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Justice Technology Information Network (JTIN) has been established by the National Institute of Justice for addressing the requirement of the practitioners who are associated with the correctional activities for a network of real-time information. Justice Technology Information Network makes available state, regional and federal law enforcement and punitive agencies' information on the latest technologies through the Internet and the World Wide Web. The maintenance of the Web site is done by National Law Enforcement and Corrections Technology Center system.

Technology serves as a necessary tool for criminal justice and for the agencies of law enforcement. Greater the effectiveness and the speed of technology, safer would be the communities. If it works in a cost effective manner, a greater number of officers, agents and investigator can easily fight with the crime. Question has been raised against the effectiveness of the technology. Integration of new technology is important for increasing potential and pressure for reform under the police service. An increase in the demand for competence has made the information technology a valuable tool, which serves as an innovative addition towards the criminal justice policy.

Information technology acts as an important tool, which helps in the enforcement of law in such a way that it achieves broadened and highly complex mission. Based on the Historic background, it can be said that the innovation in the information systems has brought a dramatic changes in organizing police work and has shown the way to opportunities and challenges (Reichert, 2001). Therefore, creatively using and developing innovative information technology have shown the potential towards enhancing the effectiveness and increasing capacity. As a result to this, it has become capable of fulfilling complex mission. Therefore, incorporation of latest technology is essential for the makers of the criminal justice policy.


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