The History Of Sex Trafficking Criminology Essay

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There are many reasons why sex trafficking happens and many different places but they also have common situations and needs.FBI gov Some of the most common places that trafficking is occurring is in even a developed country such as the United States of America. (FBI gov) It may be different circumstances such as drug addiction or even broken homes and no or a poor father figure.(FBI gov) These women sell themselves as a way of receiving an income. In most of these cases these women are addicted to some kind of drug or alcohol and believe they are unable to work a normal job. (FBI gov)These women feel like they are at their all time low and believe there is no way out, they "need" their drugs and the only way for them to get it is through this kind of system. (FBI gov)

Another way for women to get into sex trafficking in a developed country is by a

organized system where there is a head man who is in charge. (FBI gov) He has all these women "working" for him. (FBI gov) These women are either choose to join in or they are abducted and then drugged so that they are unable to run away from him. (FBI gov) Eventually they start believing that the boss or their master is the only way to feel loved and they are either to scared to run away or don't want to go back to feeling like they were not apart of something. (FBI gov)The boss usually acts like a father to these girls so they feel the need to stay as if they were family. (FBI gov) Some times they even promise a future marriage and perfect life style that the girls want so bad because of never having one even before the sex trafficking. (FBI gov)

These girls rarely speak against their master even at an opportunity to leave cause of a fear of getting killed. (FBI gov) They live I brothels and are raped multiple times a day. (FBI gov) Girls as young as five and older just in the United States alone, in other countries such as Cambodia it's as young as three. (FBI gov) These traffickers that are in charge are very organized and had certain ranking system. (FBI gov)

In the United States alone in 2005 the department of justice said that there was an estimation of 100,000 to 150,000 that are in slaved in the sex trafficking. (FBI gov) Most of these girls run away and as young as 5 are made to do sexual acts for or to there pimp. Since 2003, 380 pimps and hookers have been convicted. (FBI gov) Four hundred and thirty three children victims have been recused according to FBI director Robert Mueller. (FBI gov) Between fourtenn thousan five hundred and seventeen thousand five hundred victims are trafficked into the United States each year. (FBI gov)

That's just in the United States alone all over the wordl is a lot worse. (FBI gov)There areone pint five million victims trafficked a year in addition to the millions already in the system. (FBI gov) Which means every two minutes a child is being prepared for sexual expulsion. (FBI gov) The UNICEF reports about thirty million children have lost their childhood because of sexual abuse. (FBI gov) There is at least twelve point three million adult and children in forced labor, bonded labor, and sexual servitude at any given time. (FBI gov) Fifty-six percent of the victims in forced labor are women and children. (FBI gov) People are trafficked in one hundred and twenty seven countries through out the world and exploited in one hundred and thirty seven countries. (FBI gov)

Many of the men that go to brothels are high military officers, politicians, businessmen, and foreign tourists. (Genocide) These girls are locked up in small rooms usually without windows. (Genocide) Their beds that they have to sleep and be tortured on are usually very un comfortable and many times either on the concrete or dirt ground or on just like a wooden table. (Genocide) These victims receive no money just some food and a guard to make sure that they don't try to escape. (Genocide) These girls are usually beaten starved and held captive to force them either into prostitution or to stay in it. ( FBI gov)

One major place that sex trafficking occurs is in Cambodia. It all started when Khmer Rouge became leader of Pol Pot. (Genocide) He made a farming peasant community into a communist community. (Genocide) This resulted in twenty-five percet of the population dying from starvation, overworking, and execution. (Genocide)

Pol Pot was born into a farming family in central Cambodia in 1925. (Genocide) He had a scholarship to study radio electronics but abandoned his studies and lost the scholarship. (Genocide) He soon became active in an under ground communist movement. (Genocide) By 1962 he became the leader of a Cambodian communist community and was forced to flee into the jungle to get away from The prince at that time. (Genocide) In the jungle he formed an army that was mostly teenagers called Khmer Rouge, or the red Cambodians. (Genocide) They marched into Phnom Penh and took over Cambodia on April sevententh 1975. (Genocide) Once Pol Pot was in power he began to do experiments to create an agrarian utopia inspired by Mao Zedongs cultural revolution he experience in communist China. (Genocide) Pol pot renamed the government democratic republic of Kampuchea. (Genocide)

