Relationship between crime gender and college students

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2. A characteristic of contemporary undergraduates' crimes

Crimes number increases year by year.

According to the survey, the number of college students and the number of criminal crimes cases since 1999 began to rise. In 2004, more than in 2003 and 2005 54.5% increased compared to the 2004 and increased 97.1%

Crimes types of diversification.

Undergraduates' crimes in damage type and property type, but also have some new types of cases. College students tends to diversification and intelligent development, compared criminal means with ordinary criminal , it shows high intelligence , technology and hidden dangers. Like a sensation of Zhengzhou bank robbery, the son of the criminal is policeman who have strong anti-reconnaissance capability, therefore, is the difficulty of crimes; Dr. Some have learned by scientific knowledge, master in high-tech crimes, etc.

Crimes subject scopes expanding.

In a few years ago, the most of the crimes are from colleges. Colleges and the famous university are increasing in crimes nowadays. According to a survey about "the campus crimes investigation", in the crimes of college students has 16 patients from the key universities, the total of 31%. In the university student crimes, including doctoral student and college in 2001, judges, in the survey, also found that female college students are also on the increase in crimes. In 2002 about 67 crimes, female students in college students are 11 which 10 of them were stealing.

3. Types of crimes that committed by different gender

Males committee


Females committee


4. The reasons of the undergraduates' crimes in different gender

Impact of market economy, changing the ideological values.

In the 1990s, China's social transition in a market economy to obtain rapid development. This change would deeply influence the social members, of course, contemporary college students is part of the influence. The development of the market economy is undeniable huge positive role; meanwhile, it also has the corresponding negative side. By the unsoundness triggered people thought the dislocation of the distortion. While many prosecutors in handling cases of crimes 'when' campus, also found on the blind pursue social material benefits of bad atmosphere in the campus, and many students in an 'ivory tower pure' aspirant, make their values in. The pursuit of material comforts induced and stimulated too students to theft and robbery, fraud, illegal and criminal activities, etc. Some students even abandoned personal basic moral, betray body to sell your soul.

College students' psychological immaturity.

College students are in youth, and their physiological and psychological maturity is rapidly but not mature. Their emotional and psychological are ups and downs, impulsive, and self-control ability is poor. They are not ready but eager to enter society, They lack of social experience and life experience, but the society is complicated, so, if there is no proper guidance, students who are easily astray, turn to commit the crimes. Basically have the following kinds:

a. psychological fragile, unable to cope with setbacks.


b. and mental confusion, emotion.


c. on legal despised.


d. and psychological health.


Social culture.

In recent years, some ugly phenomenon, such as areas of morality, worship, hedonism, individualism ends, the feudal superstition activities, drug and etc, has seriously negative impacts and harmful to undergraduates' physical and mental long-standing. Some students is relatively weak, because of easily accept outside influence, and often lack the ability to distinguish undesirable phenomena and behavior. Along with the enhancement self-consciousness, they can get very seriously his peers recognition and praise, and make those evaluations look more important than their parents' and teachers'. Some martial arts, fiction, TV and movies, especially the legendary characters of "underworld" on their character plays a very bad effect on crimes.

Additionally, the imperfection of legal education, electronic game house and etc, are produced adverse social factors of undergraduates' crimes.

School education system.

From the perspective of the school, the school education system factors exist defects. The school with unilateral education, teachers' quality and campus violence will give adolescent development a extremely adverse effects. Especially the school recruitment of students scale is increasing, but not to strengthen the management, and the lack of moral character shaping of scientific management mechanism, some students cut classes.

Family education.

Family reasons of Undergraduates' crimes are mainly due to the appropriate method of family education. For example, in the university entrance exam , some parents often only pay attention on intelligence education, while ignoring the health of children.

According to experts' analysis, in overindulge family, abuse of family, split families, and such type of 'problem families' are more likely to commit crimes than normal families. The reason is lack of proper education method and health education of the way. So we should not ignore the problem of 'family education' which is extremely important factors that make influence of undergraduates' crimes.

5. How to reduce the undergraduates' crimes


After the undergraduates' crimes by punishment, it's a kind of the most direct way of reducing crimes. It has two effects: on the one hand, by fine or imprisonment it will greatly reduce and control as punishment for crimes again and the possibility of crimes students, on the other hand to other students also play a certain role in preventing crimes and warning. But for the implementation of the measures and the theoretical results, But for the implementation of the measures and the theoretical results, there are mainly three different points.\



Correct morality and good behavior habits are not the overnight, also not power can work. So the prevention is the most efficient way to reduce the undergraduates' crimes. Prevention of the crimes is to cherish a talented students and a responsibility for society. Every undergraduates' crimes is consist of family, school, and community aspects of reasons, and synthetically reflects negative factors of comprehensive social. Thus decrease and prevent undergraduates' crimes, need social concern and the joint efforts of the whole society:

a. first, we should strengthen the education of students' political quality, enhance the consciousness of morality cultivation, and guide students to correct understanding of society, set up the correct outlook on life values.


b. to strengthen college students psychological guidance, cultivate good psychological quality.


c. to strengthen the legal system education for college students, enhance law consciousness for university students.


d. to strengthen the internal management of campus.


e. the judicial organs shall actively assist.


f. lead by the parents.


6. Conclusion

Those university students that Once we proud of, is still in their changing social? Yet now appear in front of us was a hurt and sad reality. Is that family, society is, money or other objectives that cause the high crimes rate. the reason is only a few large objectives factors that I talk about above that affect those students. Now we do not really know why that some female university students 'contribute' everything in order to go abroad. But the boys with poor family conditions in order to meet the requirements to their girlfriends commit crimes aimlessly. Actually many university students who commit crimes, said they don't know it is illegal to do that, which only shows that, in the ordinary legal education schools, they are not emphasis enough to guide and popularize the legal study. It also shows that this is our campus' problem that should pay more attention on. Actually people are feeling sorry for those students, and we, out lookers, are not the biggest regretful people, but the students that commit the crimes, in fact, are the most ones that regretful!