Looking At The Problems Of Illegal Immigration Criminology Essay

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Over the course of many years, immigration has become a national concern not only as politically, but also economically and in terms of national security. Due to the lack of border control and other inadequate protection in the United States, many people of different ethnic groups have illegally smuggled to America, either through the South United States connecting with Mexico or through illegal documents. However with tight security these days, less people are able to sneak illegally due to improved technology and structure of the border control system along the United States and Mexican border. Even though protecting the borders remains one issue, the major concern has become about the millions of illegal people already living in the United States, who are trying to camouflage with the American people and also pushing for their rights due to their desperation to be part of this country. The rise and the national debate over undocumented people have also raised the concern over the role they play in the American economy as well as their lives in the shadows. In this debate includes the two major political parties, interests groups, undocumented people and the American people themselves.

On one side is the supporters of illegal immigration, who are trying to spread the advantages and the contributions by undocumented immigrants, while on the other hand are the cultural conservatives, who don't want these "illegal" immigrants to be part of the American society due to the criticism of having broken the law. The two political parties have also developed their own platform on this topic of illegal immigration. The Democrats support illegal immigration and praise the benefits of having them part of the country, but propose to put a penalty for their crime of having broken the law. On the other hand, the Republicans fail to acknowledge any advantages of illegal immigration and they outright just deny their existence in the America. They want these immigrants to be deported back to their homeland in order to teach them a lesson of regulation and consequences of breaking the law. The supporters' side includes corporate interests, religious activists, humanitarians and civil libertarians. On the opposing side includes the nativists, environmentalists and labor advocates or job protectionists. These groups have their own beliefs and stand for different reasons.

America has a name for itself and it is a nation known for giving opportunities and helping immigrants and strangers accomplish their goals as well as making their dreams come true. People around the world know of America's wealth and upon its name, people become excited and again begin to hope and become alive. Due to the American platform and for what it stands for, strangers rush to the American soil. Since undocumented immigrants are tired of poor living conditions and lack of wealth in their own native country, they try to sneak to America due to being refused legally. The people who come here in such terms know of the circumstances and that they are breaking the Supreme Law of the Constitution, but they find no other alternate ways of finding a brighter future and continuing their survival. The "undocumented immigrant(s)" is known as a acceptable term, instead of calling them "aliens," because after all these are people and they too have some rights pertaining from birth just as John Locke have expressed in his writing. There are so many undocumented people from many different countries and the concern here is the decision of having them stay or being deported.

In terms of economics, the free market system allows many small businesses and even corporations to pursue the need of undocumented workers in America. According to economists, the illegal immigrants aid in the filling of jobs, which are abandoned by the American people. They also express that with these immigrants covering these low wages jobs, they are aiding the United States economy to compete in the global market. Through their potential to cover any jobs in sight, they contribute to a healthy and a growing economy. Illegal immigrants are filling the agricultural parts of America, due to the American people's push to work in the cities. Also low wages means that the prices of different products will also drop and thus it will somehow profit the consumers as well as the producers.

In the counterargument, the labor advocates argue that the growth and existence of illegal immigrants promote to the rise of unemployment and jobs being taken away from the American citizens. They also state that corporations are hiring these undocumented workers for a lower pay, which is decreasing the "wages levels," and giving alternate ways of businesses to find employees in order to reject any American workers' demands for higher wages or promotions. Also, the illegal immigrants fail to understand that the companies they are working for are simply taking advantage of their illegal status and purposely paying them low wages in order to make profits and eliminate the American working force for pushing for higher wages. Job protectionists express that there is already limited accessibility to jobs in certain economic sectors and undocumented workers are making the situation just worse. "An example was of a meatpacking industry, which has replaced U.S. workers with Mexicans and Southeast Asians at far lower pay." The existence of these undocumented workers continues to keep the low wage levels as well as prevent American workers from organizing any protests or making any demands. Also these undocumented workers are unaware of the poor working conditions, which they can't improve or demand for improvements, because it will mean being deported in order to report any government officials. In addition to low wages, there is also a concern over human trafficking, which is a "Human Rights Violation," and thus interferes with the minimum pay and rights of the workers. Human trafficking may not only be the transportation of illegal immigrants to fulfill job sites, but a more complicated scenario that illegal immigrants are willing to sacrifice their organs in order to come to America. A similar kind of trade of mass amount of people is dictated by John Swinton in his paper, "The New Slave Trade," which articulates that many workers were transported from overseas to work in the United States at different working sites such as mines, factories and fields at cheap labor and little expenses. Similar to his story, such can be the case for the illegal immigrants. Due to the possession of no rights, businesses in the United States are able to take these desperate illegal immigrants, because they have no other options and due to their desperation to work and make an earning, they put their lives at the stake of these companies, which only leads these companies to make bigger profits off these peoples' hard work and struggle. Swinton states that the workers from overseas have no power and are devoted to listen to the decisions made by their contractors and treated with little to no respect. The conditions for the illegal immigrants can be similar in which, the companies that purposely hire these low-wage workers due to their status and because these illegal immigrants are trapped under the shadow with no voice and unable to express their feelings and the way they are treated. Workers are moved from their homeland in order to work for other overseas for little pay.

