The Fbi And Terrorism In Usa Criminology Essay

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There are many people that commit terrorist attack, that's why we have the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). The FBI is the primary unit of the United States Department of Justice, serving as both a federal criminal investigative body and as a domestic intelligence agency. There have been prolific articles done to find out what we can do about the terrorism. Three different articles have been done to show the terrorism in the United States. One article is called "Community Involvement; The ultimate force multiplier" by Arlene A. Gaylord, the second article called "Focus on Terrorism" by Willie T. Hulon and the third articles is " Countering Violent Islamic Extremism a Community Responsibility" by Carol Dyer . Although the articles are about terrorism and focus on how we recognize or indentify the terrorist, they differ much as well by the writing techniques and language. These articles can have similarly but, also can have differences about how we can face the terrorism.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is a law enforcement and domestic intelligence agency that is in charge of protecting and defending the United States against terrorists and foreign intelligence threats. The Federal Bureau of Investigation priorities are to protect the United States from terrorist attacks, protect the United States against foreign espionage, intelligence and operations. Some of the Core Values of the Federal Bureau of Investigation are respect for the dignity of all those we protect, rigorous obedience to the Constitution of the United States, and compassion. (FBI, 2009)

Terrorism is a strategy intended to intimidate, cause terror to anyone or act that create fear. Also, terrorism is describe as an act that is intended to cause death or serious bodily harm to non- combatants or civilians. The person who practices terrorism is called a terrorist. According to the United Nations Security council Resolution 1373 the terrorism is a criminal act. Terrorist organization implies that they do not practice the terrorism only for political reason; individual terrorist are also forced by a desire for social solidarity with other members. The terrorism is practice by nationalistic group, revolutionaries, religious group, ruling government and political parties. The term terrorism takes a strong negative connotation.

In the first article named "Community involvement; the ultimate force multiplier". The author focuses how they can include the community to battle against the terrorism because since the event of September 11, 2001, the Americans life's had change. Also since the law enforcement officers (the Federal Bureau of Investigation) have received terrorism training, they need to share this knowledge with the members of the communities they protect and serve. After all, educating the public to recognize suspicious activities that could possibly relate to terrorism might comprise the ultimate force multiplier. Involving citizens can be an essential to efficiently combat to terrorism.

This basis training consist in a short overview of terrorism that teaches them not only how to recognize preincident indicators and suspicious activity but also how to report to the appropriate law enforcement agency. The audience to this article is the general public because the author of this academic writing uses regular writing techniques and language. Also, the author wants to inform the audience about how they can fight against terrorism. The author uses some kind of flashback when he mentions the attack in September 11, 2001. (Gaylord, 2008)

The second article, "focus on terrorism" by Willie T. Hulon, talk about how terrorist or extremist have become one of the most danger domestic threats that the Federal Bureau of Investigation face and indentifying these individual and groups is a tremendous challenge. Also, the role of their partners in state and local law enforcement is critical in these efforts. Since the terrorist attack on September 11, 2001 the International Association of Chief of Police (IACP) and FBI have to put more attention to the terrorism worldwide.

There are four articles mention in this article contributed by IACP Committee on Terrorism members that would give the readers a understanding of the challenge posed by the terrorist threats their face because terrorist threats has evolved drastically during the past eight years. The first is name "Words Make Worlds: Terrorism and Language", this one show the insights to understand and exactly describe extremist rhetoric. The second one is called "Countering Violent Islamic Extremism" that provide the law enforcement with a prospective advance to recognize indicators for extremists who are the greatest menace to society. The third article "Operation Smokescreen" gave details of the multiagency investigation of a terrorist cell operating in North Carolina. And the last article efforts play in the war on terrorism is "A Look at Fusion Centers" that describes the integral role state fusion centers play in assisting the Federal Bureau of Investigation agency in sharing information about terrorism. (Hulon, 2007)

The author shows that if these organizations combine their intelligence, technology and resource they can stop them because their greatest weapon against terrorism is to be unity. The author of this article also shows a flashback when he mention the terrorist attack of September 11, 2001. The audience of this academic writing is not the general public because there are some words that not everybody can understand and identify; the audience is the FBI enforcement.

