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Serial Killers Bundy

Serial Killers

There are over fifty serial killers in the United States. There are even serial killers in other countries such as Mexico, Ukraine, and. Here’s a list of the serial killers I did a look over on; Ted Bundy, David Berkowitz, Aileen Wournos, and Jack The Ripper. These killers are said to be the most famous serial killers through out time. I did more research on some other serial killers such as John Wayne Gacy, the Hillside Strangler, Jeffrey Dahmer, Albert DeSalvo, Peter Kurten, and The Green River killer.

What Makes Serial Killers Tick?

"It was an urge. ... A strong urge, and the longer I let it go the stronger it got, to where I was taking risks to go out and kill people risks that normally, according to my little rules of operation, I wouldn't take because they could lead to arrest." —Edmund Kemper. (Dunn)

Serial Killers:

Theodore Bundy

Ted Bundy is the most frightening serial killer of all serial killers. He was an educated psychopathic law student who stalked and murdered dozens of young college woman who looked like a woman who broke off her relationship with him. Ted Bundy was a very convincing con artist. He would do anything like fake a broken arm in a sling to convince many dark haired young women to help him carry his books to his car.

Ted Bundy is a “Homicidal maniac.”(Dunn) He was attractive and self-assured. In the early 70’ there were 3 women missing from Seattle, Washington one in January and two in June. Another woman became missing from Olympia, Washington in March. One more women became missing from Ellensburg, Washington on April. All of these women had talked to Ted the same day they were missing. (Dunn)

David Berkowitz

“David had joined the army in ’71 and stayed there for three years.”(Dunn) David Berkowitz was interested in girls with long, dark hair and was known as the Son of Sam. His mother birth mother was from Bedford-Stuyvesant a part of Brooklyn. “Her family was poor and she had to struggle to survive during the Depression. Her Jewish family opposed her marriage to Tony Falco, who was Italian and a gentile.” (Dunn)

After her husband left her for another women she was alone and then she had an affair with a married man who then got her pregnant and told her that if she didn’t give up the baby then he would leave her so then before she had David she had already arranged the adoption papers so that when she had him they could take him from her. When David grew up he felt so different to his peers. He liked one sport that he played very well which was Baseball.

When David was a teen he and his parents moved to new apartments and not too long after that David’s mother past away in ‘96. She had died of breast cancer and David was really devastated when he lost his mother. David and his father then lived at the new apartment all alone. After the loss of his mother David gave up on everything, god, and even his grades in school. “He thought that the death of his mom was part of a plan to destroy him. In ‘75, David later claimed to psychiatrists that he was giving into the demons with the hopes that they would stop tormenting him if he did what they asked.” (Dunn)

Aileen Wournos

Aileen Wournos a prostitute from Florida killed 7 men who were all truck drivers. She claimed that all of the men she killed had raped her. Cops tried to track her down but still couldn’t get finally they went to a bar down in Georgia called the Port Orange Pub were she then got caught by the police. Not too long after her release was she then arrested again but this time for an outstanding warrant for Lori Grody[I Lori Grody and Aileen Warnos the same person?].

When Lee was in jail her first call to her [who?] was on January 14 were Moore had called her trying to get her to confess about the murders which wasn’t to long after Lee suspected that someone was listening to their calls. “She gave a shocking, detailed confession at the behest of her lesbian ex-lover.” (Dunn) When it was time for Lee’s trial, Moore was there to confess everything. She was there on the stand telling the jury everything that had happened. “During her trial she was legally adopted by a well-meaning woman who claimed to receive her instruction from God. She was executed Oct. 9, 2002, the recipient of six death sentences, more than anyone else residing on Death Row.” (Dunn)

Jack The Ripper

Some Ripperologists-those who study Jack the Ripper-say that the killer was nothing more than a crazed madman, no different from the occasional psychopaths we read about in today’s daily newspapers. These experts suggest that the case gained so much notoriety because these were the first highly publicized crimes of their kind.

John Wayne Gacy

When John Wayne Gacy Jr. was younger his dad was an alcoholic. He grew up doubting himself and his manhood. At the age of 11 years old John Jr. was hit in the head with a swing. He then suffered Periodic Blackouts throughout his next 5 years. They found a blood clot in his head, on his brain, which finally dissolved with his medication.

