Juvenile Offending Is The Illegal Participation Criminology Essay

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Juvenile crime has become a major issue throughout the globe the various issues discussed in the article are encountered among many countries as well as cultures in the global community. Indeed, issues related to this topic (delinquent behavior) are common on a world wide scale. However the issues about the topic are not exhaustive since in actual sense an entire text or article could be written on the topic juvenile delinquency alone with a lot more issues.

Juvenile offending is the illegal participation of the behavior by the minors or younger people than the statutory age of majority. Juvenile delinquency has been a problem but over the time it has withered in the societies. Over the time, the issue has been blamed as a source of more serious and severe crimes. Young people have been around since people came to the world despite making progress in a number of areas; the issue on juvenile delinquency has been a problem. The main question which has been posed here is why has the issue been affected by problems now and then. One of the trending issues in today's lives is the juvenile delinquencies. Juvenile delinquents are in many cases considered in one way or another need treatment and rehabilitation. The statement of the problem is; what ought to be done to solve criminal activities among the youth in the society?

There have been various factors that have been looked to try and explain what causes young people to engage into poor behaviors. Personally I think there is no definite answer to what causes bad behavior in children or the young people or even conclude the juvenile act because of one reason only. With the exception of the mentally ill young people, it is clear that parents should take responsibility to build a good path for their children to follow. The child falls at a much higher risk to be destructive and behave in a delinquent manner if the path set by the parents is poor. Juvenile delinquency is the crime that is committed by adolescents and children. The age limit varies in different countries but mostly takes the age of below 18 years. In general terms a person who commits crime between the age of 7 and 18 is considered to have violated the law and is therefore considered delinquent. Above this age they are named as criminals.

Various reasons have been put up to explain the main reasons behind what causes the delinquent behavior. One of the major factors behind juvenile delinquent is the family. Various researches have been conducted to prove the effect of a family to the development of a child into an adult through the adolescent stage. Families of delinquents are characterized by desertions, divorces and even discords hence giving a bad example to their children who later turns to bear bad behaviors in the society. Negative bringing up in the families contributes to negative behaviors in the children and the young people. Hence the family is considered as the first contributor to delinquent behaviors among the youth.

Another factor that has contributed to the delinquency in the youth is the peer influence. After the break down of the family care, many children and the young people turns to their age mates for love and belongingness. If the peer group is involved in bad behavior the chances are high that the young people turn to be delinquent youths and hence are caught in the wrong. Peer influence goes hand in hand with the environment contribution. This can be summarized as the effect of the neighborhood in which children are brought up in. the immediate environs of a child has great effects the trend that the child will adopt in relation to his or her personality. It has been seen that many delinquents comes from slums and the thickly populated areas. Another factor that has contributed to the juvenile offenders is the educational curriculum. Despite the schools being credited for bringing upbringing of citizens in a country they are also on the other hand contributing to the many cases of delinquency behaviors. In many cases delinquents are non-bookish and always take studies like burden. When they do not perform in classes they are scolded who should be showing then love and in turn they turn to delinquent behaviors. Finally we have the factor of poverty and democracy as another major contributor towards juvenile delinquency. In many cases people indulges in the wrong actions as they try to satisfy their primary needs in life.

Despite the menace in the society the various has been implemented to control the extent at which delinquent cases are being reported or recorded. One of the major ways that has helped to prevent the delinquency cases is the society is the offering of acceptance, affection and security. This makes the affected person to feel a sense of belonging which makes him or her proud of the family he has. On the other hand, the parents should be keen and keep observing for any maladjustment behaviors as taming of this behavior would reduce the delinquent trend. The communities should provide children with different avenue to explore their talents. These include actions such as music, art and craft which can save the non-bookers from turning to delinquent behaviors. This would also help in building of a stable system of moral as well as social values which would solve delinquent way of life.

However, it's clear for the community to solve the issue it's impossible to develop an effective prevention program without having to understand the major reasons behind the juvenile involvement. Varying approaches have been used such as scientific and practical literature. The intensity and the severity of the juvenile cases are defined by the social economic and the cultural conditions that surround a country or community. Violence against children has frequently endangered their human rights. It therefore becomes imperative to convince individuals and organizations to commit resources such as time, money and experts in order to address these issues which are turning to be a global problem. Educational are frequently being put in place to instill positive self appraisal in the young people and in turn help reduce the number that is becoming criminals n the society at a tender age.


The situation on juvenile crime and delinquency can be said to have seen an increase in the number of youths who are turning to violence. Moreover the number of drugs related crimes is growing and hence posing a threat to the efforts being made to curb the menace of youths turning into criminal activities. The globalization processes have done more harm than good to reduction of criminal activities in the communities. The media has also played a key role in the promotion of violence among the youth in the community. Through the violence shown and reported through the media, the youths are copying the gang styles hence turning t criminal activities at a very tender age. However, the media can also be used to curb the spread of criminal activities among the youth. This can be done through various programs which can be promoted through positive systems.

When one compares juvenile delinquency around the world it becomes clear that the issue on juvenile misbehavior is a common thing within the communities and the human race. The causal factors associated with the issue looks to be the same or similar all over the globe. Whether the young people are subjected to neglect, dysfunctional family lifestyles, poverty and deprivation, media influences or urbanization which fuels for an aberrant youth culture the factors looks to be the same all over the world. In conclusion, it is clear that the parents have a big role to play in curbing the criminal activities among the juvenile community. However, other factors or a measure needs to be implemented so as to reduce the rate at which the crime among the young community is spreading. Parole systems guidance clinics and public juvenile protective have all made positive contribution in the correction of delinquent and also maladjusted children in the society. The communities has been called upon to provide the essential facilities for the children well being. Finally, it's clear that in the more developed nations in terms of economic and technology there is more presence of juvenile delinquent cases