Is There Racism In Jail Criminology Essay

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A higher percentage of African-American male in their twenties, were incarcerated. The percentage of black male in 2003 was no where near the Hispanic and White male. Let's not be discriminative against race of any sort. A careful research was done regarding this topic to find out what must have happened to create such a gap between African American male compare to Hispanic and White male. The first question that came to mind was to look at what African American male around this age group were doing differently than White and Hispanic male. Researchers found a link between African American economy status as well as their education levels. Those along could not cause their percentage to exceed drastically compare to the percentage of the Hispanic and white male in American jail. A study conducted show how the criminal justice system plays a major role on which race goes to jail, how long they stay, and for what reason. Racism is suspected, researches will help determine the factors that are associated with which race gets involved in what type of crime, reasons why they were involved in those crimes, and a follow up on case was handle differently, base on race and ethnicity rather than justice. Some researchers also facilitate us to even see racism within the criminal justice system, where the majority of judges, lawyers and Law makers were white. We will be looking at the structure inequality in the criminal justice system, on how African-American can't have a fair trial.

African American male long before the year of 2003, have been struggling rather it was for their race or color of their skin, being part of the minority or subordinate group really deprived them from being treated fairly in any way in this society. They were suffered as slaves and now they tend to be an icon of the criminal justice system. Anything bad looks like Black, much more as Black men; it almost seems like base on how this case was handled. They have been treated as if their race per trade them. It does not matter how hard a lot of Black men prove themselves, they still get to feel the difference.

Most black men during this period were found to be without jobs. A report by the Community Services Society reveals that: only 51.8 percent of black men age 16 to 64 were employed in 2003. We also looked at another report, by an author name Mark Levitan, were he found the rate for white men who held jobs in New York City in 2003 was 75.7 percent; for Hispanic men, 65.7. This report clearly shows a percentage of almost half of African American did not have a job. Black men employment percentage was the lowest of all three races, one of the reason being is that they also have a different life in this society, not to blame the system for some African-American inappropriate behaviors, but they all get to be treated the same. For some that suffer less, they have to prove themselves ten times more than white men. We should not ignore that African American behaviors were being recycling, since some black people had bad behaviors therefore all black people were being put in the same category, which made it hard for them to get a job and even worse if they were incarcerated, no organization will hire them, which kept African American at poverty level. A study showed that: white men with a criminal record have a better chance of being asked back after a first job interview than black men without a record (Wall Street journal, 2005). This typically showed institutional as well individual discrimination against race, white individuals think that they are better than black. While it is easier for white male to get a job than black male, white is also trusted more by most institution which brings the institutional discrimination. For black men being incarcerated along will cause them not to be able to have a job in the future, since when incarcerated it can cause them to loose their job, therefore a lost of income.

Education level of African American was found to be another factor to their high percentage of incarceration. Black people have a high tendency to drop out from middle school or high school. This could be due to society telling them how incompetent they are, which affect their way to perform either in school or in anything in life. As young black men are trying to fit into society, they parent continue to suffer. Most black family happen to be on their own, where usually a single mother worked more than two jobs, just to be able to provide to her kids and thinking that those kids will be fine. A study conducted in 2003, according to Justice Department figures, 193,000 black college-age men were in prison. While 132,000 black college age men were living on campus. As far as Hispanics they were about three times more likely to be imprisoned than to be living in a dormitory. Incarceration in black men no matter how one may look at it is an ongoing problem, once incarcerated it creates a barrier to everything in life, from going to college to getting a loan, it can also keep them from pursuing certain career. This statistic left one wonder how far will this go if more young, college age black men who should be the future are in jail more than they are in school.

In the incident of African American incarcerated in 2003, researches were conducted; show what happened in the criminal Law enforcement, where evidence demonstrate the unjust and unequal treatment in the criminal justice system of African American and to a lesser extent, Latinos. Black men, was more likely to go to jail on drug charges. Those cases were certainly being handled unfairly. African American was found to be punished not by the intensity of their actions but more likely because of their race. Study also shows that during these cases White men were treated more favorably. The reason behind it was because most black men were not able to afford a lawyer, where as for most if not all white men had their lawyer. Those two races could be involved in similar case, and each race gets different sentences, where most of the time white men get lesser sentence. Time served in prison was determined by police and prosecutor, the criminal justice system, which leads to most African American men were, convicted even when they were innocent. The criminal justice system seems to see this race as a covert up to resolve some cases. The minority, when accused of being guilty, they receive longer sentence and Law enforcement support if any decide to lie on them.

The typical blame on putting a link to a crime, can be determine by the law enforcement, where either police officers or prosecutors try to guess on which race does what type of crime. It has been said that African American are big on drug trafficking, members of violence, burglary. Hispanic men are known to be big in members of violent street gangs. Sentences for those two races vary and will depend on several factors from race to power in this society. White men can be link to white crime for instance, which is one of the most difficult cases to solve. Researcher shows that white privilege protects them from police suspicion and surveillance (Coker, 2003). Racism as well as discrimination in criminal justice system allow police to be suspicious to any race when have any doubt, which happen to be the case for police to have on any black men around this age group that was discuss earlier in this research. Many people have reported of being stop by cops for a routine check. Most of those people happened to be Black men from eighteen too late early fifty. Those routine checks were also done base on individual discrimination, where if a black man was driving a brand new Mercedes Benz, he will more likely get stop by police and ask to see some proof, as if it is impossible for a young black men to own an expensive car, since most of them around this age group are known to be in jail.

In the two thousand three cases of more than half black men were incarcerated, drugs were the key issue in most cases. When looking at members of the Criminal justice system more so the Law enforcement, I was able to clearly see the institutional discrimination as well as the racism against Black people. Research has identify the racial and ethnic composition of African American arrested for illegal drugs for the 2003 case which show that judges, prosecutors or defense attorneys were racist and a prosecutor did claim that " the entire Judicial system is racist against Black people". If this has been said, led us to see that from judges to lawyers and lawmakers were not Black, which brings along the structure of inequality, where if they already know that they are racist against Black how can they possibly have a fair trial. It would almost be that the criminal justice system would not mind having all black men incarcerated, which will enable African American to be future leader in the community. A change was needed about racial operation of the criminal justice system. We need to have American in the criminal justice system not by majority group but all type of group, which will give all races an equal and fair trial.


Racism was one of the major problems against the minority group being African-American seen in this case. The connection between racism in the criminal justice system and the structure inequality could not be ignored. Researches allow us to know more about how African-American male were being treated differently. When analysing why African American men between the ages of 25 to 29 were incarerated, these factors found such as their joblessness and their education will not be able to resolve any time soon if Institutional discrimination still exist. When looking at the whole picture, it may have been as many White men and even more to go through what Black men are going through if society would see all race as equal. The Criminal justice system has been convicted men during this case not base on the intensity of one crime but base on their race. After many researches, I realized that the major problem was racism in the criminal justice system. It will not be easy for black if they do not stop this unjustice. African American need to put a petition to have those racist in the criminal justice system stop putting our young black men that could have been aything if only they stop seeing them as useless, but as human with equal rights, and to let each other know, no matter of our race, that we can all be anything we want to be.