The Rate Of Sex Crimes Criminology Essay

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Statistically, there are approximately 300,000 victims that have been raped in United States every year. In addition, sexual assaulted happen every two and a half minutes somewhere in the United States. Rape has caused more than 32,000 pregnancies in result every year. Besides that, Fisher, Cullen, and Turner (2000) found that between 1 in 4 women had experienced rape in their school years. Furthermore, the majority of people who got raped or sexually assaulted victims were female and aged between 16 to 19 years old (Sexual Assault, 2008).

Now, many officials and authority as putting crime as a main priority due to the high treats it pose to the public safety. At the national stage, 500 thousand or more criminals are said to exist in the registry in the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC). Moreover, based on a recent up-to-date statistic from the Bureau of Justice Statistic (BJS), those criminal that are currently under treatment or punishment are at least two hundred thousand of them. However, the problem lies in those that are no longer under supervision of the authority. Among the huge population of the world, it is still unknown exactly how many sex offenders are there due to the silence of the victims, the one that escaped and those who are unsuccessfully registered. Although it is proven that law enforcement has a considerable effect to prevent this, if people do not report the cases to them, it means nothing. Therefore, this paper will be stating about the laws that are already in implementation to reduce the rate of sex crimes in our society as well as the treatment that can be done for sex offenders and ways to prevent sex crime from happening.

First and foremost, to reduce the rate of sex crimes in our society today, the implementation of law is most essential. Why is that so? For obvious reasons, most if not all people in general are afraid of being punished no matter by whomever. This is actually a normal reflex feeling that are instilled in the human body. So, by enforcing the laws against sexual offenders, the result might be that it will happen less often among the people of the social order. In the earlier stage of the existence of sex crimes, the Jacob Wetterling Crimes against Children Act and Sexual Violent Offender Registration Act was used to keep track of offenders'' crime by asking them to register themselves along with their current living place in order to reduce the probability of sex crimes from repeating (ebsco). After that, in May 1996, came the existence of the Megan''s Law where it was a more advance version of the Jacob''s Act; whereby the photographs of the offenders are also included and posted via the internet for public to access (ebsco). This law came about when a 7-year-old girl by the name Megan Kanka was raped and killed by her neighbor; not knowing the neighbor was a twice-convicted pedophile. After the death of this girl, her parents said that they would not have allowed their baby girl to go with the neighbor if they had known about the latter. Thus, the existence of the law came about (aboutmeganlaw). However, it was not the last of the law about sexual offenders. In late July in the year 2007, President George Bush approved the Adam Walsh Protection Act (AWA). It was a law that used a notification system from all states to the federal level. Although effective, most if not all states in America failed to follow AWA by the end of 2009. In the end, it was extended to July 27th year 2010 (ebsco). The AWA had a 3 level system whereby the offenders would be classified based on the level of the offence done by them. For lower offence, it would be for level one while for the second level, it is considered moderate level. In the third level, it is finally considered as a serious offence as the punishment is more severe compared to the previous levels (ebsco). With all this enforced ruling done, the only hope is that the public will help corporate to in reducing this problem from the society. Though after this, treatment is also needed for those who have already done the crime and needs to be cure. Therefore, treatment for this sex crimes will be needed.

To continue on, there are three types of treatment programs that are already currently available in our possession, which are behavioural therapy, cognitive therapy, and medical treatment for offenders who did sex crime. The purpose of behavioural therapies is to influence the sex offender behaviour by used of rewards and punishments. One of the methods of behavioural therapy would be require the sex offender to talk about sexual desire and giving the sex offender ammonia if the sex offender become sexual stimulated. The ammonia will sent a negative reinforcement to the sex offender through plastic tubing fastened under his nose. In addition, Cognitive therapy is a perception which encouraged sex offender to change his mind of sex life and his interaction with others. By using this cognitive therapy, the sex offenders will learn appropriate roles as they interact with others. Besides that, the sex offenders would be taught to recognize the stages that have led him to commit his crimes. As a result, he would aware of what he had done and he might be able to divert himself from that situations. Furthermore, the medical treatment is normally used of drugs to lower down the sex offender testosterone levels. For instant, Depo-Provera was one of the drugs to lower down the level of testosterone which was introduced in 1966. Depo-Provera will prohibit the testicles to ejaculatory and erectile by prohibit the release of androgen which is the male hormone. However, the use of Depo-Provera is still a controversial issue due to the long-term and short-term effects. The long-term effects would be the offender might have high possibility to get diabetes, gallstones, thrombosis, and even cancer while the short-term effects would be deep depression, obesity, and high blood pressure.

