication models the action, Interaction and transactional they whole have missing factor or elements, so that I am going discover more about these models and how the best model is that good to work with it.

An action model of communication

A models are easy way to explain the different communication ways ,so communication have the three only models of communications that action , Interaction and transactional. Action model is one kind of way to communicate with public. In 1960, David Berlo expanded on Shannon and Weaver's (1949) linear model of communication and created the SMCR Model of Communication It includes sender person how send the message or his opinion to the receiver with the noise ,but the idea in this modals that person present his message to the sender without respond from the other person or receiver for example two person one of them wrote in latter to the other person but no respond for the first person. Action models come from telecommunications days and forms that were received. There are different method to communicate in this action model is a letter, email, text message, lecture which we used in our life. Taking one example in our life for action model that some people do not have to respond as going in shopping the shop owner give you the price and you give no respond jest give the money.

This model can be use can be used in business, communication and IT purpose . Let's take the first one in business like marketing for product in TV or magazine in communication informing the public by letters in IT purpose like sending electronic message likes in Gmail.


An interaction model of communication

Model number two is made relationship between the sender and the receiver which cools an interaction model. This model is the best way to communicate, because relationships between the sender and receiver are strong like friends relationships the receiver can took that he doesn't understand( the feedback ). if there is participate from the for example: two men having a conversation about what team is the best during the conversation when first man giving his reasons the second respond about it and give his opinion ether and the first understand. (Weiner, 1948, 1986), often without changing any other element of Shannon's model Weiner made interaction model. This an important improvement, and as usually painted, an intensely oversimplified one. Feedback is a message (or a set of messages). The feedback is an information comes from source or sender. Feedback is carried, caught, and maybe changeable by sound sources. None of this is shown in the typical diagram of the interactive model.

This model can be use can be used in business, communication and IT purpose. We can use in business like in meeting the manger wants new idea in communication in the school preciously in the class room the teacher does interaction with student in IT like face book paste common


A transactional model of communication

Model number three is transactional this model is easy to apply from people. They can do this model in them life like in their families, friends and society. Transactional model could fix problems if the people work it right. In this model the sender can become receiver and the receiver becomes sender who? It involves many things first in this models have message which the idea and the noise and sender-receiver and the feedback all the elements are here in this model ,so this consider the best models to communicates with ether. The explanation of why the sender becomes receiver and the oboist? That sender send the message by channel to the receiver understands and respond to the sender than the sender becomes receiver. The best example for this model two woman the first woman having conversation with her friends about something her friend understands and respond back or she does or said her idea likes argument or conflict. Speaking in transactional way often that we exchange message, so we may also be exchanging weigh to each other, for instance in a begging where each person allows the other a feel of relief through. The transaction could be high depend on context for example: having conversation in home in quit different with the message or conversation made in work it noisy or in street. In this model two man can communicates with multiply message for example like in MSN:

Hi there!

Well hello, how are you?

What are you up to, today?

I am just going to work. What about you?

The last transactional it used in business like say it business meeting in this meeting a lot of idea will share in communication when doing argument with a friend in IT like when you text your friend in chat room there will be a lot of message.

cropped communication model

In summery these models have many element and missing element , but each one have his advantages and disadvantages. I thing the most effective model is transactional because this model consist of a lot element which makes it the best model.

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