September 11 Attacks In United State Of America Criminology Essay

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September 11 attacks in United State of America

The September 11 attacks were a chain of four suicide assaults that were committed in the United States of America on September 11, 2001. The attacks were harmonized to attack the regions of New York City and Washington, D.C. The attacks happened on Tuesday morning when 19 terrorists who were believed to be from Islamist militant group al-Qaeda, seized four passenger jets (Fielding, 2004). The hostage taker deliberately piloted two of those airplanes; United Airlines Flight 175 and American Airlines Flight 11, into the South and North towers of the World Trade Center complex, located in New York City. These two barbicans collapsed within one hour (Fielding, 2004).

The same hijackers also purposely crashed American Carriers Flight 77 into the Pentagon in Arlington, Virginia. They also anticipated piloting the fourth seized jet, United Airlines Flight 93, into the U. S Capitol Office block in Washington, D.C. Nevertheless, the plane crashed into a park neighboring Shanksville, Pennsylvania when its passengers struggled to take charge of the plane from the captors. In this attack, almost 3,100 people died, together with the 240 citizens and 19 captors aboard the four airplanes, none of whom endured.

Responsible Group

Osama Bin Laden, the world‘s principal terrorist, was thought to be the person responsible of the September 11 attacks on America. Through Al-Qaeda, a network of terrorists controlled by Osama Bin Laden, led the series of attacks (Gunaratna, 2002). From the time Al-Qaeda was founded, in the 1980s, Osama Bin Laden has been the main monetary supporter (Gunaratna, 2002). Thus, September 11 attack is believed to be an attack organized by the Al-Qaeda with their main leader being Osama Bin Laden.

The reason why many people believed Al-Qaeda were responsible for these attacks is because Al-Qaeda believes that countries that do not follow Islamic law are bad. According to its initiator, all Muslims everywhere in the world have a duty to fight a holy war in opposition to the United States and Israel (Gunaratna, 2002). Al-Qaeda has dealings with extremist groups all over the world thus they were able to carry out these attacks in United State of America.

Funding Sources for the Terrorist Attack

Financing terrorists involves not just to fund particular terrorist acts, but to meet the wider administrative costs of developing and sustaining a terrorist group and to create a facilitating atmosphere necessary to tolerate their undertakings.

The environment of the al-Qaida set-up is all but an organization that uses covers to fund its tasks. This network has capacity to act and conduct itself behind an outdated monetary and pecuniary network (Gunaratna, 2002). According to the research, terrorists did not need offshore hubs because they have the capacity and the tools to diverge money from their beneficiary in order to fund their maneuvers in their country and other countries.

Al-Qaida obtains funding from religious tax imposed on each deal to back charitable Muslim requirements. Zakat has also been the most significant source of monetary funding for the al-Qaida network, fundamentally because it is the utmost usual and unconstrained way to raise aids in Saudi Arabia. Zakat is an Islamic rule of a legal almsgiving mandatory by way of one of the five supports of Islam on existing properties and other pieces of income (Gunaratna, 2002). Zakat is therefore a keystone of the financial arrangement in an Islamic State in which Al-Qaeda operated. This therefore means that Al-Qaeda receives their financial support from operations which are permitted by the Islamic rules.

Al-Qaeda also uses offshore bodies and companies to raise their fund. It also uses money-making companies to fund itself in addition to to transfer resources. One instance is Barakaat, a network of corporations which, in 2001, had a position in more than 40 countries functioning its construction, telecommunications, cash exchange and money remittance services from the Somalia and United States. This chain of company was used to finance Al-Qaeda perform various terrorist activities.


Al-Qaeda is a system of terrorists who was organized by Osama Bin Laden until his death in May 2; 2011.This terrorist group was founded in the 1980s with Osama Bin Laden being the main monetary supporter (Gunaratna, 2002). Even though Osama Bin Laden was the frontrunner and initiator of the group, it was not run by him single-handedly.

Al-Qaeda does not have a dominant organization. It is comprised of a network of indigenous groups in various countries who may not even know each other. Every single group functions on its own but different groups helps one another in the time of crises or when launching an attack.

Criminal Activities Al-Qaeda Involved In.

Al-Qaeda is known to involve itself in various criminal activities. One of the key activities of Al-Qaeda is carrying out terrorist attacks all over the world (Gunaratna, 2002). As mentioned above, Al-Qaeda operates in nearly all the countries worldwide. The group is also involved in kidnapping and extortion of money especially in the seas and oceans. It is also believed that Al-Qaeda is also involved in drug business in order to raise money to carry out their terrorist attacks.

Historical and Current Ties to Violence

September 11 attacks in United State of America carried out Al-Qaeda caused very negative impacts to the victims and the country as whole (Fielding, 2004). Many people died, other people were left injured and also the country suffered a serious economic loss. This attack in United State created a history as one of the deadliest attack to have ever happened in that country for many years. This violent attack led to a negative impact in which United State and Muslim communities have been operating like enemies (Fielding, 2004). This attack created a rift between U.S and Muslim countries which is still in existence even today.

Responses of Citizens, Law Enforcement and Emergency Management Officials

The U.S citizen responded to this deadly attack by offering financial support to the victims thus helping them get medical attention or even get money to conduct burial services to the deceased (Fielding, 2004). Law enforcement officers were in the forefront in controlling further attacks from the terrorists. They also kept away the looter thus preventing further losses. Emergency Management Officials led the rescue activities. This helped in freeing people who were trapped in the collapsed building. They also helped to remove all the bodies from the debris.

Law Enforcement and Emergency Management Officials organized counseling activities to the relatives of the victims and their loved ones (Linas, 2009). They also set up a camp from where people can obtain information concerning their missing people/friends.

Future of the Terrorist Group and the Need to Monitor and Investigate Them

If the strategic measures are not taken to curb terrorist activities, their existences will prevail. Governments from different countries need to set up anti-terrorism unit in order to deal with the threats posed by the local and international terrorists. With the advancement in technology, different terrorists are using the high-tech king of approach to carry out terrorist attacks. This therefore means that, there is need to upgrade the technology being used to investigate the terrorist activities.