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2.1 Growth of global-culture

"Globalization introduces a single world culture centre on Western & Asian-influenced". (P23 Scholte 2000). It is this type of global culture in particular that transnational culture is linked to and is generally happy to promote.

What is mean for global culture?

"Culture" is defined as patterns of human activity and the symbols that give these activities significance. Global-culture is different country's people eat, how they dress, beliefs they hold, and activities they practice. In other words, global-culture is like nature and human or human and culture blend into each another. Culture is different that oil does not blend with water.

Global city is one of enormous power or influence

2.2 Foundations for Growth of Singapore's global-culture.

Singapore history and its culture had developed into a prosperous and wealthy country over the years. Its culture and origins came from all over the world just like the roots of a tree. Singapore economy is like a rich land and when the roots grow and strengthen itself on the piece of land, it absorbs all the nutrients around. Socialcutural, history and technologically, supporting its growth.

For Geographic reason

Singapore is a small, open economy with no natural resources. Singapore is surrounded by the sea which is an important natural resource because the geography of this flat, little island where forming the southern part of the Malacca Straits at the intersection of the Indian and the Pacific Ocean, is a water passage for ships connecting East and West. It is bordered by the Indonesian island and the East-Malaysian states of Sabah. It was the sea that allowed Sir Stamford Raffles to arrive and establish Singapore; it was the sea that attracted him as it made Singapore an ideal port for his purposes of trade and it is the sea that facilitates the huge amount of trade that passes though Singapore today.

For History and Culture reasons

Singapore's socio-geographical constellation also had much influence on its type of development. Nowadays, Singaporean culture was of a hybrid nature with a history of plural cultural influences; originally more Malay, more recently predominantly British and Chinese. Because of the prior World War I & II, a large of the refugee and labor outflows through Singapore, like Chinese, Japanese, Malays, India and other Asia countries. For several ethnic groups the reality of Singapore's segmented labors market, discussed below, sharply restricted the range of highly remunerative job possibilities.

When those several ethnic groups came to Singapore, those cultures brought to Singapore by these different people are far more ancient. When the globe-spanning network mix together that becomes a better appreciation of the rich cultures that make up Singapore's multi-ethnic society. Singapore's location has long attracted traders from all over the world. Whether we use the forefather compared to the root. When those multi-ethnic cultures spread and extend to develop the new point in which regional economies, societies and cultures make up Singapore's global-culture.

Case Studies

IndoChine Empress Place-Waterfront Restaurant

The IndoChine Empress Place is one of the best and most stylish Asian-influenced restaurants. The custom-made Ming Dynasty style chairs are specially curved to provide more comfort for guests while they enjoy the award winning cuisine served by the restaurant.