To help further reduce the number of cases due to sex crimes, there was a proposal to increase the penalties for sexual offenders. In the view of majority, they believe that the current punishment is not harsh enough to scare or stop the offender from continue doing the act of sexual crime. So, there were a few proposals that were given in order to completely put a halt to all this crime. The first of it would be said to broaden the meaning of sex offences as people say that the currently may not list all the suitable terms. An example is that the current law of sex offences done to children is only from the age ten and older. However, this is not good enough as many that are being sexually offended begin even at the age of seven (entire). Besides that, an increase in the punishment''s length was also mentioned because people think that the current length is insufficient to make the offender regret. This controversial issue was brought up as people say that the sentence for sexual offences is just the same as burglary (entire). Many disagree on that as they believe it should be more severe and harsh. There was also a mention about the early release time for some of the offenders (entire). Generally, the public believe that it is best to remove this because if letting the criminals back on the streets, it will only allow more victims to pile up. Therefore, if all this can be implemented, it was believe that more and more offenders will actually come to realization that their actions are wrong and possibly stop doing it for good. However, this is just a suggestion from the general public. This implementation is still not done as there are still those who argue that the current punishment will be enough to help the convicts to change. So, this is where the electronic monitoring system comes in play.

There are several types of electronic monitoring to keep track and monitor offenders in their residents or work places. For instant, the most common types of electronic monitoring are Home Detention (RF Monitoring), Intoxalock Ignition Interlock, Global Positioning Satellite System (GPS), Alcohol Monitoring, and Daily Reporting. Generally, Home Detention (RF Monitoring) is to monitor an offender where it is required the offender to be inside of their residence. The ankle bracelet will be attached to the offender''s leg and it will send out the radio frequency which can be detected by the base station. The base station is installed at the offender''s house. When the offender is out of his residence, the base station will fail to detect the signal from the bracelet which attach to the offender''s leg. At this point, the system will record down all of the date and time it happened. There is also an assumption that most if not all drunken males do sexual crimes such as molesting and some might even go to extreme cases such as rape. Thus, besides the Home Detention, the Intoxalock Ignition Interlock is a system which requires the vehicle''s driver to exhale into the device before the car can be started and the device is installed in vehicle''s driver compartment. When the alcohol concentration is not higher than the normal alcohol concentration level, the device will be activating to allow the engine started. Moreover, the Alcohol Monitoring is a measurement of alcohol level which have same system that used by police officers and the daily reporting program will allow the low risk offender to keep working while ensuring they are under court policy. In addition, the Global Positioning Satellite System (GPS) is to track the movements of offender 24 hours. The GPS will communicate the offender location and record down data report through GPS receiver and cellular transmitter. This allows officials to know where the offenders are currently at (Electronic Monitoring, 2008).

To summarise, with the implemented laws and the methods of preventing sex crimes from occurring along with the treatment for sexual offenders, hopefully that the cases of sex crime in the nation will slowly be reduced and eventually fade into darkness forever. Through the process of monitoring, enforcing laws, applying punishment and treating the sex offenders effectively, it is almost ensure that the number of cases of sexual crime will decrease. If this can be done, then not only women would not have to fear the fact of being sexually abused anymore but also children. As a result, the country''s productivity might increase significantly both from women as well as for the younger generation who would soon to be the future leaders of tomorrow. Remember, prevention is better than cure. So, protect them from now or not who might know that the future leader of our country might not come into existence any longer due to an unwanted incident.