He called the first year called "zero period" where he started to"purify". (Genocide) Capitalism, Western culture, city life, religion, and all foreign influences were to be extinguished in favor of an extreme form of peasant Communism. (Genocide) Foreigners had to leave, embassies closed, and any foreign economic or medical assistance was refused. (Genocide) Even the use of foreign language was banded. (Genocide) two million inhabitants were evacuated on foot and twenty thousnad died along the way. (Genocide) Millions of people that lived in the city were forced to go to killing fields when many of them died from malnutrition and disease. (Genocide) These work days lasted from four in the morning till ten at night with only two rest periods. (Genocide) Through out Cambodia there was killings of the "old society" so the educated, the wealthy, Buddhist monks, police, doctors, lawyers, teachers, and former government officials. (Genocide) Ex-soldiers were killed along with their wives and children. (Genocide) Anyone that might have been suspected of disloyalty to Pol Pot including many Khmer Rouge leaders were shot or beat with an ax. (Genocide) In villages people can not have unsupervised gatherings of two or more people in it. (Genocide) Children were taken from their parents and sent to communal a to soon be married into most of the time un-willing couples. (Genocide) 20,000 people were tortured for giving false confessions to Tuol Sleng which is a school which was later converted to a jail. (Genocide) many other places people were just shot before being questioned. (Genocide)

Ethnic groups were attacked including Vietnamese, Chinese, and Cham Muslims, as well as twenty other smaller groups. (Genocide) Fifty percent of the estimated four thousand and twenty five Chinese living in Cambodia in 1975 died. (Genocide) Khmer Rouge also forced Muslims to eat pork and shot those who refused. (Genocide) On December twenty-fith 1978, Vietnam invaded Cambodia wanting to stop Khmer Rouge border attacks. (Genocide) On January seventh 1979, Phnom Penh fell and Pol Pot was stopped. (Genocide) The Vietnamese then installed a puppet government consisting of Khmer Rouge defectors. (Genocide) Pol Pot ran away to Thailand with the rest of his Khmer Rouge army and began a guerrilla war against a succession of Cambodian governments lasting over the next seventeen years. (Genocide) After a series of internal power struggles in the 1990s, he finally lost control of the Khmer Rouge. (Genocide) In April 1998, seventy tree year-old Pol Pot died of an apparent heart attack following his arrest, before he could be brought to trial by an international tribunal for the events of 1975-79. (Genocide)

There are many different organization that work to make the benefits of the girls to the best that the can be. (Agape international mission) A major organization that helps in Cambodia specifically is Agape Internationals Missions or AIM. (Agape international mission) Agape rescue girls that are I'm the sex trafficking system. (Agape international mission) They keep them in a housing that the mission provides. (Agape international mission) There they are taught the word or God and how he loves them no matter who they are or what their past was. (Agape international mission) Many of the girls don't have a self worth because the pimps brain washed them so much. (Agape international mission) They don't know how to have a normal life or be able to make a living. (Agape international mission) So AIM helps them make a living by teaching them how to work such as making cloths and baking. (Agape international mission) Some of the people that they help are people that were in charge of the sex trafficking system. (Agape international mission) Agape international missions has created out of an old brothel a gym called the Lords Gym. (Agape international misson) It is open to the public and they don't push the Lords Word in their faces they just show them kindness and how Jesus would act towards them. (Agape international mission) Through this mission they have saved and changed lives. (Agape international mission) A lot of these men that were cold hearted completely change and feel regret for what they did but the Missionaries tell them that no matter what sin they committed in the past God forgives them and erases it. (Agape international mission)

All these people spend so much time on making someone else's life better and to teach them about God. They even sometimes risk there own life by rescuing these girls. (Agape international mission) This organization bring girls from Cambodia to the United States to give them a better chance at a good life. (Agape international mission) There are housing centers that they have locally so that they have a place to live until they get on their feet and a stable job. (Agape international mission) Then just like how social services checks up on their victims Agape international missions checks up on theirs and always keeps them under there mission. (Agape inernational mission)

I hope to one day be able to go to Cambodia and be able to help these girls first hand. I have always been passionate about girls who went through tramatic abusive times and always had a heart to help.