In the third article, "Islamic Extremism; A Community Responsibility" by Carol Dyer, the author want show how the attacks of Islamic extremism had became an attention to the concept of homegrown radicalization and how the FBI have to identify this individuals with the most prospective to effect direct harm. Also, the FBI says that Al Qaeda leadership is the principal terrorist threat to the United States. There are two type of data collection that the author shows in this article; this is a public opinion survey that was held in the Middle East and the West. This survey was conducted in the United Kingdom in spring 2006 indicated that a small but considerable minority supported the July 2005 attacks there. Also, it exposed that a majority of Muslims in the Middle East still think that the September 11 attacks were a Mossad idea.

The other data was a chart that identifies the different aspects of the stages and provides indicators to help establish when an individual likely is in a confident one, these stages were assessed by the FBI to explain the process of radicalization. In the chart the first stage is preradicalization, in this stage the conversion may be to a religion or a promise to another type of the religion. A person's motivation is critical to the process and not always fixed. One example is the people who initially adapt to gain acceptance may reinterpret their faith if the group they join is composed of Muslim extremists. The second stage named identification shows that an individual classify themselves with a particular extremist cause and accept a radicalized ideology that justifies violence or other criminal activity against supposed enemies. In the third stage on this chart indoctrination, this can be involved becoming an active member in a group or being initiated within the recruit's self-created jihadist environment and the last stage that is Action stage that consist of supporting or engaging in terrorist activities, this can violent or nonviolent. The people who reach this stage always attempt to contribute on a terrorist attack. (DYER, 2007)

There is a part on this article that also includes a participation of the community as the first article does and is to help the FBI by using the model of "The Radicalization Process" to identify these violent extremists; the officers need to look for help on the community because Law enforcement assets are limited and officers may not always have close the community knowledge to detect delicate indicators when an individual moves to a terrorist action. Only the people who live near to these possible extremists can provide this type of capability.

Even though these three articles have similarly and have the same subjected that is the terrorism and the Federal Bureau of Investigation enforcement have some kind of difference and the main concentration of these articles is the terrorism. As the first article the author has use an easy writing techniques and language that anybody can understand, the second article does not because the person who wrote this article was using some kind of language that only in the FBI enforcement can understand as the third one does. In the third article, the author uses a writing technique that is difficult to people to understand because the words and phrase he uses, only the FBI can understand this techniques. Also, these articles are writing to the FBI enforcement, but one can be easier to understand than the other ones. All these articles have the same flashback that brings back the event that happen in September 11, 2001 by a terrorist attack.

In the second article name "Focus on terrorism", the author use some kind of data collections when he includes four articles that were give by IACP to help give a clear understanding of the challenge and threat that we are face by the homegrown terrorist. On the other hand, the first article shows a kind of data collection that is when the author presents a formula that has proven successful in San Diego that is unity people to help against terrorist. Also, because the author only wants to show that if we united our community we can multiply our forces against the terrorisms and others matters as the third article does. The second and the third article have more similarly in between because both want to put together the society with the FBI law enforcement and police to confront the great conflict that we face thought this terrorist attack that have been terrify all human being in the world.

My conclusion of these articles is that this type of articles can help to provide different information about the terrorism that we face to the communities and the FBI law enforcement. This information also can be useful to a person that wants to join a law enforcement agency by knowing the problem and circumstances that they going to deal with. After reading these articles and the different data I have prove the differences and similarities throughout all these articles and also one can be more helpful than the other ones. With these articles the society and the FBI are going to know how they can recognize these individuals that are doing this terrorism attacks in the world but most of the part is in the U.S. after what happen in September 11, 2001.