Problems of Illegal Immigration in the US

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According to The Immigration and Naturalization Service estimation, there were 7 million illegal immigrants in the US in January of 2000. They also estimate that the number continues to grow half a million each year (Illegal Immigration). This means by 2008, there will be 11 million illegal immigrants living in our country. It will be magnificent if these illegal immigrants bring in resources to our country. However, they do not. Illegal immigration leads to a lot of negative impacts to our country and must be solved.

Illegal immigrants bring in harmful diseases to our country, and our tax money is used on their health care. Legal immigrants are required to have medical exams before they immigrate. If an immigrant has a certain disease that can be spread to others, he is required to have treatment before he can immigrate. Since illegal immigrants come into the US illegally and have not had their physical exams, they bring along diseases that can be spread to others. Illegal immigrants bring in "drug-resistant-tuberculosis, leprosy, hepatitis A, and Chagas Disease, an organ-attacking parasite from South America" (Illegal Immigrants: Helpful or Harmful to America?). This means that Americans can contract these illnesses, and some people may die from these diseases. These diseases are damaging the citizens of America. Furthermore, a lot of federal government money is being used for the illegal immigrants' medical bills. Their use of the medical systems cost money from the government. "In 2002 illegals cost the federal government $2.5 billion in Medicaid... and $2.2 billion in treatment for the uninsured. States near the border suffer the biggest burden" (Illegal Immigrants: Helpful or Harmful to America?). Therefore, the more illegal immigrants, the more it costs the government. A huge amount of the California tax may be used by the illegal immigrants because we are living next to the border of Mexico. Overmore, when it is a matter of life and death, hospitals will treat patients regardless of their immigrant status. America will not abandon someone in need of medical help even if they are in the country illegally. This problem can be simply solved by just not giving medical help to illegal immigrants. Hospitals can request immigation documents. Patients who cannot provide legal documents will not be treated. Without medical assistance, illegal immigrants will definitely reconsider staying here.

Illegal immigrants have already broken the immigration law by entry, and many of them continue to commit other crimes such as stealing, raping, murdering, selling drugs and trading illegal weapons (Illegal Immigrants: Helpful or Harmful to America?). "Illegal aliens constitute over 25% of the federal prison population. In some areas of the country, 25% of burglaries and 34% of thefts are committed by illegal aliens" (John M. Morganelli). These law breaking illegal immigrants cost the government money for their court and prison time. "In 2002 illegals cost the federal prison and court systems $1.6 billion include costs incurred by individual states" (Illegal Immigrants: Helpful or Harmful to America?). Although these illegal immigrants were deported back to their countries after their jail service, many of them cross the border again and continue to commit crimes after their reentry. These immigrants feel that they are in a free country, and they can do whatever they please. For example, Saul Marales-Garcia was an illegal alien who was deported but re-entered the US. In December 2002, he shot a Las Vegas policeman six times after a foot chase(John M. Morganelli). Saul Marales-Garcia is only one of the dangerous illegal immigrants that continually breaks the law; there are more. Adrienne George Camacho was deported from the US because of four previous felonies. He came back to California in August 2004 and killed police officer Tony Zeppetella who left behind a wife and a baby (John M. Morganelli). Illegal immigrants can be very dangerous for a country like ours.

Illegal immigrants drain money from the tax payers. Education is one of the social services that takes up money from the government. The children of illegal immigrants are allowed to attend schools in the US. "These students cost more to teach than other children because many speak only Spanish or other foreign languages... California spends $8 billion per year trying to educate children of illegal immigrants" (Illegal Immigrants Helpful or Harmful to America?). Education is not the only one way that the illegal immigrants drain our money. Furthermore, the illegal immigrants take jobs from the US citizens that need it. Illegal immigrants come into the US for jobs and money. They take low paying jobs and are willing to be paid even lower than the minimum wage. The illegal immigrants are taking up the low paying jobs from "those in the most vulnerable sectors of our population - the poor, minority workers, and those without high school degrees" (Illegal Immigration is a Crime). These people really need these jobs, or else they would probably end up on the street. Consequently, illegal immigrants drain money from the middle class and the poor. In order to solve this problem, we have to start with the employers. Employers who hire illegal immigrants should be charged a high fine, or they will be sent to prison if they cannot pay the fine. This harsh consequence may prevent employers from hiring illegal immigrants as cheap labor. If illegal immigrants cannot find jobs in the United States anymore, they will also stop coming.

The most important solution to solve the problem of illegal immigration is to strengthen the security of the borders. United States has open borders now. People can easily walk across the borders. United States needs to build electrical fences along our borders. We can also use National Guards to patrol the borders. Any illegal immigrant who get caught from crossing the borders can be shot. When people need to risk their lives to come to United States illegally, they will reconsider their actions. Further, United States should deny all benefits to the illegal immigrants. Children who are illegal should not be allowed to attend schools. Illegal immigrants should not receive any medical assistance or financial assistance. When the living conditions in the United States are less appealing than the living conditions in their own countries, illegal immigrants will stop coming.

In conclusion, all illegal immigrants break the law, leaving behind a negative impact. Not all illegal immigrants are bad; a small number of them are hard working people who try to fulfill their dreams in America. While this may be true, illegal immigrants still bring along harmful diseases, commit crimes, and cost us money. The government will have to come up with harsh rules and regulations to stop illegal immigration.