In 1968 Gacy was arrested for forcing his employee into homosexual acts. Gacy pled guilty for sodomy and was sent to prison for 10 years and instead was released in 18 months. Gacy’s first murder was on January 3, 1972. He would sometimes flash a badge or a gun arresting his planned victim. (Dunn)

Hillside Strangler

The Hillside Strangler is actually two men, one known as Ken Bianchi and the other as Angelo Buono. Ken Bianchi was given up for adoption when he was just a baby, an infant. Ken is from Rochester, New York and Angelo was from Los Angeles, California. Ken had gone down to Los Angeles to meet up with his cousin. They started killing young women from ages as low as 12 years old.

They would rape and torture these young women and then dump them by the hillsides. On one of the young girls they found ligature marks on her wrists, ankles and neck. There were two puncture marks on her arm, but no signs of the needle tracks. “The Hillside Strangler actually turned out to be two men, cousins Angelo Buono and Kenneth Bianchi as many serial killers often do, they copied the technique of another well-known criminal (Caryl Chessman, a kidnapper and rapist, executed in 1960) by impersonating undercover police officers to ensnare women into entering a ‘police car.’”(Tompkins)

Jeffrey Dahmer

Jeffrey Dahmer was sexually molested when he a young boy about the age of 13. Around the age of 10 he would experiment with dead animals. Later on Dahmer slipped some kind of drug to a fourteen-year-old boy by the name of Konerak. Around 2 A.M. Sandra Smith called 911 saying that she had seen a boy running naked and she also thought he was injured. When the police came they interviewed the boy and Dahmer.

They went into his apartment and noticed the boy’s clothes neatly folded on the bed and they also saw some pictures of the Asian boy in black bikini briefs. They believed everything the man had said about the boy being drunk. “What they missed in the apartment bedroom was the body of Tony Hughes, whose decomposing corpse had lain for three days on the bed.” (Dunn)

Albert DeSalvo

Albert DeSalvo had joined the army at the age of 17. Albert was accused of molesting a 9-year-old little girl in January of ’55. He then received and honorable discharged in ’56. “Some months earlier before Albert was sent to Bridgewater, his lawyer Jon Asgiersson went to see Albert who asked him, "What would you do if someone gave you the biggest story of the century?" (Dunn) On December 31, 1962 they found the body of twenty-three-year-old Patricia Bissette.

Peter Kurten

Peter Kurten grew up in a small home with about 13 family members including himself and all his siblings. His father would make his mother strip for sex in front of all the children. Not to long after putting up with that, his father was then sent to prison for trying to rape his own daughter. After growing up seeing all of that Peter would sometimes molest his own sisters. When Peter was younger he watched his neighbor while he would torture his dog. He was then told in the art of masturbating animals for sport.

The Green River killer

On August of 1952 Robert Ainsworth found the body of “a young black woman's face was floating just beneath the surface of the water, her body swaying beneath her with the current. Believing it might be a mannequin, Ainsworth attempted to snag the figure with a pole.” (Dunn) Later on series of dead bodies were found along the Green River in Seattle, Washington. This is said to be the most confusing murder cases the US has ever witnessed.

“During the early ‘70’s and the early ‘80’s the threat of serial and mass murders became a topic of great popular and academic interest in America.” (Simpson) Most serial murders are commonly defined as the costs of murders over a period of time. “The vast majority of known serial killers are males, and the vast majority of their victims females (a fact which understandably leads many to conclude that serial murder is synonymous with sexual murder: however, this is not strictly the case).” (Simpson)

“A series of incidents that came to light during this decade as well as increasing success by the FBI in predicting the behavior of serial killers led to a greater public awareness of their existence.” (Tompkins)

“Justice Defiled: Perverts, Potheads, Serial Killers and Lawyers is a new release from Key Porter Books written by Osgoode Hall law school professor Alan N. Young who attacks every aspect of Canada's criminal justice system. He goes after judges, law enforcement strategies and tactics, the way lawyers are trained, the way the system works, or doesn't and he does it in language that wouldn't be tolerated in a courtroom: crude, down-to-earth and eminently readable.” (Barnsley)

“Serial Killers frequently suffer from low self-esteem, often complicated by some sort of sexual dysfunction. Many were themselves the victims of sexual abuse and/or were raised in violent households.”( Andreu)

“At first they are able to achieve gratification merely by imagining these scenarios, and in that way they may not differ from other people who for reasons of their own concoct socially unacceptable fantasies that never see the light of day.” (Andreu)

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