Reasons For Hanging The Rapist Criminology Essay

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The recent rape of the 23 year student's case in India at New deli triggered quite the outrageous protests and hatred on a global level, especially by many Indians.The future of well-being of the female community is questioned in the face of this cruel act. The question remains in everyone's mind is how should the rapists be dealt by the authorities. Should they be or given a befitting capital punishment such as hanging or made to repent for their crime and released to the society.

So in regard to the above question I am inclined to believe giving them an appropriate capital punishment is more logical path than the latter. However, many individuals will obviously share the thought that it is not a human act and it is immoral and unethical action to pass such a judgment on a human. But when you look at the big picture, sympathizing and giving weak punishments to such individuals would inevitably trigger and cause more crime and chaos within the community.

It is important to highlight the fact that while numerous unresolved rape cases are registered, in every 22 minute an innocent woman is being raped in India in accordance to National Crime Records Bureau, where a total of 181 rape cases have been filed this year alone. (The times of India, 2013) Hence, there are plenty of reasons in the suggestion of hanging the rapists based on above mentioned data on rape occurrence in India.

Yes, making the rapists repent can be a very noble and ethical method of closing the case in the view that in time, the rapists will atone for their sinful acts. However, doing so will inevitably create chains of hatred with no sense of closure among the victim's family members. Knowing that the rapists are walking free, there are possible scenarios where the victims' family members or close friends of the victims attempting to end the rapists lives that can consequently lead them into a crime life in the end.Take the case of a revenge rapist incident published in the guardian news in new deli. A mob of women burning suspected rapist residence which happened in Nagpur in central India. (Ramesh, 2004)And the brutal vengeance taken by a Spanish mother setting fire on the rapist who raped her 13 year old daughter can be another source of evidence in proving the above factor.(Upton, 2005) Hence based on these similar cases there are strong possibilities that similar attempts can happen if the rapists of the 23 year victim is offered to repent and ultimately set free.And in the aftermath of such actions by victim family members committing suicide is no surprise at all as they would feel the regret and guilt of their action. Also, the victims' family being taunted and teased by the rapists wouldn't be a far out possibility leading insecurity and senses of frustration and anger among the family. Indirectly or directly the whole family can be made a target for the rapists to enjoy themselves by giving threats, stalking them, and so on.

And given the scenario these rapists have repented for their crimes in serving jail time of couple of years and finally are free there lot of problems that can happen. Since their background history of being born and raised are in rural areas, living in a challenging and somewhat difficult and poor economy with no employment opportunities available they are left to drift in the city with nothing else to do in the Indian community. In such a state given their past records of having charges of murder, and additional of 13 charge they will inevitably fall into their crime life eventually. When set free in a city of unreliable governance and untrained police watch , in time they will rejoin with their past crime associates and it would come as no surprise when they are involved in some form of crime and ultimately creating insecurity and uneasiness and chaos in the city leaving female community insecure and vulnerable . (Zee news Bureau, 2013) And also if the convicted rapists are charged with

Moreover it would evidently give more encouragement and support for other similar criminal background individuals walking free to have the assumption that there are no restriction and minor punishments for criminal activities. Hence this can lead not only rape cases to exponentially increase but the overall violence rate to increase. And consequently there would be more number of abused, raped, tortured and murdered victims in the future to be dealt with.

At the same time with repented perpetrators walking free it would still not cease the fear and uneasiness that the female community will feel as they will never forget the brutal agony and torture the 23 year old suffered. In addition, survived rape victims among the female community will fear the most with the added shame they are feeling from the rape they had to experience, which can lead to self-abuse, suicidal attempts in saving themselves from being a prey of another rape incident. Thereforein preventing attention from similar individuals women are forced to wear veiled and garbed dresses when mingling in the public. This makes it undeniably unfair measure for them, where in a way they are losing a great deal of freedom privileges as a citizen living in India. And among women especially college girls would not only be cut-off from their dressing style but pressure from their families in limitingtheir leisure timein public locations with their friends.

Furthermore, it can be observed from 181 rape cases reported in 2013, and over 600 rape cases in 2012 reported, a large portion of rape incidences goes unreported especially in 2012. Take the insight of a news article published in CNN conveying that rape cases which are reported by women are ignored by the authorities. (Menon, 2013) While others are too ashamed to report that they have been raped as their family's honor and respect would inevitably be lost. And amid all these incidences, the government has failed to pass prevention actions through selective legislations in combating against women abuses and rape cases with absence of procedures in treating to raped victims, and the existing untrained police force whose investigation on rape cases are done on such a poor level where they themselves are also involved in rape cases and they are not put on trial as there is effective protection for them if they are accused of such a crime in accordance to the "The Armed Forces Special Powers Act". (Human Rights Watch, 2012) So when these crucial bodies to run a nation are failing to perform their duties as mentioned above, on an imminent level hanging or an equivalent capital punishment can be the best option in removing the rapists and cleansing them from the society until appropriate measures to be dealt with extreme rape cases have been passed. (Admin, 2013)

So given the chance if the capital punishment has been passed on the rapists there are considerable benefits for the society as a whole in the short run. Passing capital punishment on the perpetrators, crime background individuals fear in committing crimes in the near future. They would hesitate inevitably in committing such crimes and therefore it would lower crime rate especially violence of rape and assault on women. The female community would feel safe at some level knowing that the perpetrators are not alive in endangering them as well as the overall crime can possibly be reduced on an imminent level.