Illegal immigrants living in America have children, who are born in this country, and thus are United States citizens. If a decision is made to carry out the orders of deportation of these illegal parents to back to their homeland, then they would be separated from their children and it would only contribute to suffering and worsening the problem. It would also crush the hopes and the aspiring goals of the parents for their children as well as their own well-being. If these children grow up to be educated and lead to a path of discipline and hard-work, then when they become adults, they can contribute through their services to the American people as well as paying taxes to the American government.

Some depict illegal immigration helps spread and increase the diversity and aid in the expansion of new cultures to America. Through the acceptance of illegal immigration, America also improves its worldwide image as being open and a welcoming nation. These illegal immigrants get more opportunities and the hope of living well. In a sense, illegal immigrants get a chance at a better life and becoming more advanced with the ways of the American people. According to Woodrow Wilson's, "An address to several thousand foreign-born citizens," the American nation is made from immigrants through cultural diffusion. The American culture is developed due to the diverse ethnic groups of people and their unique beliefs. President Wilson only stated that the immigrants would have to put America first before their own homeland and respect the American spirit. In these terms, illegal immigrants come to America, because they don't see any benefits in their own homeland and thus see the different potentials on the American soil. In President Wilson's address, the idea expresses that America was built on immigrants who wanted opportunity, political & religious freedom and it is exactly the reason that most of the illegal immigrants come to pursue in this nation.

The nativists and environmentalists argue that the rise in population of the illegal immigrants would propose a threat to America. They also believe that America would become dominated by their culture. The environmentalists are afraid of the population increase of the illegal immigrants, because they believe it would inspire more incoming of illegal immigrants. They are afraid that the dominance of one language or culture would impose a threat to the American society. However, an attempt to eliminate or prevent illegal immigration would only create more desperation in the hearts of the people who are begging to come to America. This would only lead to more expenses by the American government and broken laws and more uncontrolled growth of population, which already has no sense of identity.

The major debate has been among the Democrats and Republicans, who share different beliefs on this topic of illegal immigration, but with unique differences. The Republicans are very concerned with the people who enter the United States as well as protecting America from intruders or strangers. It is also said that the Republican Party has split thoughts on illegal immigration. While some support the way of proposing amnesty, others in the same party just want to kick out theses illegal immigrants through cracking them down and through the process of deportation. The Republicans fail to stand for amnesty, because they feel that illegal immigrants broke the Supreme Law and that they should be punished for their actions. In addition, they also express that giving amnesty would only encourage more illegal immigration and the illegal immigrants would not learn their lesson for breaking the law. Republicans also address that illegal immigration propose a terrorist threat to America as well as criminal activities by these illegal immigrants who can't be identified due to the failure of the system to have any possession of any information of these possible unknown criminals. In another sense, the Republicans party is concerned about the safety of the American people and the crime rate among the illegal population. However, part of the Republican party, for example President Bush had proposed a temporary worker program, which would had allowed illegal Americans to gain an identity as well cover the small job opportunities in America that were refused to be taken by the American citizens. The Democrats were pushing for amnesty, because they wanted illegal immigration to be part of the growing economy and continue to help the American economy prosper. With amnesty, illegal immigrants would become part of America as well as build their foundation to the beginning of getting their citizenship. Amnesty would allow more balance in the economy and prevent further depression of wage levels. Amnesty also allows family to remain unified and together. Amnesty works in the favor of businesses by helping many companies to get these illegal immigrants to fill the "unwanted" jobs. The counterarguments state that amnesty imposes heavy costs on the government due to the illegal immigrants' use of different public services such as education system and free health care system. In addition, they argue that undocumented workers are working, but most of them are not paying taxes, which negatively influences the budget of this country.

Even though the Democrats are proposing amnesty and support it, they still want the illegal immigrants to pay for the consequences of their crime. With amnesty, the Democrats are proposing that the illegal immigrants pay a specific amount of fine as well as begin to learn the American ways. With the steps to naturalization or just permanent resident, the Democrats want these illegal immigrants to first begin by learning the English language and then waiting in line at their chance at naturalization.

Since illegal immigrants are known to be intruders and basic examples of criminal deeds, not only the government, but also many Americans think that these people are dishonest. Illegal immigrants have no representatives, but all illegal immigrants together are pushing toward reforms in order to continue to hope at their chance at naturalization. Also going in favor of illegal immigrants means losing re-elections for politicians or simply respect from the angry American communities. The Americans don't appreciate idea of someone stealing their jobs, especially people who came are in America without an identity. Due to the economy crisis, the progression of reforms over immigration has slowed down and put aside for the time being. It will take more than half of the Republican Party and Democratic Party to find a reform that can help these illegal immigrants.